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Triangle J Council of Governments Designated Economic Development District by the U.S Economic Development Administration
Durham, N.C.  Triangle J Council of Governments (TJCOG) has been designated as an Economic Development District by the U.S Economic Development Administration. In this role, TJCOG will help lead locally-based, regionally-driven strategies and planning that leverages work underway in the public, private and non-private sectors and oversee implementation of the region's  Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy , a strategic blueprint that increases conversation and coordination between stakeholders about the economic direction of the region. Due to rapid growth that spans across jurisdictional lines in the TJCOG region, coordinated economic strategy in essential.

"This designation will allow local communities' strategies for economic development to be coordinated and to attract new businesses and workers to the region", said TJCOG Board of Delegates Chair and Town of Rolesville Mayor Pro Tempore Ronnie Currin.  "We already are a vibrant growing community and this designation will be essential to our continued growth."
"Triangle J's designation as an Economic Development District formalizes its important role in developing and implementing a regional economic development strategic plan that will guide future initiatives and investment within the region", said Dennis Alvord, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Economic Development, US Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration.

The designation displays a dedication to regional economic development from the local governments that TJCOG represents; county governing boards' support was an application requirement. 
Alana Keegan, Engagement Specialist
Triangle J Council of Governments
About Triangle J Council of Governments
The Triangle J Council of Governments (TJCOG) is a key player in many planning efforts across Moore, Lee, Chatham, Orange, Durham, Wake, and Johnston counties, that span cross-jurisdictional boundaries, including transportation investment, development/land use coordination, quality and quantity of the region's limited water resources, energy & environment, and economic development. Additionally, the organization houses the Area Agency on Aging, which oversees county aging initiatives and serves as a central source of information for older adults and their caregivers.

TJCOG was founded in 1959 as the Research Triangle Regional Planning Commission to help coordinate planning initiatives between the Research Triangle Park and the surrounding communities. In 1970, North Carolina created the regional council system, comprised of 17 regions to improve coordination between local, state and federal agencies. The organization was renamed "Triangle J Council of Governments", representing its seven-county region. Learn more