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We have reached our 1000 Founding Members! 

Lawrence, MA – YouthBuild and OYU leaders James Mackey, Kirsys Soto, Michael Caban, and Lashon Amado spoke out to a group of students at YouthBuild Lawrence. The young leaders were introduced to the broader YouthBuild movement and then decided to take their leadership to another level by signing up to become members of OYU. After over 20 new sign ups, we officially exceeded our goal of 1000 Founding Members! Congratulations OYU!!!  

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Opportunity Youth United (OYU) Update
East Harlem holds peace march calling for an End to Gang Violence

East Harlem, NY – Young people led by East Harlem YouthBuild and an OYU Community leader, Michael Parker, joined with hundreds of youth, the President of the City Council, and police officers to march for peace in the community.. The rally was a result of the killing of a 16 year old boy who many of the young people in the East Harlem community had close relationships with.
National News
Youth Take Action Against the Fossil Fuel Industry!

Eugene, OR – 21  young leaders between the ages of (8-19) filed a lawsuit against the federal government for their role in the fossil fuel industry. The young leaders asserted that their constitutional rights to life, liberty, property, and essential public trust resources were being violated and that there was a need for a national science-based climate recovery plan. The production of fossil fuels allegedly results in carbon pollution of the atmosphere, climate destabilization, and ocean acidification. On April 8, 2016 U.S Magistrate Judge Thomas Coffin ruled in favor of the young leaders in this landmark case. 

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Take Action
Nationwide: Attention OYU members in New York, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island!

Primary elections are approaching and your state will hold presidential contests for both Republicans and Democrats.   Please get out the vote!  
In Solidarity,
Lashon Amado
National Coordinator of the Community Action Teams of Opportunity Youth United
Lashon Amado