Easter 2023


Trust is a mighty word and Easter Sunday is a day for many that symbolizes tremendous Trust.

Roughly 2,000 years ago, Jesus of Nazareth brought about a profound historical shift for mankind. In accordance with the Christian faith, 3 days after the crucifixion of Jesus came his Resurrection. To Trust that Jesus rose from the dead is also to believe that he granted eternal life to those who put their Trust in Him. Trust has always been a mighty word and for those who place their eternal Trust in Jesus comes eternal Hope for their future.


Religion aside, for many if not most, Trust is a moment-by-moment choice.

Once we have had our Trust broken, how easily can we Trust again?

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to have Trust when things are going well? On the flip side, how easy is it to have Faith and Trust when things are not going well, and we are forced to make a choice between Trust and our own Will? Have you ever experienced anger, resentment and feelings of rebellion rather than Faith and Trust, when “things are not going as you had expected" ? This is an example of where we experience a “Fork in the Road” with our Trust. Expectations set us up for a barrier between ourselves and our Trust experience.

Without expectations and by doing the best we can, be are able to have faith that we are living our life to its potential and this faith opens the gates for us to have trust in ourselves and those around us each day. Without expectations and with this faith and hope each day, life is about LIFE, not our agenda.

In living life on life's terms, we are best able to be available for our life's moments as we feel them enfold us throughout our day. Life with faith and trust in ourselves allows us to accept who we are and where we are today and everyday.

Accepting where we are in the moment is vital and very hard because it means embracing our emotions in the moment and not passing judgment upon them but accepting them as our own and honoring them.

One of my favorite adages is,

change your mind, change your life

What a concept when it comes to emotions as they so often can create our mind-set! 

This EASTER SUNDAY is a special opportunity for us all to put our expectations aside and instead establish a strong bond of Trust in ourselves through our Faith in who we are as well as in each other. This Faith and Trust can only expand exponentially into the world and our global future. Together we are many strong when we have Faith and Trust in each other.

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With Faith,

Ariane Cometa MD

your holistic doc