We are happy to hand deliver LockedIn Grip and TCC's Custom Targets to you when you come to class here in Dahlonega.

If you KNOW you want to go home with targets, LIG or both, please email me and I will get your items packaged up for you. Brian will bring it to the range for you to pick up.

If it is a last minute decision while you are here, we MAY be able to still fill your needs but no guarantee.

In order to NOT create confusion, please pay for your LIG and Targets via:

  • VENMO (thecompletecombatant). Please add PICK UP AT RANGE in the comments section so I know what to do with your order.
  • Or pay cash (exact amount please) or check in person

Just add up the product costs (see below) for the TOTAL.

LockedIn Grip Liquid Shooting Sports Chalk

Want a slip free grip? Have you ever had to "milk or re-grip" that prefect grip because you "lost" it? Want to create a better connection to the "action" of shooting your firearm?  LockedIn Grip can help with all of these issues and MORE! 

The Complete Combatant did some research and was unable to find any liquid chalk on the market that is dedicated solely to the SHOOTING SPORTS. The Complete Combatant decided to fill that need with their LockedIn Grip Liquid SHOOTING SPORTS Chalk, a MUST for all shooters.

LockedIn Grip Liquid Shooting Sports Chalk keeps your hands free of moisture during shooting while providing a heightened connection to your firearm through a superior LockedIn Grip.

  • No slip.
  • Improve performance? YES. Do the work!
  • Increase the kinesthetic awareness to the "action" of shooting. 
  • Provides longer traction in different weather conditions. 
  • Heightened connection.
  • Safer, faster shooting.
  • Less grip fatigue.
  • Protects hands from wear and tear that can lead injury.
  • CLICK HERE for directions on "how to apply"

50ml (1.7oz) Bottle

$12 each plus .72 = $12.72 each

Our LockedIn Grip Liquid Shooting Sports Chalk 50ml bottles come in a convenient travel container with a blue or orange carabiner/clip that can attach to your bag for easy access and quick use. The Complete Combatant prefers white bottles and contrasting carabiner colors so it is easier to see in your range bag. The carabiner makes it easy to clip to your range bag or you could even hang it from your belt loop.

30ml (1oz) Pouch

$6 each plus .36 = $6.36 each

Our LockedIn Grip Liquid Shooting Sports Chalk 30ml pouches come in a light weight compact pouch that is the perfect size to throw in your bag without taking up space, place in your back pocket to it is at your fingertips at all times. It is also the perfect size to share with friends, students and clients. The Complete Combatant prefers a white pouch so it is easier to see in your range bag.

The Complete Combatant's Custom Targets

50 Targets (no lower quantity options available for Dahlonega)

$60 plus $3.60 = $63.60

Target Specs:

  • Full Size - 23" x 35"
  • 60 lb. White Paper
  • Triangles: 1 inch for zeroing
  • Circles: 2 inches
  • Rectangles: 2 inches x 4 inches
  • Ant Logos: 3 inches
  • Head Circle: 4 inches
  • Bullseye: Standard B8
  • Silhouette: USPSA Scaled