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September 2021
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September Staff Picks
How to Find What You’re Not Looking For by Veera Hiranandani (out Sep. 14): Ari sees things a little differently. The frustration she deals with daily because no matter how hard she tries, and she does try, she cannot get the physical act of writing to work for her. By the time she gets her hands to do what her mind asks, she’s forgotten her train of thought. Working at her parent’s bakery is good and sometimes she writes poems, but Ari’s sister Leah takes the time and has the patience to help Ari. It’s 1967 though and the world is changing fast. Loving vs. Virginia ends all race-based legal restrictions on marriage, but for the Goldman family, the complexity of interracial love shakes the foundation of their family. A compassionate view into a family coming to terms with change, change in the way disabilities are seen, change in the way we embrace or refuse to embrace family, and all through the eyes of a wise old soul with love in her gaze. -Linda
Paradise on Fire by Jewell Parker Rhodes (out Sep. 21): Adaugo, Addy for short, has never been in the wilderness, never been on a plane, and her obsession with always knowing escape routes has made her a bit of a loner. Her grandma thinks it’s time she tested those wings inherent in her name, so she enrolls her in a summer adventure program with five other Black city kids. In the mountains of Paradise, California, she finds her wilderness spirit, loves the feel of her hiking boots on the ground and expands her mapping skills to help the owner of the camp with the work he does for climate scientists. On their last backpacking excursion, the Paradise fire breaks out and Addy has to learn to trust her own skills as well as those of the crew with her. The devastating effects of climate change and the limitations imposed on urban poor kids, particularly kids of color, is wrapped into a story that will leave you breathless, cheering and totally in love with these characters! -Linda
The Book of Form and Emptiness by Ruth Ozeki (out Sep. 21): In any but the masterful, compassionate hands of Ozeki, this young boy’s quest to understand questions of love, loss, freewill, our relationships with things, and the place of story would be daunting, but this book guides like the smoothest of dancers in the most difficult dances: hold lightly, follow the lead, and enjoy. Benny Oh and his mother, Annabelle, are trying to deal with the death of Benny’s father, but there is no place for grief in the chaos of bills, technology, and the excess of things. The library gives Benny some relief; there are people there who understand the pull and danger of the chaos and the books that try to give it meaning and order, but Benny and Annabelle each must navigate their stories in order to find their path. A brilliant book of wisdom to help us navigate the complex trials we face with a reminder to believe in the power of story. You will fall in love with this book and Ozeki. -Linda
SEP 2021 Newsletter
Fun Holiday of the Month

According to arrrrrrr copy of the Highlights 2021 Almanac of Fun, September 19th is Talk Like a Pirate Day!

'Tis the perfect opportunity to annoy the bilge rats 'n scallywags in yer life with pirate lingo. Batten down the hatches, pour yerself some grog, an' curl up with some books about the scurviest scourge o' the sea, ye landlubbers! Aye, avast! Give us yer doubloons!
Book Club Schedule
Book clubs will continue on Zoom; you should be receiving information about them the week before your scheduled book club. As there are no fees to join any of our book clubs, we ask that you please purchase book club selections from us! We've included links in all of our event listings so that you can easily order online.
Book Clubs for Adults
Cellar Door Book Club
Meets the second Sun at 2 pm
September 12: Apeirogon
October 10: Searching for Sylvie Lee

Mystery Book Club
Meets the third Thurs at 6 pm
September 16: The Aosawa Murders
October 21: Forty Acres

Sci-Fi & Fantasy Book Club
Meets the third Sat at 5 pm
September 18: Semiosis
October 16: Piranesi

Historical Fiction Book Club
Meets the fourth Sat at 5 pm
September 25: She Who Became the Sun
October 23: Hamnet

Agatha Christie Book Club
Meets the third Tues at 6:30 pm
September 21: Curtain
October 19: Elephants Can Remember

Philosophical Horror
Meets the third Mon at 6 pm
September 20: Red Dragon
October 18: We Need To Talk About Kevin

Black Lit Book Club
Meets the fourth Fri at 6 pm
September 24: Red Island House
October 22: Catherine House

Young Adult Book Club
Meets the first Friday at 7 pm
September 3: In the Dream House
October 1: There There

History Book Club
Meets the first Wed at 6 pm
September 1: Empress Dowager Cixi
October 6: The Deviant's War

Speculative Fiction Book Club
Meets the second Sat at 4 pm
September 11: A Universe of Wishes
October 9: Certain Dark Things

LGBTQ Book Club
Meets the fourth Thurs at 6 pm
September 23: Great Believers
October 28: The City and the Pillar

Bucket List Book Club 
Meets the third Sun at 3 pm
September 19: Rain of Gold
October 17: The Old Curiosity Shop (Ch 1-36)

Phy-Sci Book Club
Meets the fourth Wed at 6 pm
September 22: Race After Technology
October 27: Disordered Cosmos

Feminist Book Club
Meets the first Tues at 6 pm
September 7: Lakewood
October 5: The Grown-Up Pose

Outdoor Lit 
Meets every other month, first Sun at 2 pm
September 5: The Unlikely Thru-Hiker
November 7: Two Trees Make a Forest

*NEW* Educators Book Club
Meets the first Thurs at 6 pm
No meeting in September
October 7: Better Than Carrots or Sticks (Part 1)
Book Clubs for Kids & Youth

Early Readers Book Club Meets the second Sat at 1 pm
September 11: Mellybean and the Giant Monster
October 9: Pup Detectives: The First Case

Kids' Book Club Meets the second Thurs at 6 pm
September 9: City of Ghosts
October 14: The Barren Grounds
*Starred meetings are not held at their usual date and/or time
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