From the CEO

Happy Fourth of July!
As we begin to return to more robust community celebrations, I look forward to seeing Americans being able to gather together again. Human interaction is critical to our wellbeing and over the past year, many of us have been missing that quick conversation at the store or on the baseball field. As reported last month, I attended my first in-person conference in over a year. It was so wonderful to actually be able to sit in a room with my colleagues and see their faces! That being said, the conference venue was still filled with hand sanitizer, masking requirements were in place for unvaccinated folks and social distancing was practiced when we were together for presentations.

No matter if COVID eventually becomes a thing of the past, we learned one very important lesson about protecting ourselves from a virus. The bottom line is this: HAND WASHING. Germs are germs, no matter which ones they are. We can knock down all kinds of communicable bugs by washing our hands. Just do that, as many times during the day as possible!