Dear Titan Families,

In recent days, we have been hearing a lot about the approaching total solar eclipse scheduled for Monday, April 8, and many of you have been asking, what will Trinity do on this day? We are anticipating an excellent view from Longview and we are expecting the duration of the eclipse totality longer than typical. The next total eclipse will not cross the continental United States until 2044, and at Trinity, we are excited to have the opportunity to experience this rare phenomenon with your children.  

All week, teachers across divisions have been taking advantage of learning opportunities involving the upcoming solar eclipse while students are being immersed in lessons and activities from listening to stories and viewing videos, to hands-on experiments and lessons involving the sun and moon, to creating artistic representations and visual models of the eclipse. In addition to the rich and intentional activities your students have been engaged in this week, Monday will also prove to be full of fun, meaningful and memorable activities centered around the eclipse and this rare occurrence we get to experience all together.

Our Lower, Middle and Upper Schools will come together with faculty and staff on the Titan Football Field to view the totality of the solar eclipse Monday afternoon. We have approved solar eclipse viewing glasses for all kindergarten through twelfth grade students in addition to our faculty and staff for everyone to safely experience the event outdoors.

Trinity students, faculty and staff will head to the football field between 1:00 and 1:15 to witness the totality which is estimated to be seen in Longview beginning approximately at 1:40 to about 1:45. Though K-12 students do not need to bring solar eclipse viewing glasses, we recommend bringing a towel or blanket to school to sit on while viewing. If you do not wish for your child to participate in the viewing of the eclipse outside, please submit the opt-out google form below.

Parents are invited to come join their students to view the solar eclipse on the Titan Football Field, beginning as early as 1:00, Monday afternoon. Parents will need to provide their own solar eclipse viewing glasses and may also want to bring a lawn chair or blanket. Again, we are excited to share this amazing and rare natural phenomenon with our Trinity family.

Please note for the safety of our Early Childhood students, the Twos, Threes and PreK will not go out to the football field to view the totality of the solar eclipse. If you would like your Early Childhood student to view the totality of the solar eclipse, parents are welcome to check their students out from the Main Office and join everyone on the football field (please complete the pre-checkout form below). Early Childhood students will need to provide their own solar eclipse viewing glasses if they will be going on the Titan Football Field. In addition, please let your child’s teacher know by Monday morning if you have intentions to check them out to view the eclipse and if you will be staying on campus. We will have the solar eclipse live streamed through the NASA website throughout the day for viewing all over campus. 

Trinity students will continue learning about the science behind the solar eclipse along with our fascinating sun and moon for the remainder of next week. We have a traveling Planetarium visiting us and two year olds through seniors will have an opportunity to visit it. We are grateful to collectively experience the totality of this once in a lifetime event with our ouTSTanding Trinity family!

Thank You and Go Titans!