March 13, 2020
RFA Pre-Release Spells Out Requirements for BH/IDD Tailored Plans  
NC DHHS recently published a  Request for Application (RFA) pre-release concept paper  that outlines the proposed requirements for the BH/IDD Tailored Plans. Legislation states that opportunities to be BH/IDD Tailored Plans are limited to the LME/MCOs for the first four years after the implementation of the Standard Plan. Legislation also established that the BH/IDD Tailored Plan will go into effect no earlier than one year after the implementation of the Standard Plan.  

Transition of Care Across Medicaid Plans Offered in Concept Paper
Every day, people move from one insurance company to another and from one medical professional to another. NC DHHS has published a draft concept paper that lays out more detail on how Medicaid beneficiaries can move from one payer or provider to another while their continuity of care is maintained during the initial implementation of the Standard Plans and ongoing. As noted on the February 18th webinar about the concept paper, transitions of care will happen often. The "guardrails" that NC DHHS places around transitions within this concept paper are really to focus on those Medicaid beneficiaries in the Standard Plans with high needs. It's a reasonable assumption that the BH/IDD Tailored Plans will also have requirements to uphold around transitions of care.

Clarity Offered on Crisis Services across Standard Plans  
A memo  was released by NC DHHS on March 6th that provides detail about needed capacity for Standard Plans in crisis services. Within the current structure of Medicaid, individuals with behavioral health crises are referred directly to the LME/MCOs. When the shift to have Medicaid beneficiaries with mild to moderate behavioral health needs in the Standard Plans occurs, Standard Plans will have contractual and regulatory expectations to comply with related to crisis services. The memo addresses the expectations of Standard Plans once Medicaid managed care is implemented. The contract that Standard Plans hold with NC DHHS includes a provision requiring them to:

i2i's New Board Chair is Kurtis Taylor  
i2i is excited to announce Mr. Kurtis Taylor is i2i's new Board Chair. Mr. Victor Armstrong has taken the position as new Director for the Division of MH/DD/SAS. Kurtis serves as the Executive Director of the Alcohol Drug Council of NC. He is committed to eliminating the stigma attached to the subject of recovery. Kurtis is a person in long-term recovery, and he is recognized as a voice for citizens seeking recovery from substance use disorders.
Kurtis joined the i2i Board in January of 2018 and accepted the role of Vice-chair in 2019. "With Kurtis in this leadership position, I am confident that i2i will continue to have the Board direction and support that has been so essential to our success," said Mary Hooper, i2i Executive Director.

Spring Conference 
June 15-16, 2020
The i2i Center recognizes the gravity of the Coronavirus situation, and our thoughts and prayers go out to those who have fallen ill.  As we plan for our Spring Conference in Raleigh, NC on June 15 - 16, we know there are many concerns, and we will keep a close eye on the situation. The health and well-being of our conference attendees is always our first concern.  At this time, our plan is to open registration for the June dates with a full array of offerings in mid-April, and we have a great schedule of sessions in development.
We will continue to monitor the status of the covid-19 virus and all CDC recommendations in the coming weeks and are prepared to make adjustments should that become necessary.
Importance of the Census for Services 
North Carolinians are receiving requests to complete their 2020 Census forms . By completing and submitting your census information, you could help increase the State's funding through Medicaid, block grants and other federal programs.

The 2020 Census data is used in a myriad of ways to make decisions in national healthcare funding and structure for many years after the census is taken:

COVID-19 Information 
All of us are daily keeping an eye on the news concerning the Coronavirus.  To stay on top of the information you need to serve Medicaid consumers, NC DHHS has a comprehensive web page  with information for providers of care, as well as the general public, businesses, etc.  

The CDC also has many good resources, which can be accessed at its corona virus webpage.  A good CDC resource to share is called How to Prevent Illness 
Growing Consumer-Operated Service Programs in North Carolina
The NC Division of MH/IDD/SAS has published a  Request for Application for a Consumer-Operated Service Provider (COSP) to incubate two Peer Run Wellness Centers. This would be done using federal Mental Health Block Grant funding. 

Application are due May 1 and awards are expected June19th.

I'm IN Seeking Pilot Program Applications through April 14   
I'm IN: Community Inclusion is currently seeking new proposals for innovative, non-traditional community initiatives that support policies, programs and practices that create community participation, inclusion and integration for people with serious mental illness.   Applications are due April 14.  

March is Developmental Disabilities and Brain Injury Awareness Month


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