August 2017
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Are you interested in getting involved in Climate Change but don't know where to start? Many of you have asked,  what can I do?  As Ralph Nader said in his interview shared on last week's ECA National Call, " we need a lot of people to change things, "  in essence every little bit of effort is needed to bring change.  In these difficult times it is easy to slide into becoming frustrated with the daily assaults on regulations that protect our land, water and air.  Our resilience and optimism must not slip, we must remain  vigilant  for our climate future.

Elders Climate Action is a community of caring elders who together can have a huge impact on elected officials by pushing for legislation that will stem the tide of greenhouse gasses in our atmosphere. Take Action today by participating in one of our actions highlighted below. Act now for future generations and have your voice heard today by sending a letter to your Member of Congress.  The time is now, we elders must remain optimistic and persistent and we will make a difference.

Geri Freedman
Co-Chair, Elders Climate Action

10 Ways to Take Action with Elders Climate Action TODAY!

1. Send a letter  to your Representatives. We've created a letter that is simple to send, and you can add a personal message. 
CLICK HERE to send a Letter to your Members of Congress NOW!

2. Organize a 2-3 member ECA team in your Congressional district or local community and schedule meetings with your Representatives

3.  Join or 
S tart a Local Chapter in your Area

4. Represent Elders Climate Action at Local/National Events 

5. Like, Follow, Post and Share ECA on Facebook & Twitter

6. Learn more about joining an  ECA Leadership Team.   Email us at

7. Contribute a Skill - write grant proposals, graphic design, produce newsletters, research, writing, administration, political advocacy, video production

8. Support ECA, Give a Gift Today.  Make a tax-deductible contribution. Help keep our great work going! 

9. Join our National Call!  Get informed, inspired & engaged on our monthly call and hear what fellow climate advocates from across the country are doing.

10. Tell Your Friends and Family, and H elp Us GROW!

For more info visit
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Join Us for the 
National Call
August 23, 2017
7:00 PM (Eastern) 4:00 PM (Pacific)

~Get Informed, Inspired & Engaged~

We encourage you to join from your Computer. It is wonderful when we can see each other to build a sense of community.  In addition, presenters often share slides or include video. We don't want you to miss out!

To join by Computer:  


*if you are joining by computer for the first time, please be sure to download and install the Zoom app before the call (Join the call by clicking the link above)

Or Telephone:
Dial: +1 646 558 8656 (US Toll)
 or +1 408 638 0968 (US Toll)
Meeting ID: 477 209 5159

Ralph Nader Speaks on Functional Optimism in the face of 
Climate Change Challenges

Last month's national call included this short interview clip with Ralph Nader at Elders Climate Action Day in April 2017. 

We encourage you to consider what helps you maintain your functional optimism. 

Elders Climate Action provides a great opportunity to increase your optimism in light of climate change!

Ralph Nader
Ralph Nader

Take action for future generations on Grandparents Day!!

At the conclusion of Elders Climate Action Day in April, we encouraged everyone to use their enthusiasm to create events and actions at home. Sunday September 10 th , national Grandparents Day, is the perfect opportunity to take action on climate change. Some ways you might do this include:
  • Talk to your grandchildren about what you're doing to address climate change.
  • Set up an ECA information booth at a local Grandparents Day even t.

  • Write a letter to the editor describing your concern for future generatio ns a nd how that led you to join ECA.
  • Write your Congressional Representative or Senator and encourage them to take action on climate change for the sake of your grandchildren.
Visit for more ideas

ECA Welcomes Our Newest Chapter:

In the Spring, several residents of an apartment house for "active seniors" in Silver Spring, MD attended a Happy Hour celebrating Montgomery County's resolution to divest its pension plan of fossil fuel stocks, a project spearheaded by the youthful members of  The elders felt somewhat out of place until Leslie Wharton came by their table and started telling them about Elders Climate Action. Since that day in May, we have met as a group five times, have submitted an application to become an ECA chapter, are working to oppose the construction of a natural gas pipeline across the Potomac River, and are exploring ways to work with ECA partners on a variety of local, state and national initiatives to address climate change.  We have rolled up our sleeves and are very excited to be part of Elders Climate Action!

Mothers Out Front 
Why Now?

The world is starting to understand that we must act now to address climate change.
  • No matter where we each stand on the political spectrum,  we are united in our belief that our work is more important now than ever. 
We have a short but real window of time to act. We have the knowledge, skills, and much of the technology we need to keep the Earth's temperature from rising to catastrophic levels.

In coastal Virginia, the amount of relative sea level rise surpasses almost everywhere else in the United States.
Photo Credit: Hyunsoo Leo Kim | The Virginian-Pilot

We can meet our energy needs through efficiency and conservation as well as solar, wind, geothermal, and small hydropower. Experts in policy, law, engineering, science, and technology know how we can structure the transition. 

We have the solutions, but elected officials and the fossil fuel industry are not acting effectively and quickly enough to move our economy and our infrastructure away from fossil fuels and to clean, renewable energy. 

We need the voice of the people to demand that we transition now, as rapidly, justly and as fully as possible.

We are getting excited for   Al Gore's An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Power (2017) 

In theaters August 4, 2017

Watch the Paramount Pictures Official Trailer here.

To Find Viewing Locations and Tickets - Click Here


Calling all Californians and beyond!

Sign up to attend the Global Climate Action Summit
San Francisco California September 2018 

Watch the video below from Governor Jerry Brown.  Let's do it!

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