Mutual Muses XII - Hawkey | Youmans
Μοῦσαι, Moûsai, Μούσες, Múse
“The man who arrives at the doors of artistic creation with none of the madness of the Muses would be convinced that technical ability alone was enough to make an artist...[but] what that man creates by means of reason will pale before the art of inspired beings.”—Plato, philosopher
For centuries people have talked of the Muse, especially in the context of art. And with the Cultural Center’s annual exhibition “Mutual Muses” coming up later this month, it seems a good time to ask what exactly is a Muse?
The Merriam-Webster dictionary puts us on the road to answering that question. As a verb it means, “To become absorbed in thought, to think about something carefully and thoroughly.” As a noun, it’s, “A state of deep thought or dreamy abstraction.”
The etymology of the word takes us back to Greek mythology. The Muses were the daughters of Zeus, and the nine sister goddesses presiding over song, poetry, and the arts. For those creating the arts here on Earth, the Muses were not only considered the source of the knowledge embodied in their work, but also the inspiration.
Over the centuries this classical mythology was used to define and frame the creative process of the artist. In times when the gods and spirits above us (physically and metaphorically) were considered vital for their inspiration and motivation, authors would invoke the Muses when writing, directly asking for illumination. Often, the invocation was a physical dedication at the beginning of a written work, or would appear directly as the subject matter of a painting.
“When I'm writing, I write. And then it's as if the muse is convinced that I'm serious and says, 'Okay. Okay. I'll come.’”—Maya Angelou, poet
Eventually, and maybe inevitably, the Muses moved from the heavens above, down to the solid ground of the real world. By the eighteenth century, they were a real-life inspiration to the artist, often also the artist’s lover or mistress (not always but more often female). Muses were now human, becoming the subject of the art, inspiring the creative process, acting as a focus and filter to inspire them, and—perhaps above all—giving the artist the confidence to create.
But this new role for the Muse, as a human companion, shouldn’t dilute or denigrate their place in the creative process, or relegate the part they played to servitude. Though often the subject matter and model, by the nineteenth century Muses were often artists in their own right, sounding boards for ideas, and providers of creative input.
“The attitudes surrounding these kinds of artistic partnerships are now outdatedWe don’t tend to hear of many contemporary artists talking about muses these days, so is the concept truly a thing of the past [or] a reframing of the traditionally held notion of it.”—Katie McCabe, author of “More Than a Muse”
The twenty-first century Muse is perhaps a more internalized figure, more akin to a representation of self-analysis or self-reflection. Today, the artist is looking less for divine intervention or outside inspiration to achieve artistic expression, and more for inner perspiration and motivation. Defining the Muse as a personal drive or inner conscience or voice perhaps finally frees the artist, allowing them to taking personal responsibility—and credit!—for the work they create.
“Express your creativity. Delight in the mystery of your inner muse.”—Cheryl Richardson, author
“Mutual Muses XII” is open at the Cultural Center between April 28 and May 22, 2021.
At the Cultural Center, we observe CDC recommendations concerning ongoing mask usage and small, socially-distanced classes and events.

With the support from donors, the Cultural Center has undergone tens of thousands of dollars of updates to keep you safe and comfortable, including a state-of-the-art ventilation system throughout both buildings and in all studios to ensure fresh air circulation and air purification. 

We know that things change daily, and we appreciate your patience with rescheduled activities. We are working hard to continue bringing you programming that feeds the soul and we thank you for your ongoing support.

Monday-Wednesday, April 19, 20 & 21
Kids Couture – Fashion Illustration
With Grace Emmet
From 10-11:30am

Drawing clothes is so much fun! In this class, kids ages 8-12 will learn and practice skills to improve fashion and character design through art … and learn about the history of fashion and how it has influenced style across time and around the world. Through demonstration and application, students will become more comfortable with technical skills, drawing from imagination, and crafting their own fashion styles!

Kids ages 8–12 years old


Friday, April 23 from 10am-noon
Decorative Mask Making for Kids
With Nate Olin

Come use found, recyclable materials and objects from nature to create your own unique masks. Call them spirit masks, totems, power animal faces … these are masks as art objects, creations of self-expression, meant to delight and to be displayed.

Kids ages 9 and up

$25 – Member, $30 - Non–Member

Socially distanced – mask required


Friday, April 9
From 10am–4pm
The Art Journal Workshop
With Lenore Lyons

This class will provide an overview of art journaling and the many ways to document life. Students will socialize safely while playing with all sorts of art supplies, some familiar and some that are new and fun, to discover things they really like. We will look at lettering of various sizes and styles to convey a message, including secret writing (sometimes you need that kind of thing) … and we’ll create backgrounds with color and texture and learn interesting and easy ways to add images. It is freeing and fun to experiment with color and layering; any "mistake" can be altered or covered. Everyone will keep a record of their projects so they can recreate the activities at home. No art experience or drawing ability is necessary at all! New skills and techniques will be added in easy progression.

$150 – Member, $160 – Non-member

Socially distanced – mask required

Six Saturdays beginning April 10
Simply By Hand
With Holly Heaslip
From 9:30–11:30am

All levels of students will be accommodated according to their skill levels. Students will learn coil, slab, and pinch methods to make every day functional ware for the table, home, and garden. Beginners will learn basic techniques, while more advanced students will use them as a stepping point from which to progress into new territory. All tools, materials, and firings are included.

$170 – Member, $185 – Non-member

Socially distanced – mask required

Tuesday, April 27 from 9am-12:30pm
Big Brush Painting Workshop
With Joe Gallant

Paint large! Experience the fun, freedom, and spontaneity of using large inexpensive brushes to create paintings. Using big brushes and water-mixable oil or acrylic paints, full-time artist Joe Gallant will demonstrate and guide you through the steps of creating your own seascape or landscape painting that just might become a focal point in your home or office!
New this year! Learn Joe’s Big Brush technique to create both large and medium-size paintings.

$75 – Member, $90 – Non-Member

Four Saturdays, beginning May 1
Advanced Portrait Drawing and Painting With Livia Mosanu
From 10am-noon

Draw and paint realistic portraits from a live model posing for the class on Zoom. We will have one long pose for the duration of the course as you work in your home studio. This will give the students an opportunity to draw from observation and create a highly finished portrait. The class is best suited for intermediate and advanced students. We will start the class by drawing and carefully observing proportions, gesture, light, and shadow patterns.

$120 – Member, $135 – Non-Member

Four Tuesdays, beginning May 4
Creative Color Pastel Painting
With Betsy Payne Cook
From 2-4:30pm

Let’s explore ways to shake up your routine color choices and make a statement with your art. This class will review some of the decisions that tend to influence your work (reviewed in an earlier session, "Fooling Around with the Masters," but covered here in greater depth) and will focus on options to remake one of your previous painting or to start a new one with a whole new color palette. We will also continue to look at composition, perspective, and the addition of structures and figures in the landscape.

$110 – Member, $100 – Non-Member

Saturday, April 24, at 7pm
LIVE! Stream: "From Ella to Elton: A Night of Favorites, with Les Sampou and Ed Grenga"

Join Us Live! Streaming from the Cultural Center of Cape Cod. One of New England's most beloved singer-songwriters, Les Sampou returns to the Cultural Center for an evening of popular music—everything from American Songbook to classic rock—with composer and keyboardist Edward Grenga. Les is an award-winning songwriter and recording artist who has toured nationally and internationally for over twenty five years, producing seven albums for Rounder Records and as an indie artist. Known for her diverse styles (blues, country, rock), smart lyrics, slide guitar playing, and hook-laden melodies, Les now heads up her jazz band “The Dirty Martinis” and writes songs for TV and Film. Ed Grenga is also a multi-talented musician who has worked as a film and TV composer, a songwriter, producer, and arranger for over thirty years. He has scored over a dozen feature films, documentaries and TV shows like This Old House and Married With Children, as well as thousands of soundtracks for Fortune 500 companies. Join Les and Ed as they perform favorites from Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Peggy Lee, Judy Garland, Frank Sinatra, Otis Redding Fleetwood Mac, Tom Petty, John Prine, Bonnie Raitt, Elton John, Neil Young, Van Morrison, Bob Dylan, and Traffic, to name a few. 
To enjoy the concert, please go to the Cultural Center Livestream Page at at the time of the event.

The performance is free, but donations are greatly appreciated and will benefit the musicians and the Cultural Center's ongoing programming that promotes live music in our community.
"Railroad Boy" Les Sampou Live at Club Passim
PLEASE NOTE: As we assess the COVID-19 risk on small in-person concerts, we have paused registration. If the shows below are not able to take place in person, we plan on LIVE! Streaming these incredible musicians directly into your living room! Thank you for your patience.

The 19th Annual Run | Walk for the Arts
Benefiting the Cultural Center of Cape Cod

September 25, 2021!

We are optimistic that we will once again run through the beautiful Bass River Neighborhood ...together!

Thursday, April 22 from 10am-11:30am and
Thursday, April 29 from 11am-noon
Writing Your Own Obituary
With John S. Parke

Have you ever read an obituary and cringed? Perhaps it wasn’t very flattering or didn’t seem to capture the person’s life as you think they would have wanted, or the content was so brief and generic that you were left asking, "I wonder what the real story of that person’s life was?" Why leave the writing of your obituary up to a family member or friend when you can tell your own story? Attend this class and write your own obituary in the company of people who won’t criticize or judge you. In this fun and friendly program, we will look at this interesting tradition, review different styles of obituaries, talk about what makes a good obituary, and go over some common do's and don'ts. Then you'll write your own obituary, which you can choose to share with the group for discussion and feedback, or not.

$35 – Member, $40 – Non-Member


Tuesday, April 13 | Tuesday April, 20 | Tuesday, April 27
Great Gardening! A Series of Presentations, Take One or Take All
With Master Gardener Priscilla Husband
From 10am–noon

Spring has sprung, so carpe diem! Join Priscilla from home for this four-part series of essential elements of gardening.

  • APRIL 13: “Beautify Your Yard with Ornamental Trees” - chock full of information about how to identify existing trees on your property, new trees for landscape value, best planting practices, maintenance, and a list of trees available for their beauty and benefits to wildlife.
  • APRIL 20: “The 411 on Shrubs” - introducing a variety of flowering shrubs and exploring how to include shrubs in landscape designs and how to plant and maintain them.
  • APRIL 27: “Now & Forever” - a focused approach to the art of gardening with both perennials and annuals, including instruction on how to achieve continuous flowers throughout the seasons, best planting practices, and maintenance.

Six Thursdays beginning April 8
Woodturning: Mastering the Basics
With Dave Arnone
From 1–3pm

This class will provide instruction on using the wood lathe, lathe safety, turning tools, project design, and turning wooden bowls from both green and dried wood blanks. The instruction and demonstration portion of this course will be provided virtually, allowing participants to join the sessions from the comfort of their own homes. To aid participants in applying the skills they learn, a “hands on” portion of the course will be provided via one-on-one virtual mentoring for participants who have access to a wood lathe, or via small group, in-person work sessions using the lathes in the Center’s Maker Studio.

$135 - Online / Member
$175 - In person / Member
$155 - Online / Non-member
$200 - In person / Non-member

Socially distanced, mask required for on-site participants.


Six Thursdays beginning April 8
Tai Chi for Health-Sun Style/Part Two, The Extension Movements
With Holly Heaslip
From 10–11am

This class will be a continuation of new movements added to the original Core Movements, further extending the practice of Sun Style Tai Chi. These movements are called the Extension Movements. Students should be comfortable with the Core Movements from Part One before taking this class. By the end of the six weeks, students will have a full practice and be well on their way to enjoying the many health benefits of practicing Tai Chi. Instructor Holly Heaslip is certified in this program developed by Dr. Paul Lam. Please wear comfortable clothing, appropriate foot wear and bring a water bottle.

$80.00 - Non-Member

$75.00 - Member, $80.00 - Non-Member

Every Friday from 8:30–9:30am
NO CLASS - April 16
Yoga for Wise Warriors!
With Lees Yunits

Beginners will be taught basics; more experienced will deepen their knowledge, and all will learn varied ways to enhance their knowing. Lees’s background includes many assorted styles of yoga, including hatha, viniyoga, yin and kundalini. Just as important are the invaluable techniques of breath work. Always there will be some form of meditation, as well, whether simple stillness, or transcendental, counting, mantra singing, or guided. The whole of a yoga session depends on joining body work, breath work, and meditation. Not to mention some humor here and there! Whether fast, or slow, all of Lees’s yoga classes intend to move you forward on your Journey to Joy.

$15.00 – drop-in, $75.00 – 6 weeks

"Into the Woods" is also in our online galleries here:
Curatorial note: "The objective was to pair works from each community, to emphasize the similarities, the differences, and the flavors of each town and each set of artworks. The pairings also had a more nuanced effect, that of creating a discrete narrative between the works, and therefore between the towns. This narrative is subjective, provoking a personal experience of each visitor to the gallery." - RW
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Since being established in 1995, Whitten Landscaping, Inc., has earned a reputation as of one Cape Cod’s most respected landscaping design and construction companies. Owned and operated by Craig and Nicole Whitten of Yarmouth Port, Whitten Landscaping specializes in both commercial and residential landscape design and construction. They also offer wide-ranging maintenance options provided by an experienced, expert staff that’s large enough to readily handle larger, commercial projects and is equipped with a large fleet of vehicles and the latest equipment. But with Cape Codders at the helm, and out in the field, they never lose that crucial personal touch.