Taking a global look at static electricity mitigation
Last month, we shared a presentation on the static electricity risks in a healthcare setting. This was from SelecTech President Tom Ricciardelli’s presentation at the ESD Association's Symposium.

One thing that was clear from Tom's presentation that while flooring best addresses static electricity, other measures are also needed as there are so many other ways to generate static.

For example, a doctor or a physician’s assistant sitting in a chair in an examination room. Seems harmless enough, right? Yet under the right circumstances, the person sitting in that chair and performing a procedure or inputting data can have enough of a charge stored within them that it can impact the electronic equipment they are using. 
ESD flooring in the examination room certainly addresses this. Additional mitigation efforts can also help. Like an ESD chair, which is made with special materials and grounded to the floor through a chain or conductive wheels, can drain charge from the person and minimize this risk.  
StaticStop takes a global approach to recommending ESD treatments in a healthcare setting. It starts with flooring. We also take into consideration other mitigation measures and present our customers with an overall opinion. 
Whether you have a healthcare facility or lab, electronics manufacturing plant or other faciility, we can offer a recommendation. Give us a call at 508-583-3200. 

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Cleanrooms and Laboratories
As equipment in cleanrooms and laboratories continues to become more sophisticated, it is also becoming more sensitive to interference and damage from electrostatic discharge. In cleanrooms where control of particles in the air is critical, maintaining a static-free environment helps prevent particle collection by electrostatic attraction. The choice of flooring in these environments must include consideration of ESD characteristics, ability to withstand chemicals, particulate emissions, and durability.

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