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Table Manners

Dear Faith & Work,

For those of you who celebrated the American holiday of Thanksgiving last week, I suspect you had no shortage of important local or international topics to talk about around the dining table. Hopefully, everyone minded their manners when discussing the more divisive and polarizing subjects!


We are fortunate at FWI to be invited to different kinds of tables to help others think and talk about the pressing issues of today (and tomorrow). This often involves discussing policy design and practical ramifications. We’re told that we bring to the table fresh perspectives addressing professional responsibility and ethical questions. We do that by drawing on values-based leadership, insights from wisdom traditions, and asking fundamental questions about how decisions serve humanity.


Please scroll down to see a sampling of some of the meals we’ve been invited to. And join us vicariously with a seat at the table!


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Best regards,

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David W. Miller, Ph.D.

Director, Faith & Work Initiative

Princeton University

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David Miller joins panel "Generative AI: The Good, The Bad and the Precarious Edges": Tiger Entrepreneurs Conference, Reunions 2023

As part of this year’s Reunions Tiger Entrepreneurs Conference and Pitch Competition, organized by the Princeton Entrepreneurship Council (PEC) and Princeton Entrepreneurs' Network (PEN), FWI director David W. Miller joined a panel hosted by Don Seitz '79 on the advances and pitfalls of GPT and Generative AI technologies. This panel discussed the rapid developments in generative and explainable AI, the advances and pitfalls of GPT and related technologies, the ethical implications, and perspectives from Princeton startup founders in the space. It’s all the rage since OpenAI, recently acquired by Microsoft, released ChatGPT and with other big tech companies responding with their own solutions and applications s across a range of use cases and industry sectors.

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Michael Thate focuses on

the democratization of space

With more countries and commercial actors entering the new space economy, the need for sensible rules and guiding norms for international cooperation are at a premium. Michael attended the SPIA/Stimson space law and policy event titled "A New Era in Space: Global Governance for a Contested Space Domain" at the Stimson Center in Washington, D.C. in November that was devoted to these themes. His particular focus in the area of space law and policy are the questions of norm generation as they relate to responsible conduct, tech, and resource allocation.

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David Miller is keynote speaker for “From Ambition to Reality Summit"

On September 26 and 27, the “From Ambition to Reality Summit” was hosted by the Princeton E-ffiliates Partnership, the campus-wide corporate membership program administered by Princeton’s Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment. It was co-organized by Worley, an E-ffiliates Charter Member and leading engineering, procurement, and construction services firm in energy, chemicals, and resources. Through engagement with the public, private, and academic sectors, the summit looked at how practices of businesses engaged across the clean energy and industrial ecosystem can address the infrastructure delivery challenge needed to achieve a net-zero emissions economy. FWI director David W. Miller was the dinner keynote speaker as well as a panelist on a session about Creating Partnerships. The event was attended by senior business executives from energy and industrial companies, finance, NGOs, government, and Princeton faculty and researchers.  

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David Miller leads workshop with the international

Ford Interfaith Network (FIN)

In October, David W. Miller was invited to meet virtually with the Ford Company Employee Resource Group called the Ford Interfaith Network (FIN). FIN is one of twelve ERGs in the company and has been in existence since 2000, with more than 2400 employees representing eight different faiths. Its vision statement is "The Ford Interfaith Network aims to assist the company in becoming a worldwide corporate leader in promoting religious diversity and understanding, corporate integrity, and human dignity." David discussed his research around the assets of companies being "faith-friendly" and ways to increase connectivity and partnering among faith groups and with management.

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Michael Thate chosen as senior fellow at IAS, Budapest, Hungary

Earlier this academic year, Michael was elected as a Senior Fellow for Corvinus University’s Institute of Advanced Study in Budapest, Hungary. He will be presenting his research on “punishment” and “valuations of life” in corporate criminal law on 21 November at the CIAS International Workshop.  

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David Miller leads panel for the Princeton Club of Chicago: "Transitioning From the Orange Bubble: Ethics & Responsibility in the Real World"

On Thursday, September 7, the Princeton Club of Chicago welcomed Professor David W. Miller, Director of the Princeton Faith & Work Initiative. David shared briefly about some of his teaching and research on values-based leadership in challenging times and then moderated a discussion with a panel of recent Princeton University alumni, Niko Ivanisevic ’22, Virginia Midkiff ’16, Gigi Pacheco ’23, and Sam Souleles ’21. They discussed challenging questions like:

What was it like to be on campus in the era of free-speech debates, renaming controversies, political polarization, heavy campus construction, and COVID-19 confinement?

How did Princeton prepare you for the transition to the “real world?”

How do you maintain your moral compass in your personal and professional lives?

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FWI Advisory Board

  • George Bauer, Chairman, GPB, Ltd.
  • Marc Belton, Founder, Wisefellows Consulting
  • Rich Berg, Executive Chairman and Co-Founder, Performance Trust Capital Partners
  • Barbara Byrne S76, Independent Director, Paramount Global, PowerSchool, LanzaTech, and Carta
  • Laura Forese MD '83 P13 P18, COO (ret.), New York-Presbyterian Healthcare System
  • Brill Garrett '88 S89, Jason Garrett Starfish Charities
  • Pat Gelsinger, CEO, Intel
  • Lou GiulianoOperating Executive, The Carlyle Group LP
  • Tom Horton P15, Partner, Global Infrastructure Partners
  • Dale Jones, President and CEO, Diversified Search
  • Tom Levinson '96, Author, cofounder of LK Advisors
  • Yung Bong Lim '87 P23 P25, Managing Partner (ret.), RDG Funds LLC
  • Devon Naftzger McCourt '16 S15, Vice President at BDT & MSD Partners
  • Lizzy McGee '18, founder and CEO of TexasLand USA
  • Mimi Pivirotto Murley '76 S72 P07 P10, Leading civic volunteer
  • Robert Murley '72 S76 P07 P10, Vice Chairman and Senior Advisor, CS First Boston
  • Craig Philip '75 S76 P06, Research Professor, Vanderbilt University
  • Marcus Stroud '16, Co-founder and CEO, TXV Partners
  • Toni Townes-Whitley '85, CEO, Science Applications International Corp. (SAIC)
  • John Tyson, Chairman, Tyson Foods, Inc.
  • Kevin Weiss '79 S79 CEO, Sectigo, Inc.
  • Jacob Worenklein, Chairman and CEO, US Grid Company
  • Johanna Zeilstra, CEO, Gender Fair

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The Faith & Work Initiative is a teaching and research center within the Princeton University School of Engineering and Applied Science and the Keller Center committed to exploring ethics, values, and practices of exchange on the frontier of complex social challenges. We explore foundational meanings and promote ethical awareness across our constituencies at every phase of life and work. To do so, we look back—both in terms of the histories of ethical philosophy and also the varying authoritative traditions of religious communities. We approach such histories and wisdom traditions as beneficial for understanding as well as framing contemporary global challenges. With our team of ethical philosophers, philosophers of religion, and historians, as well as our global partners from a range of other disciplines, we commit to this rigorous portfolio of offerings for students, academic peers, religious communities, and leaders in the marketplace.