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January 19, 2024
Crab Feed!

We are getting all set for a festive weekend in the Community Center for our annual Crab Feed. What a great way to kick off 2024!

Murder Mystery is only a few weeks away! Tickets are selling fast so grab yours today! Tickets on sale now.

Rain is here all weekend so stay safe and grab some sand bags if you still need them, we have a fresh delivery of sand.

Have a wonderful weekend!
What Are Those New PG&E Power Poles For?

You may have noticed that PG&E has been installing temporary poles in the Tennessee Valley Road area. The temporary poles are needed for PG&E to move the main transmission lines off one of the existing towers so PG&E can remove the leaning tower.

The towers along this line support two separate electric circuits, one on each side of the transmission tower. These towers provide all the power to southern Marin (i.e., Sausalito and Marin City).

PG&E made a presentation to the TCSD Board at its December 13, 2023 meeting regarding the need to install temporary poles. Below are two slides from the power point presentation detailing the need to remove the existing tower and the temporary solution. The entire presentation is contained in the 12-13-23 Board agenda packet.
PG&E has installed two of the four temporary power poles (see map below poles #1 and #2). Pole #2 was installed in the TCSD parking lot this week. PG&E will still need to install one more temporary pole (pole #3) in the TCSD gravel parking lot and pole #4 in front of the County of Marin pump station on Marin Ave. Originally, PG&E was planning to install pole #3 next Monday and/or Tuesday, but due to the upcoming storm, they have deferred the work to a date to be determined.

As result, the noticed planned power outage for Monday will not be happening. When we receive an update from PG&E we will include the information in the next newsletter as well as on the TCSD website.
Calling Volunteers!

We are looking for volunteers for Murder Mystery. We still need some servers and helpers to check in guests. This is a fun event and you get dinner and show!

Let us know if you want to help make this fun event a success.

Email Camille at events@tamcsd.org for more info.
Tia Needs Helpers

We are looking for some help in Tia's after school program. If you love playing with kids and have a flexible schedule, reach out for more details.

General hours are 2:30-5pm Monday through Friday - schedule depends on your availablity.

Contact our office at 415-388-6393 or email info@tamcsd.org

Crab Feed - SOLD OUT!
January 20th
Tam Valley Community Center

Join us for this fun gathering to celebrate the New Year with all you can eat crab! Tickets sold out fast, as they often do! If you want to be added to the waitlist, go to the site to order a tickets and you will be added in the order you sign up. We'll let you know if spots open up.
Tam Valley Murder Mystery Dinner Theater
February 2, 3, 9 & 10
6:30pm Dinner 7:30pm Show
Tam Valley Community Center

Death By Shakespeare is an original play written for the Tam Valley Players by members of the troupe. It is a “play-within-a-play,” taking place in a rag-tag community theater troupe as it rehearses and performs William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. It is an outrageous comedy/murder mystery in two acts that includes audience accusations! Join us for this wonderful community event!

Get your tickets soon - they are selling fast!

We are looking for volunteers! Let us know if you want to help make this fun event a success - you will also get dinner and great show! Email Camille at events@tamcsd.org for more info.

Sand and Sandbags Available
Small Lot Near the Community Center - 203 Marin Avenue

TCSD added to the sand pile. We are happy to offer an easy, local pick up spot to help you protect your property during this stormy season!

Bring a shovel down and fill up what you need, keeping in mind to leave some for your neighbors.
It is an honor to bring you the news of Tam Valley each week. If you have any questions or comments on the content of this newsletter, please contact me at events@tamcsd.org

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