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When my husband, a dentist, arrived home from work last Tuesday, he mentioned that he didn’t have much time for dinner because he was taking an online CE course at 6pm. To my surprise, he’d already planned his 2023 continuing education. He mentioned that getting his courses on his calendar relieved the year-long stress of completing his required credits.

Planning not only reduces stress but also delivers significant satisfaction when the project or task is complete. Most importantly, planning allows you to be proactive with a high-quality outcome. For example, my husband spent an hour determining the continuing education that mattered most to his practice. Then he registered for the courses and added the dates to his calendar.

No one knows the benefit of planning like architects. When it comes to architect continuing education, we make it easy for you to find the quality instruction that matters most to your practice, register, and add it to your calendar. Done! No more stress about completing your credits.

As always, we report your credits directly to AIA, USGBC/CAGBC, or AIBC. After each event, your certificates are automatically loaded into your ATS account and ready for download and submission to your other associations and state licenses.

As an education provider, we at ATS develop courses and programs that address today’s industry topics and license requirements. This month’s newsletter is dedicated to highlighting the year’s new programs.

As you scroll down, you’ll see:
1.    The Architect’s Roadmap to Net Zero.
2.    A list of the live, online seminars that offer new topics.
3.    In-person seminars in 14 cities.
4.    A link to all-new one-hour webinars.

Book the CE you need today, then check it off your to-do list.
Join us for a day dedicated to educating the architect, engineer, contractor, project owner, and specifier about building to net zero. Our subject-matter experts will discuss the basics of net zero and then move to specific strategies including energy considerations, materials selection, and code. We’ll end the day with a Q&A session where our panel of experts will answer your questions. 

Satisfies the five California Net-Zero credits in addition to
five AIA HSW and USGBC/CAGBC credits.
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Learn and Earn
New Topics for 2023
New Ideas and Innovation in Building Materials
Indoor Air Quality
Biophilic Design
Renewable Energy and Carbon Neutral
Building Solutions
Structural Building Solutions
Retrofit and Restoration Design Solutions
In-Person Education Coming to 14 Major Cities!
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Chicago, IL
March 7
Seattle, WA
March 9
Minneapolis, MN
April 4
New York, NY
April 6
Atlanta, GA
May 2
Boston, MA
May 4
Charlotte, NC
September 12
Baltimore, MD
September 14
Dallas TX
October 17
Portland, OR
October 19
Orlando, FL
November 7
Columbus, OH
November 9
Indianapolis, IN
December 5
Long Island, NY
December 7
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