June 22, 2023


A five-minute summary of AAI, regulation, and industry activities for members of the largest state agribusiness association in the nation.

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Grain Warehouse Laws Update On July 1; Grain Indemnity Fund Area Meetings Next Week

Grain Bins

On July 1, 2023, two changes from the past legislative session will take effect that pertain to grain warehouses in Iowa.

Grain Warehouse Receipts

There is not longer a requirement for Iowa licensed warehouse operators to issue a warehouse receipt or obtain a signed waiver within twelve (12) months of delivery. The new law requires a warehouse operator to issue a warehouse receipt upon demand by a depositor. A depositor will still need to be notified of his/her storage obligation annually. 

Credit Sale Contract Duration

The duration of a credit sale contract will increase from the current twelve (12) months to fifteen (15) from the date of issuance. This will require grain dealers to change the stated terms from 12 to 15 months on the contract. This may done with a strike-thru and change with initials. Any computer-generated contacts will need the template changed to the new contract limit. 


The assessment, collection, and remittance of fees for the Iowa Depositors and Sellers Grain Indemnity Fund begins September 1, 2023. The fees are comprised of two types of remittances. 

The first type of assessment is the $0.0025 per bushel of grain purchased from a producer/seller from a CASH OR SPOT contract. This fee will be assessed to the grain dealer, but the grain dealer may pass the assessment on to the seller. The assessment deduction must be itemized on the grain settlement sheet provided to the seller. The fees will be assessed and collected on a three-month basis and remitted to the Bureau by the fifteenth (15th) of the month following the three-month period. A $10 per day late fee will be applied if the payment is not received or postmarked by the due date.

The second type of assessment is the licensee participation fee. This fee is paid by the licensed warehouse operator or the licensed grain dealer. This fee shall not be passed along to the depositor/seller. This fee will be assessed with the warehouse or grain dealer license renewals. The Iowa licensed warehouse operators will pay $0.00014 per licensed capacity at time of renewal, minimum of $50 and a maximum of $500.

The participation fee for Iowa licensed grain dealers is $0.00014 on CASH or SPOT grain purchased during the licensee’s previous fiscal year. There is a minimum $50 fee but there is no maximum. 

The Bureau will send forms to be completed by the licensee with the license renewal forms three months prior to license expiration. The fees shall be paid on or before the new license period begins or the participation fee may be paid in four installments. The first installment is due on or before the new license period begins and the next three installments are to be paid quarterly.

The Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship’s IT department is currently developing an on-line portal that will allow licensees to submit the reports and pay the fees on-line. Once this is fully operational, the bureau will send out notifications and instructions. Using the online system is highly encouraged.

Grain Indemnity Fund Area Meetings

The Grain Warehouse Bureau has scheduled area meetings for licensees to attend. Bureau employees will be present to provide assistance and answer questions regarding the recent law changes and implementation of the Grain Indemnity Fund assessment, collection, and remittance of fees.

Area Meeting Dates:


Independence, Iowa - 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM

VFW Post 2440 & Auxiliary

128 3rd Ave NE

Independence, IA 50644

Click Here for Google Map

Sigourney, Iowa - 1:30 PM to 3:00 PM

ISU Extension & Outreach Keokuk Co.

400 220th Ave, Suite A

Sigourney, IA 52591

Click Here for Google Map


Des Moines, Iowa - 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM

Wallace Building Auditorium

502 E 9th Street

Des Moines, IA 50319

Click Here for Google Map


Storm Lake, Iowa - 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM

Estelle Siebens Science Center

610 W 4th St

Storm Lake, IA 50588

Click Here for Google Map

(GPS - Search for Estelle Siebens Science Ctr. for Directions)

Atlantic, Iowa - 1:30 PM to 3:00 PM

Cass County Community Center

805 W 10th St.

Atlantic, IA 50022

Click Here for Google Map

If you have any questions, please contact the Bureau at 515-281-5987 or by emailing at gwb@iowaagriculture.gov.

Regulations & Communications - Drone Workshop Highlights Key Information for Unmanned Aircraft

Drone use is expanding rapidly in many industries, and agribusiness is no exception. While acquiring these tools is relatively easy and low expense, there are regulations that all drone flyers need to be aware of.

The AAI Drone Workshop on Monday highlighted a number of rules and regulations required by various agencies. Participants were alerted to FAA's requirement for all drone operators to have their Part 107. There are also various other requirements depending on how a drone is used, including flight logs and in some cases approvals based on location. Participants were provided with a number of resources for checking where they can fly a drone and how to stay in compliance.

Representatives from the Iowa Agricultural Aviation Association (IAAA) shared insights on how to stay safe with drones and air planes working in the same air spaces. The major emphasis was on communication with local pilots and airports. Participants also were encouraged to get involved with IAAA and to contact IAAA members with questions.

Also at the event was a representative from the Pesticide Bureau who shared information about spraying rules in general and some specifics, including who to contact, for aerial rules and requirements. Insurance providers also provided insight on what is and is not covered in a policy, including certifications that may not be required by the FAA or the Pesticide Bureau, but could be a prerequisite for coverage.

Questions about using drones in your agribusiness? Contact information is below:

Iowa Ag Aviation Association

Quentin Childs - Executive Director



Iowa Pesticide Bureau (IDALS)



Federal Aviation Administration

Dave Hinz



AAI Board Nominations Due June 30

The Board of Directors is now accepting nominations for the upcoming election. Nominations are due by June 30.


Three board seats will be on the ballot:


District 4 Director | Grain Director | At Large Director


The nomination form with additional details can be downloaded at this link:

2023 BOD Nomination Form


If you have questions or need help with the nomination process, please contact Sally Thompson - sally@agribiz.org or 515.868.0323


Seats Still Available!

Nurse Tank Testing Workshop - June 27

Registration Closes June 22



Member Rate: $195 per person

Non-Member Rate: $240 per person

Class fee includes a regulation book, student book, and lunch


CNH Industrial Ag Information Center | 23942 590th Ave | Nevada, Iowa

Click Here for Google Map

AAI Golf Outings

Just 21 Days Left Until The First Outing!

You could be in the office on July 13 OR you could be golfing in Okoboji. Need help deciding? Click the registration button below.


P.S. - Need some additional options? You can golf at Amana on August 24 and in Ames on September 13. No need to wait - register now!

July 13 - Okoboji, Iowa

Emerald Hills Golf Course

Aug. 24 - Amana, Iowa

Amana Colonies Golf Course

Sept. 13 - Ames, Iowa

Coldwater Golf Links

Golfer Benefits

  • Four Hole In One opportunities on every course! Win cash or prizes!
  • Complimentary soft drinks and snacks on the course
  • Delicious lunch
  • Entry into prize raffle
  • Prizes for the longest and closest shots
  • Trophy and prizes for the winning team


That's all in addition to the fun to be had with your colleagues as you support the success of the agribusiness industry in Iowa.

Want to add your company to this list? CLICK HERE FOR OPTIONS

Have something you'd like to contribute for the raffle drawings? Email Tyler Teske


June 27

AAI Nurse Tank Testing Workshop

8:00 AM | CNH Ag Industry Information Center

Nevada, Iowa

June 27

IDALS Grain Indemnity Fund Area Meeting

9:00 AM | VFW Post 2440

Independence, Iowa

IDALS Grain Indemnity Fund Area Meeting

1:30 PM | ISU Extension & Outreach Keokuk County Office

Sigourney, Iowa

June 28

IDALS Grain Indemnity Fund Area Meeting

1:30 PM | ISU Extension & Outreach Keokuk County Office

Sigourney, Iowa

June 29

AAI Board of Directors Meeting

10:00 AM | AAI Main Office Board Room

IDALS Grain Indemnity Fund Area Meeting

9:00 AM | Estelle Siebens Science Center

Storm Lake, Iowa

IDALS Grain Indemnity Fund Area Meeting

1:30 PM | Cass County Community Center

Atlantic, Iowa

July 4

Independence Day Holiday

AAI Main Office Closed

July 12

AAI Advisory Council Meeting

10:00 AM | AAI Main Office Board Room


July 13

Emerald Hills Golf Club

Noon Shotgun Start | Okoboji, Iowa

August 24

Amana Colonies Golf Club

9:00 AM Shotgun Start | Amana, Iowa

September 13

Coldwater Golf Links

10:00 AM Shotgun Start | Ames, Iowa


CONVEY23 Safety Conference - July 20-21

Convey-23-logo-only image

CONVEY focuses on operations, safety, and compliance education along with a 60-exhibitor trade show. New this year is a fumigation recertification workshop, hosted by Degesch America Inc., which will take place the day before the conference. The workshop is offered at a discount to CONVEY attendees.

CONVEY is presented through a partnership of NGFA, GEAPS, and Grain Journal.

CONVEY23 - July 20 & 21

Hilton Omaha | Omaha, Nebraska

Full event details can be found here:


Tech Hub LIVE in Des Moines - July 24-26

Advance Registration Discounts End Saturday, June 24! Use code JOINUS for additional $50 off registration fee.

Tech Hub LIVE offers an innovative, forward-looking experience with an expansive range of features encompassing all segments of data-driven agriculture and attracts the largest gathering of ag retailers, distributors, consultants, manufacturers, and other stakeholders in the ag supply chain, all committed to leveraging the latest tech innovations for practical business advantages on the farm.


Tech Hub LIVE, is thrilled to announce Dr. Alyssa Whitcraft as this year’s keynote presenter. Alyssa will delve into the groundbreaking research and applications that NASA Acres is spearheading to tackle the unique challenges faced by farmers and ag retailers today during her session "From Space to Soil: How NASA Data and Tools are Supporting a Revolution in Ag Tech."


Visit the Registration Website for more Info:



Survey finds consumers spending 6.9% more on food

Source: FeedStuffs

dollarstore-purchases2305LO_0 image

Reported food spending has increased to its highest level since the Consumer Food Insights Report began surveying in January 2022, possibly leaving consumers feeling little relief from inflation. 

Reflecting this reality, consumers say they are spending 6.9% more on food, an uptick from last month, according to the May survey report. At the same time, the report shows that the rate of grocery stockouts has continued to decrease. This is a positive sign for consumer spending as it means less upward pressure on prices.

The survey-based report out of Purdue University's Center for Food Demand Analysis and Sustainability assesses food spending, consumer satisfaction and values, support of agricultural and food policies, and trust in information sources. Purdue experts conducted and evaluated the survey, which included 1,200 consumers across the United States.

"The key data point in food security is the decline in the average number of months that households are spending on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program," said Jayson Lusk, the head and Distinguished Professor of Agricultural Economics at Purdue, who leads the center.

[...] Read Full Story

MilkPEP launches new Fortnite maps for Gen Z gamers

Source: AgDaily

In a world where nearly 90 percent of Gen Z are gamers, Milk (yes, real dairy milk!) is putting gamers at the forefront by creating the games players want to see in Fortnite, Roblox, and Minecraft.

In the first of many games to come, Milk has created Zany Ziplines — a series of Fortnite maps gamers have been dying to see.

Milk is responding to what gamers actually want to play and Zany Ziplines represents Milk’s commitment to create games by gamers for gamers. Milk’s Discord server is dedicated to building a gaming community designed for sharing ideas for new gaming experiences in Fortnite, Roblox, and Minecraft. Gamers who want a say on what the next game should be can head to the @GonnaNeedMilk Discord server to share their suggestions for a chance to make their dream games a reality.

In addition to supporting the community, Milk can also help support performance. Gaming takes an immense amount of skill and focus — requiring hydration and nutrients including protein to keep you going. With 13 essential nutrients in one 8 oz glass including high-quality protein, real dairy milk (or chocolate milk!) helps gamers stay fueled and hydrated to power through long gaming sessions.

“Chocolate milk is beloved for a reason — across all kinds of age groups and communities: it’s a delicious treat that also happens to be really good for you. We are excited to reintroduce chocolate milk to the gaming community as the performance drink of gamers as a reminder that not only does milk provide nutritional support but we are striving to bring community support as well,” notes Yin Woon Rani, CEO of MilkPEP. “Our goal is to bring games for gamers by gamers – and Zany Ziplines is our first start!”

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US business logistics costs soared in 2022, report finds

Source: FreightWaves

In 2022, U.S. business logistics costs, or what is spent to keep the nation’s logistics network humming, grew by an astounding 19.6% to a record $2.3 trillion, representing 9.1% of national gross domestic product, according to the 34th annual State of Logistics Report.

On a percentage basis, financial cost of inventory led the way with a 90.2% increase, fueled by the Federal Reserve’s aggressive interest rate increases. From the standpoint of modes, truckload costs rose 6.2% to $403.8 billion. Less-than-truckload costs rose 6.4% to $96.3 billion, while private or dedicated costs rose 6% to $95.8 billion.

Parcel costs rose to $217 billion, a 4.7% increase. Rail costs rose 17.6% to $99.2 billion. Maritime — which includes domestic U.S. — rose 18.4% to $36.4 billion, while airfreight rose 1.7% to $66.8 billion.

Coming off this performance, supply chain demand is likely to remain stagnant or diminish for the remainder of 2023. Still, any downturn in the U.S. economy is likely to be mild and short lived, the report, unveiled in Indianapolis Tuesday, said.

This dramatic run-up has been good news for various providers. 

Rail — Class I railroads saw operating income increase 8% year over year and total revenue rise by 14%, gains largely attributed to price increases. However, rising costs undermined operating ratios. The sector also suffered from service-related issues including poor velocity levels, increased terminal dwell and high-profile derailments.

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Mississippi River Levels Falling Due to Heat and Little to No Rain

Source: Progressive Farmer

On May 20, the Mississippi River in St. Paul was cresting for the second time at major flood stage. On June 19, the river is at 3.36 feet above zero gauge and a similar scene is playing out in much of the Upper Mississippi River (UMR) above St. Louis. No rain and extreme heat recently caused the drop in the river. Remember, the Upper Mississippi River doesn't usually fall below zero gauge like the Lower Mississippi River (LMR) because of the lock and dam system.

Severe low water conditions like we saw last year only affected the Lower Mississippi and the tributaries that feed it. "North of St. Louis Missouri, a total of 29 lock and dam systems were constructed, forming a stairway of water from Minnesota to Illinois. From the first lock and dam at Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota to the last one at Granite City, Illinois, there is a drop in elevation of 420 feet," noted the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE). "The locks are necessary at each of the dams to allow boats to navigate from one pool (the water backed up behind each dam) to the next. These dams were constructed to only aid navigation; they were not designed for flood control." The Corps maintains a 9-foot navigation channel as an important component to the inland navigation system.

On the LMR, there is no need for locks and dams because, with the addition of the Missouri, Illinois, Arkansas, Ohio, and other tributaries, it is naturally deep enough and wide enough for navigation according to the USACE. The Ohio River feeds 70% of the water to the LMR and at Cairo, Illinois, the confluence of the Ohio and Mississippi River, the river level is at 11.21 feet on June 19 and while rainfall will push it to 12.3 feet by June 20, the river is forecast to fall again and come close to low water stage of 9 feet by the end of the month.

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