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Bits and Pieces

April 2, 2024

April Fool’s Day was yesterday---did you play any tricks on anyone, or did anyone trick you? I have absolutely no idea where the idea came from, but I always remember even my mom playing some little trick on us; and then there was the trick stuff at school all day, and now I can’t even remember one thing that was done. Maybe that’s all for the better, right?!?!

But one thing to tell you, and this is no trick , no joke: Grace Co. is offering 15% off the TrueCut Sharpeners this month, so $38.21 for the linear one and $$70.51 for the electric one. Remember that your blade is two-sided and that you have to sharpen both sides of the blade when sharpening. They do work well for the dull blades, but if the blade is just plain dead, then there’s no hope for it and nothing will help a dead blade! Keep them in better condition for cutting, and they will last you longer. Our sharpeners are true diamond cutters so metal is being shaved as the blade sharpens, so nothing will last to infinity! But you will get, on average, about four times more cut power out of frequently sharpened blades. Our sharpeners will work with any blade that has the center 3 grooves notched into the center of the blade (like Olfa, TrueCut, and more).  

An even bigger savings this month is 10% off Quilter’s Creative Touch Automation (AKA Software). We offer 4 versions, from simple and small up to QCT6 Pro with the additional Gold Card! This is a very timely sale for you, since Joyce Blowers, our expert in QCT Software, will be conducting our Software Camp this month. Dates are April 22-24, and you can sign up for one or all of the days. Check our website (www.sunvalleyquilts.com) for more detailed info, but do get signed and paid to reserve your camp spot. We have been drawing people from all over the country, and Canada too, for her camps with us! You must have the software to benefit from the camp, and if you’re on the fence about it, this sales event should be enough to get you off the fence. Hope you will join us!

As for BERNINA, this month is National Serger Month, and most of the sergers and accessories are specially priced for you in April!!! Since we have both large and not so large sergers that are air-threaders, the dreaded “serger threading” is no longer an issue. Come see us so we can get you into the best deal for you and the type of serging you will do, and have you look through the Big Book of Serging to discover that serging is NOT simply a garment making machine. Come on in and give one of our machines a try to see just how easy and fast they can be.

I am still searching for a SEW SMART Event topic for this month. Do you realize that we’ve been doing these events for you since before-covid? So that’s what, at least 4-5 years’ worth of topics and tips for you! I’m very happy and proud of that, but my brain needs a boost from you! What topics would YOU like to know more about? I’d much rather have something valid to talk about rather than just jump up on a table and do some old song-and-dance routine for and with you!!! That could get really ugly, and we really don’t want that!  

The April Door Banner Kits from Riley Blake are here, and they are the pink Tulips! We do also have the metal hangers for them, remember. Other April upcoming classes are: a 2 day Bag Camp, a full day of Rope Bowls (just $25!!!), 3 full days of Edge To Edge Quilting, the 3 day Software Camp, and an Intro. To Paper Piecing class on a Sunday afternoon. Find out more at our online site (www.sunvalleyquilts.com), and know that you can also shop online with us at the same site, different tab!

For our special of the week, in shop and online, let’s do Panels at 15% off when you give us the code PANELS15!!! We have some new ones for you, with coordinating fabrics, so come take a look. Have a great start of spring, enjoy the sunny and cooler days while we can, let your creative side show and grow! And come show us what you’re working on!  

Barbara and the crew who love to tiptoe through the tulips with you   (And how many of you remember Tiny Tim, his ukelele and that song???)

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