January 2015   
Live Your Joy Institute News

Take The Passion Plunge   


by Barbara Gulbranson


At this time of year many people take an assessment of their lives and make resolutions. They look toward the year ahead with an urge to do things better and differently. While many people have a longing for change, few have the courage to take the steps to foster meaningful growth. Making life changes takes trust in the Universe and the faith to step out and answer the Divine call.


Recently I was talking to a friend about such life changes and he said, "We're standing on the dock in fear when our passion is in the water." Fear is the force that will paralyze you and prevent you from diving into unchartered waters. However, when a desire arises in you, it is the call of Spirit to create through you. The desire was meant to be fulfilled. In fact, the desire is seeking an outlet by means of you. What happens if we ignore the urge or don't answer the call? We live uneventful, dull lives that don't improve because we don't have the faith required to jump in and take the plunge.


As Charles Bukowski says, "If something burns your soul with purpose and desire, it's your duty to be reduced to ashes by it. Any other form of existence will be yet another dull book in the library of life."


I ask you for this New Year, "How do you want your book of life to read?" Do you want it to describe a life that was status quo never having dared to take a chance on greater expression? Or do you want to know you followed your heart's passion and crossed an unknown bridge trusting Spirit as your guide?


There's an old expression in New Thought that says, "What you conceive you can achieve." So what is holding you back from following your passion? Is it finances, relationship, job security or just plain fear to move forward? Are you afraid of what others would think if you stepped out and lived your authentic life? Give these fears over to God and know that you are not trapped by circumstances. You have the power to be free. If the choices you once made are not working for you, you are free to choose again. Never live life under the pretense of "I have to" or "I should." Ask God to show you another way. You will be guided to do something you will love, which is the most freeing thing of all.


After all, if you hold on too tightly to a part of your life, situation or relationship that is not working anymore or is holding you back, there is little opportunity for growth. The situation will only get worse, and you will not have the open space for newness and the love that it promises. Let it go. Give it to God and the angels for transformation or release. If you are willing to let go of the situation with love in your heart, it will be replaced by something better or it will heal. Don't try to control the outcome. Don't hesitate. Just leap off the dock with faith and gratitude -- and let your heart's passion come alive.

Spiritual Counseling with Rev. Barbara 

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