March 14, 2020
You cannot focus on tangling and cultivate your fears at the same time.
The Zentangle Method offers you the chance to set aside your concerns and fears, even if it’s only for the time it takes to tangle your tile.
The same scary thing may be there when you finish tangling. But you will be more relaxed and better able to deliberately respond to whatever is going on.
So, pick a time, perhaps right now. Get out your pen, your paper, your pencil. Get comfortable. Find something to be grateful for.
And tangle. 
When you finish, take another moment to be grateful for this time you gave yourself to create something beautiful. You always have this tool at your fingertips. At any moment, you can choose to put down your pack of worries for a time and reconnect yourself to your core of creativity.

If you need an inspiration for what to do, if you need something to distract you from stress and concern, we invite you to use to visit our YouTube channel for free videos and instruction, including our Project Pack videos.
Over the past years, we’ve produced a Zentangle Project Pack series. You don’t need to buy anything to participate, you can follow along with whatever you have at home. We thought that we would share with you some of the most popular videos from the project pack series as well as some of the most popular Kitchen Table Tangle videos from the Zentangle Mosaic App.
Project Pack No. 01 - Paradox
Project pack No. 02 - Day Three
Project Pack No. 07 - Day Eight
Project Pack No. 06 - Day Five
You can view all of our Project Pack videos on our YouTube channel or
Kitchen Table Tangles - A Tile From Start to Finish
Kitchen Table Tangles - transcending
Kitchen Table Tangles - DingbatZ
Kitchen Table Tangles with Indy and Mazzy
If you are in a situation where the whole family is together at home, remember that tangling is a wonderful activity for all ages to share together.
Take this opportunity to regain your creative balance. Put aside any worries and fears for a few moments. When you return, you can respond creatively and constructively to whatever situations you encounter.
Anything is possible one stroke at a time.
With best regards and best wishes,
Rick and Maria


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