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 An Ongoing History: The 19th Amendment    

Thursday, September 24th @ 7:00 pm
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Paula Monopoli
At the urging of the GGRWHC, the GVSU’s Hauenstein Center invited the University of Maryland’s Paula Monopoli to headline this year’s celebration of Constitution Day. Her new book, Constitutional Orphan: Gender Equality and the Nineteenth Amendment, explores the roles of suffragists in the constitutional development of the Nineteenth Amendment, court battles during the 1920s, and the broader ways in which the Nineteenth could be used today. 
Constitutional Orphan
The ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment in August 1920 represented a significant movement in American history. It promised women in our republic change in their political, civil, and social statuses. What followed was a decade of dispute among women’s movements, emerging from it a thin conception of the Nineteenth Amendment’s constitutional meaning as a nondiscrimination rule in voting. Why did this thin conception prevail over a broader one that included equal citizenship and gender equality? Moreover, what is the lasting role of the Nineteenth in the Constitution today?
The history of the Nineteenth Amendment did not end in 1920!

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During this challenging year, the Greater Grand Rapids Women’s History Council has pivoted to virtual salutes after losing in-person celebrations of the centennial of the 19th Amendment. We have rededicated ourselves to honoring the long and costly battle for the universal right to vote at the same time we pause to reconsider how we will more fully and effectively embrace the women’s histories of our entire community. 

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