The November 18th and 19th
Tanners Marketplace  Show
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 Reno Livestock Events Center
1350 N. Wells Ave.

This is a FUN show with friendly vendors and lots of  Wonderful Antiques and Collectibles and Crafts
November 18,19
Magic of Santa Crafts December 2,3

2018 Tanners Shows Schedule
At the Reno Livestock Events Center
January 27th and 28th
April 21st and 22nd
August 4th and 5th
October 6th and 7th
November 17,18
Magic of Santa Craft Faire Dec 1,2

Note - Starting with the  January show the Sunday opening time will be 10:00

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Vintage Halloween Costumes Through The Years
There are few days of the year that inspire as much excitement and celebration as Halloween.  And if you're a fan of all-things-vintage, it's also the perfect opportunity to celebrate a vintage Halloween. And that includes your choice of vintage Halloween costumes.
Costumes have evolved over the years. There are classic Halloween costumes; costumes inspired by the spookiness of the season (like ghosts, goblins, and classic Halloween movies); costumes meant to replicate favorite characters from cartoons, TV, films, and video games; and costumes inspired by different eras of history. And whether you're looking to score a costume for yourself, your grandchild, or just looking to add some Halloween-themed items to your vintage collection, now is the time to  find an estate sale  and grab your own piece of vintage Halloween fun.

A brief look at the history of classic Halloween costumes
Before we start looking at vintage Halloween costumes through the years, let's go over a brief history of where these classic Halloween costumes came from.
According to historians, Halloween as we know it can be traced all the way back to  Samhain  ("Summer's End"), the Celtic celebration of the dead, which got its start in the 9th century. Samhain was the equivalent of modern day New Years Eve for the Celts, who believed the dead, demons, and other mythical creatures roamed Earth on October 31st. Celts would paint their faces and dress up like animals in order to avoid detection from the evil spirits, which began the tradition of Halloween costumes.
Halloween costumes really gained traction  during the Victorian Era, when new, life-changing discoveries (like the Industrial Revolution and Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution) caused people to look for comfort in folklore, nature, and traditions. Masquerade balls were popular during this era, and gave attendees a chance to show off their elaborate, homemade costumes, many of which were inspired by exotic, foreign cultures (costumes inspired by ancient Egypt were popular around this time).
It wasn't until the 1920's that Halloween costumes started to be manufactured on a larger scale. There were three Halloween costume companies that dominated the market from the 20's through the 80's: Collegeville, Ben Cooper, and H. Halpern Company. Both Collegeville and H. Halpern Company started licensing fictional characters, like Popeye, and turning them into children's Halloween costumes while competitor Ben Cooper popularized dressing up like pop culture icons. The popularity of these types of costumes exploded once television hit American homes in the 1950's, with children dressing up like their favorite characters every October.

The Tanners Marketplace Antiques and Collectibles shows have a bit of Everything. More info at
This is a fun show! You will find 
Vintage Jewelry, Art, Native American Crafts Southwest Jewelry, Midcentury Modern - 1950's 60's 70's, Stamps, Shabby Chic, Art Deco, Architectural Salvage, Vintage Clothes, Furniture, Books, Glass, Pottery, Coins, Postcards, Bottles, Primitives, Militaria, Many Different Crafts, Specialty Foods - and a wide variety of smalls. There will be lots of new and great finds for you to add to your collections or give as a gift.
The shows will be at the
Reno Livestock Events Center
1350 N. Wells Ave
Reno, Nevada
Saturday 9 to 5
Sunday 9 to 3
Admission is just $5.00 (over 55 $4.00) good for all weekend.
Show this email OR bring a food donation 
for Evelyn Mount's Community Outreach and get $1.00 off.