March 2016
TV Alliance Conundrum: Competition vs. Cooperation
The UHD Alliance's (UHDA) new standards and definitions for premium 4K Ultra HDTV displays has been rejected by at least one leading manufacturer and UHDA member: Sony. The company's TV product managers feel the UHDA's new logo program could create the very confusion that it was developed to eliminate. Find out why Sony is not in favor of the program and what that means for UHDA.
The Ghost of CableCARD Rises Again
FCC leader Tom Wheeler proposed a software-based replacement for the antiquated CableCARD system in an effort to kickstart the "bring your own device" market. Predictably, the National Cable and Telecommunications Association sees the proposal as needless Big Government intrusion. Read more about each side's concerns .
Could Drones with Cameras Soar Past Action Cams?  
Drones-with-cameras (DWCs) may be entering the mainstream, ready to become the Next Big Thing in camcorders. While action cams have been the camcorder darlings for the last few years, sales were lower than expected this past year. Meanwhile, DWC unit sales appear to be on the rise. Learn more about how DWCs are poised to increase as the whole idea of aerial photography takes off.
HEVC Products and Content Forecast & Analysis
DTC has completed its updated forecast and analysis of HEVC/H.265 adoption. The study examines the product and content landscape, licensing initiatives and potential competition from other video-compression providers.

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