International Investment Conference -
Tunis, 29-30 November, 2016

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A democratic Tunisia, on the road to inclusive and sustainable development

  • After four years of consultation and measures, supported by the international community, the country's political transition is now underway. The first free elections were held at the end of 2014, leading to the establishment of new national democratic institutions.
  • Since Spring 2015 the Government of Tunisia has begun consultations with the various regional and national stakeholders to establish an inclusive and sustainable economic and social development model: The 2016-2020 Development Plan. The Government of Tunisia is determined to carry out a raft of structural reforms to boost efficiency and promote private investment.
  • The Plan aims also at improving the attractiveness of the economy and strengthening the role of the private sector in the country's economic growth, and fostering national and international investment. Its implementation will be boosted by $60 billion in fundraising for investment, of which $25 billion for state and public enterprise projects. It will speed up growth and spur the creation of 400,000 jobs during the course of the current Development Plan.
  • To promote this new paradigm, the Government of Tunisia invites all the country's economic stakeholders, along with the high-level international community, to a conference on 29 and 30 November in Tunis.

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