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DOD's Virtual Meeting for October
“Vote Blue No Matter Who"

Saturday October 10th at 2pm
We are excited to announce that Congressional Representative Dr. Raul Ruiz will join our meeting Saturday. You do not need to be a DOD member to attend. All registered democrats are welcome.

Dr. Ruiz will open the meeting.

Elle Kurpiewski, political director of Democratic HQ, will discuss voting.

DOD Board members and guests will give a overview of the 12 ballot propositions.

Tara Keesling, our special guest will discuss how to help Amy McGrath defeat Mitch McConnell in Kentucky.

By Oct.9th for zoom link and meeting reference materials
Radio Spots on Voting Start Oct. 5
The radio ads with 2020 voting information start running on two area stations Monday, Oct. 5:  KUNA (Spanish) and the Eagle (English). 

The ads are sponsored by:
Democratic Headquarters of the Desert
Democrats of the Desert
Sun City Palm Desert Democratic Club

DOD members that made individual donations:  
Linda Bailey
Art Copleston
Marlene & Richard Levine
Laura & John Ramsey
Janet Silver Maguire

"DOD sends a big ‘thank you’ to the individuals who contributed. Their donations made it possible to run the ads one additional week, through November 3."
-Dori Smith, DOD President
CADEM Pre-Debate Party
Wed. Oct. 7th at 5pm
Senator Kamala Harris will debate Vice President Mike Pence Wednesday night, October 7.  The California Democratic Party is holding a virtual pre-debate meeting with California leaders.
Speakers include LA County Supervisor Hilda Solis, National co-chair of the Latino Leadership Committee for Biden/Harris, and served as Obama’s Secretary of Labor; Lateefa Simon, president of the Akonadi Foundation; and other trailblazing California women.  Click here to register.

And Beyond
“Seniors Riden for Biden”
In Palm Desert
For more information on how to participate in organized walks and protest marches safely during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic
DOD's Virtual Meeting for November

We will schedule the meeting based on the Election Results
Watch for Updates

Voter Information
Make a Voting Plan
California has started mailing ballots to ALL registered voters. We recommend you vote early and by mail.  It is safe and secure.  The US Postal Service has assured California officials that it will quickly handle 2020 ballots.
Remember to seal, sign and date the back of your ballot envelope!  Use the signature that is on your driver’s license or official ID card. If you go to a voting center, be sure to TAKE YOUR BALLOT.
To help you with your voting plan, DOD has prepared two lists:

 25 Riverside County Voter Assistance Centers, where you may vote in person safely and/or deliver completed ballots.
Click here for list.
16 sites where secure drop-boxes will be available.
Click here for list.

Double-check all dates and times before you go.
How to Vote Videos
We've produced two videos about voting that will be available soon on the DOD's YouTube Channel. To view and subscribe to our YouTube Channel (it's free) click here.
Please view and use them! Questions?
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How are you planning to Vote?
On Nov 3rd at the Polls
Vote by Mail | Return Ballot by Mail
Vote by Mail | Return Ballot to Drop Box
We have the latest information on helping to elect Dem candidates at all levels of Goverment, voting tips and much more.