We are diligently working on TREDIS 6 for a planned release this fall.

This version includes significant updates to the economic model that enhance origin and destination analyses, ultimately paving the way for sustainability, equity freight, and market access improvements. This version also includes updates to streamline the user interface to help you perform analyses quicker and find results sooner.

Check out our TREDIS 6 Website for more information on this planned release.
TREDIS 6 Features: A comprehensive discussion using tools, data, and applied research to describe current conditions and geographies in projects. The TREDIS Team will describe the planning framework to help you tell the real story behind your work.

Freight Webinar: A detailed discussion of current freight data trends. The TREDIS Team will discuss the latest data releases, modeling improvements, and current conditions. This Webinar will cover vFreight®, Transearch®, and FAF5, which are available on TREDIS.

Passenger Rail Webinar: A new discussion on the importance of demonstrating the benefits of passenger rail projects connecting urban and rural areas as an economic development tool.
Federal Rail Grants: The USDOT CRISI Grant Program funds grants for passenger and freight rail system improvements with a focus on addressing safety, energy efficiency, intermodal connectivity, and disadvantaged communities.

TREDIS is set to evaluate passenger and freight rail benefits and costs in a multi-modal context. Contact the TREDIS Team for more information on using TREDIS for Federal Rail Grants. Applications are due Monday, November 29, 2021.
We have introduced the latest economic data, forecast data, and updates to the default factors used for new projects, now available to all users.

With new logistics cost methods, we made significant improvements to freight functionality, increasing transparency of analyses and flexibility of freight valuations.

We made improvements to the emissions valuation methodology, in line with the latest Department of Transportation guidance.

We are making changes to our website, with a growing list of project applications! Stay tuned for more interactive searching and querying of TREDIS applications.
Contact the TREDIS Team or our Consulting Partners to run TREDIS for you! Additional training is available for consultants who wish to participate in the TREDIS Consultants Program.

As always, the TREDIS Team is available for technical consultation with consultants, clients, and prospective clients. Check out our TREDIS Consultants Program Website for more information.