March 2024

Ketamine for Treatment-Resistant Depression

Clinical trials suggest the drug’s potential in offering relief for those facing treatment challenges with other medications.

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New Program Fills Mental Health Care Gap

Touro launches an innovative psychiatric nurse practitioner program to address the critical shortage of mental health care providers.

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Global Health MPH Program Enters Next Phase

Public Health students embark on field study missions to Africa, Asia, South America as well as US-Mexico Border, and Puerto Rico.

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Alumni Feature

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The Current Podcast: Resilience, Focus, Empathy Chart Doctor’s Path to Professional Success

Dr. Robyn Young, a 2012 graduate of TUC’s College of Osteopathic Medicine who practices in the Orlando, Florida, area, shares her experiences while at Touro – to include a particularly challenging time academically – and how those experiences helped to shape her into the physician she is today.

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