January 19, 2024

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Not long after I told the story about purging my old trophies (see October 27 newsletter), I made a further commitment to get rid of at least one thing each day to reduce clutter, simplify my life, and ultimately prepare for when I decide to downsize.


Gone are clothes and shoes I no longer wear, tents that haven’t seen a campground in 10+ years, dishes, Christmas decorations, blankets, pictures…all now in someone else’s possession to utilize. What’s more, my daily expunging quest has extended beyond home to TIABC’s Vancouver office.


Earlier this week, I was joined by my colleagues Deb and Fiona to pour over old files and materials with a goal to get rid of stuff we no longer use or need. All of us concurred that there was something cathartic about shredding documents, throwing stacks of paper into the recycling bin, and removing broken or woefully outdated computers, monitors, cables, and other electronics to take to a certified recycling centre.


But as you know, sometimes one can’t be too ruthless when discarding items, especially when it comes to certain documents that aren’t saved electronically but are nonetheless important for one reason or another. Case in point…on a messy shelf I found a letter of understanding dated April, 2008 between the Ministry of Tourism, Sports & the Arts (now Tourism, Arts, Culture & Sport), Tourism BC (now Destination BC), and COTA - the Council of Tourism Associations of British Columbia (now TIABC) to support an accompanying framework and action plan for a Green Tourism Strategy for Sustainability.


The framework was developed following a meeting of 42 tourism industry leaders who convened for a first-ever Green Tourism Forum to strategize for a greener, more sustainable BC tourism industry. A Sustainable Tourism Working Group was then formed to cast a vision and flesh out the scope of what the tourism industry needed to do.


Anchored in COTA’s Foresight Project vis-a-vis a sustainable tourism vision, as well as government’s Tourism Action Plan, the working group agreed that a sustainable, green tourism sector in BC is prepared for and readily adapts to change, addresses the needs and aspirations of future generations, promotes and encourages ethical behaviour by visitors, promotes the long-term health and well-being of visitors, as well as the natural and built environment, promotes long-term socio-cultural and economic viability of the tourism system, and is seen as a leader around the world for tackling the aforementioned objectives in a successful, collaborative and unified way.


The paper identified six key actions:

1.   Develop an overarching green tourism strategy for sustainability.

2.   Develop and track key indicators.

3.   Develop and implement tourism actions to address climate change.

4.   Develop an incentive program.

5.   Communicate.

6.   Answer outstanding questions through research.


With priorities consisting of Green Tourism Forums, a Sustainable Tourism Steering Committee (not to be confused with the Work Group), and a Sustainable Tourism Secretariat, stakeholders were asked to serve in one of three areas – vision, oversight, or project implementation. It was proposed that COTA take responsibility for the Sustainable Tourism Secretariat role which included three new positions and a relatively healthy budget.


I won’t bore you with further details other than to say the initiative launched but ultimately folded within a few years largely due to lack of sustained funding and other factors. Regardless, the white paper I discovered is interesting from the perspective of how far we’ve progressed (or not in some cases) on sustainability as an industry over the past 15 years and the work that lies ahead.

To that end, last year, in partnership with GreenStep Solutions, TIABC responded to a call for proposals for a grant of up to $500,000 to help tourism operators advance sustainability initiatives within their place of business. Although our application wasn't successful, all is not lost because the initial program morphed into something much larger and better.

Earlier this week the province launched the BC Tourism Climate Resiliency Initiative (BCTCRI) to harness opportunities to build a climate-aware tourism industry that is better prepared to proactively respond to climate change. The program builds on the work of the BC Regional Tourism Secretariat that began in 2022. BCTCRI has been in the making for several months and will help tourism businesses build on their current sustainability or climate adaptation plans, among other objectives (see full details below). Suffice it to say, it's satisfying to see the measured but steady progress on the sustainability file between 2008 and today.


Recently during my daily purging ritual, I discovered a couple of compact digital cameras with old images worth saving. Even though some digital cameras may be considered obsolete and disposable, these two were in perfect shape. So rather than adding to the growing electronic waste pile, I gave them to my grandchildren who love taking pictures but are still too young for their own smart phones. It brought me joy to see how happy they were with these new toys which are being put to good use. I was also relieved to be able to extend the lifespan of the cameras and help fuel the so-called circular economy in the name of sustainability.


Footnote - Destination Greater Victoria, Synergy Enterprises, Starrboard Enterprises and Tartan Bond Integrated Communications are hosting the annual Impact Sustainability Travel & Tourism Conference next week in our capital city. Impact was launched several years ago to drive, inspire and demonstrate innovative and collaborative sustainable solutions for positive tourism development across the globe. I will be attending the event and moderating one of the sessions. There is still time to register HERE. I hope to see you there!

Walt Judas,


BC Tourism Climate Resiliency Initiative Launched

Apply Now for Sustainable Tourism and Climate Adaptation Planning

The BC Tourism Climate Resiliency Initiative (BCTCRI) launched this week to help BC’s tourism industry face the impacts of climate change and will play a vital role in harnessing opportunities to build a climate-aware tourism industry that is better prepared to proactively respond to climate-related threats. The BCTCRI is comprised of four project streams, that invest in climate adaptation and sustainability planning for tourism businesses, micro-grants to help with implementation of climate adaptation and sustainability plans, development of a data framework to enable better insight-driven decisions, and new province-wide learning and training opportunities. This BCTCRI builds on the achievements of the BC Tourism Sustainability Network (BCTSN) – a collaborative sustainability support program for BC’s tourism industry that was initiated in 2022.

The goals and intention of the BCTCRI is to ensure:

  • BC’s tourism industry is better prepared to adapt to climate change.
  • BC’s tourism industry is using a standard set of tools to track, measure and improve sustainable practices and climate adaptation initiatives.
  • Foundation is set for a long-term sustainability and climate adaptation approach for the tourism sector in BC.

The BCTCRI is comprised of four project streams:

Project One:

Facilitated Sustainable Tourism & Climate Adaption Planning for Tourism Businesses

Project Two:

Micro-Grants to Support Sustainability and Climate Adaption Plan Implementation

Project Three:

Sustainability and Climate Adaption Data Framework

Project Four:

Community Destination Stewardship Initiative


Applications are now being accepted for project One. Applications for Project Two will commence on January 29th. An additional micro-grant intake is planned for fall 2024 to provide future opportunities for tourism businesses that need more time to prepare or enhance their sustainability and climate adaptation plan or road map. Project Three: Sustainability and Climate Adaptation Data Framework and Project Four: Community Destination Stewardship Initiative will launch later this year. Applications are on a first come, first served basis.

If you have any questions or require any addition information or clarification, please email: destinationstewardship@destinationbc.ca.

This initiative was created through a provincial partnership with Destination BC (DBC), the BC Ministry of Tourism, Arts, Culture and Sport, BC’s six Regional Destination Management Organizations (RDMOs), and Indigenous Tourism BC (ITBC), and will be delivered by DBC and the RDMOs. This initiative builds on the achievements of the BC Tourism Sustainability Network (BCTSN) and is being funded through a $3 million investment from the Ministry of Tourism, Arts, Culture and Sport, over two-years, as part of BC’s Destination Development Fund.

Learn more HERE.

FAQ - BC Tourism Climate Resiliency Initiative
pwwa logo

PWWA Seeks Input on Gov't Survey

Management Measures to Support Southern Resident Killer Whales Recovery

Last week, Transport Canada announced their recommended 2024-2025 interim measures to protect Southern Resident killer whales, stating they are not recommending any changes to the Sustainable Whale Watchers Authorization (SWWA) which allows professional whale watch vessels to view non-Southern Resident killer whales from 200 metres in exchange for not viewing Southern Residents from any distance. They are also not recommending any changes to the Pender or Saturna Island Interim Sanctuary Zones (ISZs). Transport Canada is collecting public feedback on these recommendations via an online survey (see link below), and the Pacific Whale Watch Association (PWWA) is seeking your additional input for two questions most relevant to their operations.

How You Can Help


PWWA want to underscore how important that exemption is to their professional whale watching community. Please take a moment to fill out the survey in your own words, incorporating these sentiments.

Question 4: Do you have comments or considerations regarding a proposed voluntary Speed Restricted Zone in the southern Gulf Islands, new for 2024?

  • Prefer Speed Restricted Zones (SRZs) to Interim Sanctuary Zones (ISZs). 
  • SRZs preserve sustainable ecotourism viewing opportunities for non-endangered wildlife and provide safe alternative routes for vessels in inclement weather.

Question 8: Do you have comments or considerations regarding the proposed approach distance and/or the impeding the path prohibition?

  • Support the recommendation to maintain the status quo with regards to the 400m approach distance provided there are no changes to the Sustainable Whale Watchers Authorization (SWWA) allowing trained professional whale watch vessels to view non-Southern Resident killer whales from a distance of 200 metres. 
  • This professional exemption is critical to BC's marine ecotourism industry, allowing operators to continue viewing non-endangered whale populations in the area. 
  • The exemption also allows professional whale watchers to provide a protective presence on the water by alerting other vessels (ferries, tankers, cargo ships, recreational vessels, etc.) when whales are nearby and encouraging appropriate behavior. 
Take the Survey
tourism ai

Tourism AI Network Welcomes TIABC as a Trailblazing Partner in

Pioneering AI Integration in BC’s Tourism Industry

In an exciting development for British Columbia's tourism industry, the Tourism AI Network (TAIN) proudly announces the Tourism Industry Association of British Columbia (TIABC) as a Trailblazing Partner. This partnership represents a significant commitment to integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the tourism sector, a move set to revolutionize the industry.

This strategic partnership hails back to the initial stages of the creation of the Tourism AI Network, where TAIN Founder Peter Pilarski and TIABC CEO Walt Judas collaborated closely. 

A key initiative of this partnership is the launch of a comprehensive survey targeting BC's tourism industry, aimed at understanding AI usage and perceptions. The findings will be presented at the BC Tourism Industry Conference in March, where Pilarski will provide an in-depth analysis of survey results, as well as practical tourism AI applications for attendees. (Take the survey in the link below).

TAIN encourages all TIABC members and stakeholders to participate in the AI survey. This initiative is an opportunity for tourism industry to contribute their views on AI integration. Participants will receive the comprehensive 'State of AI in BC's Tourism Industry Report' following the TIABC March conference. Individuals, whether located in British Columbia or beyond, who are interested in AI's role in tourism are invited to join the Tourism AI Network.

Learn more about the Tourism AI Network and to join, visit HERE.

Read the full, official announcement HERE.

Take the Survey
in the news

TIABC Outlines Position on STR Legislation

TIABC CEO Walt Judas was a recent guest of Fairchild TV where he spoke about why TIABC supports the new provincial legislation on Short Term Rentals (STR's) in principle, but believe some details still need to be fine tuned to meet the demands of individual communities.

View the full interview HERE.

SFI Continues to Advocate for Marked Selective Fishing Practices

The Sport Fishing Institute of BC (SFI) has recently identified the pinniped predation on adult and juvenile salmon is an issue that urgently needs attention and action. The SFI, in an effort to help inform those less familiar with the issues, continues to maintain the salmonforever website providing details about Pinnipeds and the merits of Mark Selective FIshing practices to help salmon stocks recover and sustainable fisheries to continue or be expanded. 

In addition to awareness raising on these subjects, the SFI had an opportunity to provide testimony to the Parliamentary Standing Committee of Fisheries and Oceans Canada (FOPO) on the subject of ecosystem impacts and the management of pinniped populations. 

The study recently concluded and the report can be found HERE.

voice of tourism

Just Released - Episode #18 in TIABC's Voice of Tourism Podcast Series

Meet Brad Harrison, Executive Director of the Backcountry Lodges of British Columbia Association as he chats with TIABC's Voice of Tourism host Walt Judas about growing up in BC's backcountry, his work with the Association, and some of the policy issues affecting the industry that require government attention.

TIABC's Voice of Tourism podcast features interviews with some of the most respected professionals in the tourism industry and has been developed to provide TIABC members and stakeholders with insightful content and a unique perspective on industry developments, policy directives, the work that sector associations are doing, and the opportunities that exist for businesses, communities, and government within the visitor economy

Now Available on Spotify or the following link:

Listen to the Podcast
heritage bc

Nominations Open for 2024 ITAC

Indigenous Tourism Awards

Nominations are now open for the 2024 ITAC Indigenous Tourism Awards. The awards will be presented at the International Indigenous Tourism Conference to be held on February 28th on unceded Algonquin Anishinaabeg Territory (Ottawa, Ontario).

Nominations are open across nine categories:

  • Extraordinary Female Entrepreneur Award
  • Leading the Way in Sustainability Award  
  • Exceptional Industry Leader and The Original Original Star Award 
  • Provincial or Territorial Association of the Year 
  • Exceptional Cultural Experience Award 
  • Outstanding Staff Person Award 
  • Leading the Way in Business Development (Community-based) 
  • Indigenous Culinary Tourism Award  
  • New Operator or Business that Launched a New Experience

Nominations will close on Wednesday, January 31st. Learn more and submit your nomination HERE.

heritage bc

Nominations Open for

2024 Heritage BC Awards

Celebrate the outstanding achievements and best practices that have impacted and strengthened heritage as a valued cultural resource in your community.

Heritage BC recognizes projects in categories including: conservation; education; communications and awareness; planning and management; Indigenous and diverse cultures: reconciliation, redress, and expanded recognition; individuals or groups in volunteer and professional achievement.

Nominations close February 9th. Learn more and submit your nomination HERE.

heritage bc

Restaurants Canada Accepting Nominations for Awards of Excellence  

Restaurants Canada Awards of Excellence celebrate professionals who embody the best of the industry through their extraordinary vision, leadership and skill, and their unwavering spirit.

The Awards ceremony takes place each year at the Restaurants Canada (RC) Show. This recognition is not just about honouring current success but inspires the entire foodservice community to reach further and think differently, pushing the envelope of leadership, creativity and operational excellence.  

While several of the award category nominees are selected by a judging panel, the Culinary and Emerging Leader Award nominee lists are solicited through industry peer nomination process.

Learn more about the various categories, and how to nominate HERE.

BCHF Scholarship Applications Now Open

The BC Hospitality Foundation (BCHF) has a strong scholarship program. Since 2009 it has awarded 363 scholarships to future leaders in the hospitality industry amounting to over $463,500.

2024 Guidelines:

  • Candidates can apply to all open scholarships by filling out the appropriate scholarship form.
  • Applicants will only be awarded one scholarship per year and will not be awarded the same scholarship two years in a row.
  • Scholarships will be granted, and the disbursement of funds will be held in trust until the successful applicant provides a “completion” document for the corresponding enrollment period, as indicated on the application form.

Learn more about the BCHF Scholarship Application Program and process and HERE.

les dames d'escoffier

Les Dames d'Escoffier Scholarship Program

Now Open

Les Dames d'Escoffier is now accepting scholarship programs from women and or non-binary persons in any stage of their culinary, beverage or hospitality careers. All applicants must be a BC resident.


  • Scholarships are open to all women and those who identify as women.
  • Applicants must be BC residents.
  • Applicants can be awarded a Les Dames scholarship more than once, depending on the circumstance, and if their previous application was unsuccessful, they are encouraged to apply again.

Learn how you can apply to this program by clicking HERE.

REMINDER | Be Winter Safe While

Working Outdoors

go2HR want to remind employers and employees who work outdoors to work safely and prevent cold stress with their online resources.

go2HR has put together some practical resources to provide you with information, including appropriate control measures, that may help to reduce the effects of cold exposure in the workplace. Learn how to stay safe during the cold, and share these resources with your stakeholders, members, employer or anyone you know who needs to work outdoors this winter.

Learn more HERE.

national tourism week

National Tourism Week 2024

April 15-19

Now in its 14th year, National Tourism Week (NTW) is a weeklong national social media campaign orchestrated by the Tourism Industry Association of Canada (TIAC) in partnership with provincial/territorial industry associations such as TIABC. This annual event is a crucial platform for highlighting the pivotal role of tourism in Canada.

TIAC and TIABC are enthusiastically inviting everyone to partake in celebrating the nation's finest offerings to the world under the inspiring banner:

Canada: Powered by Tourism

There are four easy ways to get involved; Go Green, Get Social, Share a Video Message, and Spread the Word.

The NTW website provides useful toolkits, which includes suggestions on how to do the video, how operators and organizations can get involved, and a valuable factsheet to readily use.

It's time to start planning, to celebrate tourism in our province.

Stay tuned to TIABC for 2024 Tourism Week in British Columbia toolkit and resources.

National Tourism Week Website
2024 TIC

Shaping Our Future Together' is the theme of the BC Tourism Industry Conference in 2024. With both a 'knowledge and skills' track for workshops, delegates will not only be informed but able to apply their learnings within their own professional setting. Our goal is that in partnership, all elements of British Columbia's tourism industry will align to help the sector meet the challenges ahead but also create an environment to build back better than ever.

Register  Here Today!
Shaun Boothe

Keynote Speaker Announcement

Shaun Boothe

The ‘Unauthorized Biography Series’ is a critically acclaimed musical project that is a unique celebration of some of the world’s most influential cultural icons. Featuring iconic figures such as Bob Marley, Terry Fox, Chris Hadfield, Malala Yousafzai, Serena Williams, Oprah Winfrey, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., among others , Shaun Boothe educates and inspires through a series of biographical hip-hop tracks, revitalizing their stories and legacy in a way that is one of a kind.

Shaun Boothe

Tuija Seipell

Show Me a Reason to Love You delves deep into the essential hospitality tools at everyone’s disposal: The Moments of Truth that - with the new technologies, staff shortages, sustainability requirements and other uncertainties – have become more crucial, and more effective, than ever before. They have also become more and more disappointing to guests and that’s where the Great Opportunity lies. 

The Tourism Industry Association of BC proudly presents the 2024 BC Tourism Industry Conference to engage tourism partners and to provide tools for growth and development in the BC tourism sector. This annual event converges hundreds of tourism industry delegates and leaders, providing a mix of discovery, education, industry insights, and networking opportunities. 

Learn more about the conference program including high-level agenda, speakers, opportunities for sponsorship, silent auction and more...in the link below.

Learn More HERE

Four Points by Sheraton Penticton

Now Open!

Exciting news for Penticton and visitors to the city - the Four Points by Sheraton Penticton at the Convention Centre is officially open!

The hotel is located just steps from the Penticton Trade & Convention Centre and South Okanagan Events Centre. The hotel offers easy access to Highway 97, plus nearby, restaurants, the casino, coffee shops, and lakes. 

Learn more about the property and book your stay HERE.

member spotlight banner
chinese canadian museum

Chinese Canadian Museum

The Chinese Canadian Museum is now permanently at home inside the Wing Sang Building, with the official public opening held on July 1, 2023. Originally built in 1889 by Chinese merchant Yip Sang for his business “Wing Sang Company”, the Wing Sang Building is the oldest structure in Vancouver’s Chinatown.

The Chinese Canadian Museum is a public museum honouring Chinese Canadians' history, contributions, and heritage.

Learn more about the Chinese Canadian Museum HERE.

Would you like to be featured in our weekly Voice of Tourism, social channels and on our website? TIABC member testimonials provide visibility and exposure to the tourism industry and a wider audience for your business. If you want to be featured in an upcoming TIABC Voice of Tourism and other platforms, contact Deborah - deborah@tiabc.ca

Become a Member in 2024

Your Membership is Important to Us!

We strongly encourage you to consider membership or renew your membership with TIABC in 2024 to support our important advocacy efforts on behalf of the entire visitor economy.

TIABC continues to identify your concerns, raise your voice, champion your needs, and push for support and programs while encouraging policy changes at both the provincial and federal level.

Contact info@tiabc.ca for more information, visit our website HERE or the link below.

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TIAC's Associate Program for TIABC Members

The Tourism Industry Association of BC (TIABC) and the Tourism Industry Association of Canada (TIAC) continue to offer TIABC members an opportunity to extend their membership. TIABC members in good standing can enrol in TIAC’s Associate Program FOR ONLY $25.

By visiting this link, you can become a TIAC Associate Member, enjoy access to a range of TIAC benefits and add your voice to National efforts.

Note: If you are already a TIAC associate member, you will receive a renewal notice before your anniversary date. If you are currently a full TIAC member, you already get enhanced advantages. You will continue to enjoy added benefits and savings over and above what is available to associate members, including the TIAC Member Advantage program at Rendez-vous Canada.

Learn more about the Associate Benefits Program HERE
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Personal Branding Workshop

Mark your calendars for a personal branding workshop; New year, New Possibilities! You'll learn how to optimize your personal LinkedIn brand, be discovered online, and get more connected in 2024 from Jackie Ross, one of Canadian's leading hospitality recruiters. 

Date: Thursday, January 25

Time: 6-7pm

Where: Online Webinar (Zoom)

Learn more and apply HERE.

DBC Introduces

Crisis Communication Training Series

This FREE 2-day, Crisis Communication Planning Training Series will coach participants with a step-by-step approach to developing a crisis communication plan. The practical training will share best practices for crisis communication mgmt - how to prepare, respond and learn from each crisis we face - to ensure you are ready to respond for the unexpected.

In recent years, emergency, disaster and crisis communication planning have become more essential than ever for CDMOs, Visitor Centres and Provincial Experience Sector Orgs, who act as representatives, partners and advisors of small businesses in their respective communities.

The 10-hour Crisis Communication Planning Training Series is delivered across two days, with the next series scheduled for:

  • February 6 & 8
  • April 16 & 18

Learn more and apply HERE.

National Tourism Job Fair

Tourism HR Canada, Tourism Industry Association of Canada (TIAC) and Baxter Media have partnered to connect tourism operators and job seekers from across the country with a new, virtual event: the National Tourism Job Fair. This free event will offer networking and learning opportunities

Date: February 1 (virtual)

Led by TIAC, the virtual platform will launch in January 2024, allowing job seekers to explore career options and network with industry leaders. Attendees can look forward to expert-led sessions on industry trends, skill development, and strategies for navigating the evolving landscape of travel and hospitality.

Learn more HERE.

Build | Grow | Thrive

Small Business BC is hosting a free day of education. at Victoria Conference Centre.

Date: February 8

Location: Victoria Conference Centre

Build. Grow. Thrive. will equip attendees with the skills needed to navigate today's rapidly changing economy. 

Export Navigator's own Jason Seed and Brady Calancie will present one of the sessions on the day, walking attendees through the resources available to help get started exporting. Join the small business community, network with fellow business owners, and learn the skills you need to navigate a rapidly changing economy.

Learn more HERE.

save the date banner
Dine Around

January 17 - February 4

Explore the unlimited tastes of British Columbia during the annual Dine Around, taking place at various locations from January 17th through to February 11th. Check out participants who are eager to showcase their exquisite menus. Highlighted regions: Central Okanagan, South Okanagan, Kamloops, Northern BC, Kootenays, Greater Vancouver, Victoria and the Central Island.

Visit HERE to learn more about the Dine, Sip & Savour locations.


Dine Out Vancouver Festival

January 17 - February 4

Save the date for the annual Dine Out Vancouver Festival, which has grown into Canada’s largest food and drink festival. The festival comes complete with a full schedule of delicious events and experiences in addition to hundreds of restaurants offering three-or more course menus at select prices. The festival also includes special hotel offers to help make an overnight Dine Out experience both safe and relaxing.

Learn more and follow for the event activities HERE.

Okanagan Winter Wine Festival

Join in as Valley First presents WINTER SIPS-South; a grand tasting taking place at the Penticton Trade and Convention Centre. This is the kick off evening to a weekend of wonderful winter programming in the Okanagan.

Date: Saturday, January 20

Time: 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm

Location: Penticton Trade and Convention Centre Ballroom, 273 Power Street, Penticton

Tickets are $95.00 plus taxes and fees. Subscribers receive 10% off tickets with your promo code EARLYBIRD10 until December 20, 2023

Learn more and purchase tickets HERE.


A partnership between Destination Greater Victoria, Synergy Enterprises, Tartan Bond Integrated Communications and Starrboard Enterprises.

IMPACT is a collaborative national dialogue on innovation. Do you:

  • Design policies that affect tourism?
  • Teach a tourism and hospitality course?
  • Care about tourism’s positive or negative impacts on communities?
  • Believe the positive, sustainable growth of tourism in Canada is a key economic driver?

Date: January 21-24

Location: Victoria

Registration is NOW OPEN - Visit HERE for more information.

Dine Around Stay in Town Victoria 2024

The off-peak season is a challenging time for the hospitality industry in Greater Victoria. The Dine Around and Stay in Town (DASIT) program has an important mission: to drive more traffic through Victoria business doors during a typically slower time of year.

Date: January 26 - February 11

Gala Tickets: Coming Soon

Learn more about the event, and how you can participate HERE.


Boating BC AGM

Boating BC Association hereby officially announces the Annual General Meeting, aligned with our bylaws and constitution. The meeting will convene in the Exhibitor Lounge located in the Edgewater Room on Level 3.

Subsequent to the AGM, a networking reception will be held, featuring appetizers and refreshments.

Date: February 1

Time: 5:30 pm - 6;15 pm

Location: Vancouver International Boat Show / BC Place Stadium, 777 Pacific Blvd.,

Learn more and RSVP HERE.

International Indigenous

Tourism Conference

The 2024 Indigenous International Tourism Conference (IITC) is on the horizon!

IITC is a gathering of industry professionals, community leaders, entrepreneurs, and partners dedicated to promoting and celebrating the vibrant world of Indigenous tourism. The purpose is to showcase the diverse cultures, traditions, and tourism experiences offered by Indigenous communities in Canada and beyond.

But here's the catch – it's time to seize the moment and grab your Super Early Bird tickets before they're gone!

Date: February 26-28

Location: Ottawa, Ontario

Registration is NOW OPEN - Visit HERE for more information.


BC Hotel Association Summit Registration Now Open!

Registration is now open for the 2024 BCHA Summit Conference.

Date: May 1-2

Location: Fairmont Chateau Whistler

Join the BCHA to network with leaders, owners, operators, vendors, and tech partners. Featuring provincial and federal advocacy, in-person Fast Track Your Future education series, dynamic opening and closing keynote speakers, plus many more speakers, session, and panels!

Learn more and register HERE.

2024 BC Mountain Bike Symposium

Mountain Biking BC has announces the next symposium to be held will be at the Naramata Centre in the South Okanagan. The theme chosen for the symposium is “Stewardship; Creating a Culture of Care”. Stewardship can be applied to many aspects of mountain biking from the responsible management of trails to the effective leadership of our organizations and to the way we promote and market the experience to riders. 

Date: May 1-3

The venue is just 15 kilometers north of Penticton on the east side of Okanagan Lake and has many great riding options to offer including the extensive Three Blind Mice trail network and the Kettle Valley Rail Trail that connects Naramata and Penticton along the scenic Naramata Bench.

Mark your calendars and plan to attend! More details are available HERE.

Pig Out Festival

Buy tickets now for Pig Out Festival Weekend in the heart of Oliver Osoyoos Wine Country.

Date: Saturday May 4

A colourful "Fiesta" celebration of the diverse food and culture of the South Okanagan, this popular one-day event returns to its original spring dates, in an exciting new location.

Gather with friends and savour the start of the sunshine season with one of the biggest and best outdoor culinary festivals in the Okanagan Valley.

Learn more and purchase tickets HERE.


2024 BC Economic Summit

Transforming Industries, Empowering Communities

With the theme "Transforming Industries, Empowering Communities," the 2024 BC Economic Summit will be delivering this highly anticipated annual event, dedicated to fostering collaboration and growth among Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities alike, and to focusing on local industries and empowering communities to achieve success.

Date: May 6-9

Location: Penticton

The BC Economic Summit serves as a dynamic platform that brings together a diverse range of thought leaders, experts, and innovators from within and outside British Columbia. It offers an unparalleled opportunity to explore the latest economic development trends, strategies, and success stories that are reshaping industries and creating positive change in communities.

Learn more and register HERE.

SAVE THE DATE | National Tourism Week

Get set for this year’s weeklong celebration of tourism in Canada! 

Now in its 14th year, National Tourism Week is an annual invitation for all tourism partners to come together to champion and promote Canada’s destinations, tourism businesses, and employees – from coast-to-coast-to-coast.

This year’s campaign will take place April 15-19.

Details to soon follow.

bc aviation

Save the Date

2024 Annual Conference | BCAC's "Soaring Above Challenges"

The BC Aviation Council (BCAC) is excited to announce that the 2024 Conference is now scheduled! Mark your calendar now and check in with our draft event webpage closer to the date for more details including agenda, speaker profiles, sponsorship opportunities, activities (including add-ons), travel and hotel partners, and more.

Date: May 27-29

Location: Nanaimo

View the draft event agenda HERE.

2024 BC Chamber of Commerce AGM

Join us and explore this vibrant, diverse and naturally beautiful city located on the traditional, ancestral, unceded territory of the Syilx/Okanagan people.

Date: May 28-30

Location: Coast Capri, 1171 Harvey Ave., Kelowna

Thank-you for your readership! We encourage you to send us your ideas or content that would be valuable for TIABC to share through our Bulletin.
Drop us a line at info@tiabc.ca.
TIABC recognizes that our members, stakeholders and staff occupy the ceded, unceded and traditional territories of Indigenous Nations across British Columbia. We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to live, work and play on the lands that our Indigenous friends and First Nations ancestors honour and care for.