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January 29-31, 2019
San Diego, CA USA
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November 12-15, 2019
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The Digital Solder Mask Revolution Continues

The digital revolution continues to march forward in the PCB business especially for the world of solder mask. We have seen how Orbotech has dominated over the last decade with their Paragon Laser Direct Imaging (LDI) exposing equipment. In the last few years we have seen several equipment suppliers introduce many variations of Direct Imaging (DI) exposing units, all with various light sources ranging from lasers to UV to LEDs; as well as various wavelengths. This has made it very difficult for material suppliers to make products to satisfy the needs of all customers, using all these various types of units, with all types of light sources and wavelengths. Lastly, we now have the introduction of inkjet technology; with this digital technology we are now completely revolutionizing the way we process a PCB through the solder mask department. Gone are many processes such as exposing, developing and the many processes needed to support them, and they are replaced with a simple inkjetting machine and oven to cure the solder mask. Think of all of the saved square footage and resources that can now be used elsewhere.

In the last issue I talked about the early trial of our newest development for a flexible LDI solder mask that is now a new commercial product, PSR-9000 FLX03G LDI. The new digital exposing flexible solder mask has some excellent benefits that customers will really appreciate like VTM-0 on 2 mil polyimide and a very deep green glossy finish. Here are some photos of a 2-mil and 4-mil dam of PSR-9000 FLX03G LDI.  

PSR-4000 CC01SE DI
Recently we tested our latest version of PSR-4000 CC01SE DI at a customer in Europe with positive results. This product is designed specifically for high temperature requirements for the automotive industry surviving high thermal cycling and hot storage requirements in excess of 170°C for over 1000 hours. The photos below are a side wall on a DI exposing unit at under 80 mJ/cm 2 and a panel after 1500 hours at 180°C showing no cracks at the arrow.  

IJSR-4000 JM Series
Finally the digital age has fully arrived with inkjet solder mask. It has taken a long time to get to this technology, I guess we had to learn the pains of screen printing, curtain coating and spray before we could finally utilize inkjetting. Now with equipment available from a few manufacturers you can use our IJSR-4000 JM inkjet solder mask. It is UL approved and passes NASA outgassing specifications. Here are some photos to show some of its capabilities, notice the printing stability.  

For more information on the latest developments of our various digital solder mask offerings please contact Taiyo America!
John T. Fix
Manager & Director, Sales and Marketing


Journey Through the Solder Mask Process,
Part II: Screen Printing

In the last newsletter, we talked about mixing and pre-cleaning, important first steps in getting uniformity and adhesive strength. In this edition we will be talking about screen printing, not to be confused with 'print screen' which is a function of a computer.

Sang Lam
Technical Service Engineer
What a Summer!

August and September are already great months, but add a couple of golf outings and there's no end to the fun! Industry outings are rare, and so is summer in the Midwest. So when the opportunity arises to meet the PCB masses at a golf course well, I'm all in!  Continue reading...

Left to right Donnie Monn (Taiyo America), Jerry Smith (Multicircuits)
Donnie Monn
Midwest Regional Sales Manager

Catching up with Umicore's Technical Service Engineer Nikolaus Schubkegel

Long time Umicore Applications Engineer and Taiyo America liaison Nikolaus Schubkegel is retiring in a few months, so I thought it would be a proper send off to have a talk with him and gather his thoughts as he rides off into the sunset.


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