May 2024

Program Helps Kids Make Healthy Habits

TUC Student-led coaching empowers kids to develop an active and food aware lifestyle through Project HAPPY.

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Osteopathic Revolution in Veteran Health Care

Osteopathy program offers veterans a path to physical and emotional wellness at Mare Island VA Clinic.

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Embracing Inquiry and Stories in Research

Research Day 2024 celebrates storytelling to create engaging research presentations and gather data.

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Event Inspires Future Health Care Leaders

Brain focused program delivers an immersive cerebral education experience to high school students

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From Touro California to the White House

Dr. Kamal Kalsi has never resisted the call to use each day to make the biggest impact possible.

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Alumni Feature

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Special Podcast Session Celebrates Educators During 2024 Teacher Appreciation Week

Dr. Karis Clarke, Assistant Dean of the College of Education and Health Sciences, Director of the Graduate School of Education (GSOE), and a Professor for the GSOE program celebrates those who teach our children – as well as those who teach adults of all ages in various settings – during Teacher Appreciation Week. A series of GSOE alums share what motivates them as teachers, as well as their passion for the profession.

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