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June 7, 2024

Summer Fun is Right Around the Corner

What a sweet sight this week of a family biking over to the rock garden after school. Just a reminder of the wide open days that lay ahead of us. And a great reminder to get out and enjoy all Tam Valley has to offer - Eastwood and Kay Parks, Tennessee Valley, the McGlashan Trail and more!

We are getting ready for Creekside and can hardly believe it starts next Friday! Sign up to help out if you can and see more info below about how we can keep the heart of Tam Valley alive and well through volunteerism.

This Sunday is the first in our Tam Valley Speaker Series - we moved John Byrne Barry's book presentation to the Community Center because we already exceeded the capacity of the Cabin with RSVPs. Now we have extra room! So please join us for this wonderful event with a local author talking about local history!

Have a wonderful weekend!

TCSD Board of Directors Meeting

Wednesday, June 12th


Tam Valley Community Center

At its June 12 meeting, the Board will receive a report on the results of the recently conducted Community Survey, consider the adoption of the Proposed FY24-25 Operating and Capital Improvement Budget, and consider the approval of an agreement with R3 Consulting to provide services under the CalRecycle SB 1383 regional grant.

Click here to view the agenda and read the staff reports.

Creekside Fridays Start Next Week!

June 14th - August 9th


Tam Valley Community Center

June 14th - Pacific Standard

June 28th - Void Where Prohibited

July 12th - Fog City Swampers

July 26th - Juke Joint

August 9th - Marble Party

Volunteer! Many hands make light work and we are looking for volunteers to help at the bar, serve food, set up and more!

Contact Camille, our Events Coordinator at 415-388-6393 or email events@tamcsd.org

The Summer 2024 postcard is arriving in your mailbox this week! It lists the bands and our lovely sponsors on the back and it is a great reminder of all the fun to be had this summer in Tam Valley! If you don't receive on, pop in and let us know. We'll hand you one in person and make sure you are on the list next time.

The Heart of Tam Valley

We quietly launched this campaign at Earth Day and we plan to keep it going at our Creekside PARC and Board of Directors booths. Come fill out a heart and tell us what you love about Tam Valley.

And what keeps it so special? Volunteers! When we all come together to support these beautiful events we create the community that supports us all. So dive in wherever you can. It can just be an hour or two or it can be a whole series of events.

Click here to let us know what works for you - we're here to find a great way for you to contribute.

We will be posting hearts in the newsletter all summer long as well as displaying them at Creekside. What a fun way to share the love!


Tam Valley Speaker Series

Sausalito Houseboat Wars: What Really Happened?

June 9th - This Sunday!


Tam Valley Community Center (note change of location)

John Byrne Barry will be speaking about his new book: The Pirates of Sausalito : Houseboat Wars . John will discuss his new novel and the fascinating, often hard to believe, history of the Sausalito houseboat enclave. We have such a great response - we are moving the venue so we can accommodate everyone - join us at the Community Center!

This is a free event but we would like to know who's coming so please RSVP to save your seat. Wine and cheese will be served to round out this wonderful offering. Click here to save your seat!

Garden Talk Series

What's Going on in Your Garden?

June 15th


The Cabin

Join our PARC Commissioner, Michael Bogart, for the second in a series of Garden Talks. This casual garden series will start with a topic and information shared by our expert and then flow from there. It’s a chance to share your experience with your friends and neighbors and to learn from each other.

We’ll have tea and coffee to share, great conversation and a healthy dose of inspiration for your garden as we evolve into the summer months.


Southern Marin Fire Update

  • Shoreline HWY Fuel Break Project Work Has Begun: The Southern Marin Fire Protection District is currently working to establish a shaded fuel break by means of a forest health restoration project in Tamalpais Valley. This project will reduce flammable and encroaching vegetation along Shoreline Highway, our main evacuation route in Tamalpais Valley. The footprint of this project will start near the Junction of Shoreline and Almonte and will extend to Southern Marin Fire District’s jurisdictional boundary at Erica Road. Learn More.

  • Wildfire Behavior, Evacuation and Video Resources - Do you know how wildfires behave in untreated vs treated areas? The full answer to this requires an understanding of vegetation management, home hardening, and defensible spaceLearn More

  • Spring Into Creating Your Defensible Space Zone - It’s that time again to start clearing your Defensible Space around your home. Get ahead and take on vegetation while it is still manageable. Schedule your complimentary service today. Learn More
The Marin Chipper Program is Back!

The Marin Wildfire Prevention Authority is happy to announce that the Chipper Program has returned for 2024. The program provides for the curbside pickup, chipping, and disposal of vegetation material from residential properties. This service is funded by Measure C for wildfire prevention and is available to all residents within Marin Wildfire’s joint powers service area.

During the 2023 season, the program completed over 4,400 pickups and removed over 14,200 cubic yards of vegetation from residential properties. 90% of participants rated their experience a 5 out of 5.

The 2024 program is returning with a similar schedule as last year, along with a few new features that will improve the participant experience.

It is an honor to bring you the news of Tam Valley each week. If you have any questions or comments on the content of this newsletter, please contact me at events@tamcsd.org

Camille Esposito
Events and Communication Coordinator
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