December 1, 2022


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Rail Update

With the high potential for a rail strike looming on December 9, 2022, President Biden this week urged Congress to intervene.

The House passed legislation with bipartisan support that would bind unions and rail companies to the terms of a contract negotiated in September. That bill was passed by the Senate.

The legislation now heads to President Biden for his signature. The expected signature from the President will implement the agreement and avoid a rail system shutdown.

The Agribusiness Association of Iowa signed onto a number of letters to Congress and the President over the past few months urging swift intervention to avoid a strike or lockout.

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Senate moves to avert rail strike amid dire warnings

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Cover Crop Insurance Discount Program Open

The signup period for the IDALS $5/acre Crop Insurance Discount Program (CIDP) is now open and accepting applications through January 13, 2023. 

Program rules, FAQs, and links to brochures for landowners and insurance agents can be found on the program homepage:

Application for discount:


FMCSA Denies Ag Groups' Request for Trucking Waiver

Source: Brownfield Ag News

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has denied a request from several ag groups to exempt truckers from certain hours-of-service rules. The ruling, published Tuesday in the Federal Register, said the exemption would not create safe conditions for drivers.

Kent Bacus with the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association says the decision adds more stress to a supply chain that is already struggling. “Now we’re going to try to troubleshoot some of the scenarios driver’s face,” he says. “And it means in some instances we may have to have tandem drivers. It may mean we have to offload cattle in certain areas. That just creates more stress on our shippers and it creates more stress on the livestock.”

Bacus says the industry needs to be able to move cattle from one point to another safely and efficiently, but the blanket rule from FMCSA makes that very difficult. 

He tells Brownfield the groups will continue to push for other solutions. “We’re going to have to look at our allies in Congress,” he says. “And we’re going to have to look at other means potentially try to bring some relief to this very important segment of our supply chain.”

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Mexican president attempts to make a deal on GM corn

Source: AgDaily

Yesterday, Mexican President Andres Manuel López Obrador began trying to work out a deal with Washington after the U.S. threatened legal action over the ban on genetically modified corn by 2024. Far from ideal (or even clear), Mexico has offered a livestock feed concession that may still mean a violation of the trade pact, leading to a trade dispute with Washington.

Mexico’s ban on genetically modified corn has been riddled with confusion regarding its implementation. Meanwhile, the United States has issued a call for clarity, concerned about the economic fallout that could result from the loss in export markets. 

Image by Octavio Hoyos, Shutterstock

After meeting with the Mexico President on Monday, U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said, “The meetings provided a venue to raise the United States Government’s and our producers’ deep concerns around President López Obrador’s 2020 decree to phase out the use and importation of biotech corn and other biotechnology products by January 2024. “

According to Reuters, during the news conference, López Obrador attempted to assuage concerns by saying that the ban would only focus on genetically modified yellow corn grown for human consumption. The Mexican president indicated that Mexico would continue to allow GMO corn slated for livestock production to be imported, even after the decree takes effect in 2024. 

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EPA proposes higher biofuel blending volumes

Source: Feedstuffs

The Environmental Protection Agency today released the proposed Renewable Fuels Standard “Set” rule, which increases the amount of ethanol and biofuels oil refiners must blend into fuel for the next three years. The announcement also includes series of important modifications to strengthen and expand the RFS program.

The agency's long-awaited proposal outlines overall blending mandates of 20.82 billion gallons in 2023, 21.87 billion gallons in 2024, and 22.68 billion gallons in 2025.

Next year’s RFS requirement includes 15 billion gallons coming from conventional biofuels such as corn ethanol – a major win for the ethanol industry. The conventional biofuels requirement is set at 15.25 billion gallons for both 2024 and 2025.

The agency included a supplemental volume of 250 million gallons on top of the 2023 standards to compensate for volumes that weren’t blended in previous years. This comes as a result of the 2017 court case brought against EPA by RFA and other farm and biofuel groups.

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Zero ships waiting off Southern California for first time since 2020

Source: Freight Waves

Not a single container ship waited offshore of the ports of Los Angeles or Long Beach on Nov. 22-23. It was the first time the queue had gone to zero since October 2020, in the early days of the COVID-era consumer boom.

“The container-ship backup for the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach has ended,” declared Kip Louttit, executive director of the Marine Exchange of Southern California, in a statement to the media. “It is time to move into a different phase of operations.”

The backup may be over in Southern California, but it’s not yet over for North America overall.

An American Shipper survey of MarineTraffic ship-position data and port queue lists showed 59 container ships waiting off North American ports on Nov. 23, mainly along the East and Gulf coasts.

That’s still well above pre-COVID levels, when numbers were in the single digits. But congestion is clearly easing: The count is down 60% from the peaks earlier this year.

The traffic jam of container ships off Southern California began garnering headlines in early 2021 and became emblematic of the supply chain crisis.

Southern California’s ship queue shot to new heights in the second half of 2021. The extremely high number of vessels anchored and loitering in close proximity to each other in San Pedro Bay and the surrounding waters raised both safety and environmental concerns.

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