February 2024

Chef’s Collection of African American History

Raymond Nottie’s extensive collection of African American history reflects his commitment to honoring icons and inspiring future generations.

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Sonography – Fast-Track to Success

TUC's Diagnostic Sonography Program is training with a blend of technology, patient care, and well-paying career.

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Heart-Healthy Wisdom from a Cardiologist

Dr. John G. Yeung, a cardiologist for the past 15 years, shares practical advice on maintaining a healthy heart.

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Physician Assistant Heals Broken Hearts

Cardiac care specialist discusses the latest minimally invasive procedures that have a huge impact on heart health.

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Health Beat: Diabetes Still a Cause for Concern

Diabetes and obesity remain prevailing concerns across Solano County, with

far-reaching health consequences.

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Alumni Feature

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The Current Podcast: Pandemic Strains Public Health Professionals, Tests Resilience

Ashley Cumpas, a 2016 graduate of Touro University California’s Independent Master’s in Public Health program, shares her experiences while at Touro and during her career with Solano County Public Health. She also shares the trials she and her peers shared during the COVID-19 pandemic and how her experiences during the pandemic taught her skills that make her a better public health professional.

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