January 2022
Happy New Year from Chris Lalomia
We Will Smooth the Way into 2022 for You

There is no doubt that we lived in our homes a lot more this past year! And no doubt that extra attention given to your home created more wear and tear and brought hidden deficiencies to light.

Do you need a hole in your drywall or a broken light fixture in your hallway repaired? How about a leaking sink repaired or a new sliding glass door installed? Need a ceiling fan hung or that new TV mounted? Do you have only one or two items on your list?

You might want to consider our Handyman For A Half Day.

The decision to hire a handyman for home repair depends on the scope of the project, your own abilities, and the amount of time you have to work on it. Why should you consider our handyman services?

We will deliver the services you need in a timely manner and
for a price you can afford.
What's your favorite feature in your house?
Chris has started a Podcast about starting and running a business and asks all of his guests this question ... check out the answer below.
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"I know this sounds a little weird but I love my mudroom!
Since we created that space there is less clutter and more organization in our family life. With a career, a busy husband, three children and two dogs, a place right inside the door to drop and store things for each family member has proven to be quite valuable in terms of time ... and a big stress reducer!"
from The Spruce

Not only is the mudroom a drop zone for shoes, jackets, and car keys but it's a great place to hang artwork, leave notes and other memos to help you get your day started.
from The Creativity Exchange

You can create a well-organized mudroom in a small space, providing a space to sit and storage for the shoes, jackets, and bags. No more tracking dirt, dripping water or dropping sports gear in the house.
When You Call The Trusted Toolbox
For Your Remodeling Project... What's Happens Next?

The Trusted Toolbox's Remodeling Team is a full-service remodeling company specializing in bathroom and kitchen remodeling services for
homeowners in the Metro Atlanta Area.

You Have Expectations.
We have A Process In Place To Meet Your Expectations.
Our Promise | Our Value
We promise that you and your family will be pleased with our services and professionalism. Our knowledge, experience, attention to detail, and exceptional customer service is what sets us apart from everyone else in our industry. We will respect your home, family and any special requirements.
Leslie S in Atlanta

The Trusted Toolbox has done several projects for me and just completed a “gut job” renovation on a small bathroom. It turned out gorgeous! Five stars to Dennis Sumlin, the project manager. His team did everything from the demolition and plumbing, to tile and finishing. Dennis kept the project on track and was very hands-on where needed. Trusted Toolbox is a very professional outfit but still down to earth and always respected my opinions during the project.

Steve S

Andrew, my Trusted Toolbox associate, did a GREAT job. He fixed my issue so much faster than I expected! He was professional and kind. Also, Jil and Deborah were so empathetic to my emergency and allowed me to get my problem solved the very next day. Thank you all so much!

Terry W

Elit did an excellent job. Covered furniture on the porch . Explained what had to be fixed and why. Cleaned up everything before he left. Very courteous. Excellent quality workmanship.