CEO Notes

Happy March! There is so much to talk about in March! At TSS, we’re gearing up for what promises to be a good summer season of business. We are beyond grateful to have you as a customer, vendor or colleague in the safety industry. It takes all of us to provide services in a respectful and responsible manner to ensure that our customers, whether tourism, construction or service industries, have safe workplaces.

This month is National Nutrition Month. As most of you know, I am a certified health and wellness coach. I am sitting for the national boards in early May. During the certification process and in preparation for the boards, I spent a lot of time learning about nutrition for all ages. One thing to remember, when it comes to healthy eating, is that one shoe does not fit all. Finding good resources for nutrition that align with your tastes, needs and lifestyle is important for sustainability. If you don’t like it, you are never going to eat it! I have learned a lot of ways to use various foods that I would not have considered before. For example, I use radishes in place of potatoes or nutritional yeast in place of cheddar cheese. I especially love the idea of eating healthy by growing your own food (see our article below). It’s wonderful to see my coaching clients finding new and innovative ways to improve their nutrition. I learn from them daily!