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Figure Drawing at
City Arts Center 

Clothed Live Model
Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center Free For OAG Members. There is a charge for non-members.

Nude Live Model
Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center
Free For OAG Members. There is a charge for non-members. Members and non-members must be 18 or older.

Inclement Weather
Please check the media or Oklahoma Contemporary's website for possible closing on Oklahoma Art Guild meeting dates.


About Us

The Oklahoma Art Guild (OAG) is a non-profit organization founded in 1954, with the objective of creating, promoting and developing all forms of the visual arts.  The membership includes professionals, amateurs, art enthusiasts and patrons of the visual arts.



The following information was shared with our members at the June 20 Member Meeting by Past President, Bruce Campbell.


We hope to see you the third Monday in August for a demonstration by artist and illustrator, Alain Viesca. More information in the August NewsFlashes.

"Open Letter to OAG Members"
The Oklahoma Art Guild is at a critical point in our history. During the past 6-7 months, the Board has received the resignations of our vice president and one director. Additionally, our president had to resign due to health reasons. We have only 4 directors left on the Board.

Over the past couple of years, we have seen a significant drop in attendance and participation at member meetings and figure drawing. Further, it has been very difficult to put together a quality show due to a shortage of people willing to shoulder the substantial work involved and other factors. Shows require lead time and commitment from our members in order to secure quality venues.

Our situation is not totally one of doom and gloom! We have two very important things going for us. First, we have a reasonably healthy bank balance to work with. We don't have enough to hire an executive director, but we certainly are in a good position for an organization such as ours. Second, we still have a handful of past leaders who are very willing to help new leadership get started. These are people who have served the Guild for many years, and who have put together some of our very best member and national shows.

The guild has a 60-year history of supporting and encouraging artists. We have come to a point where we must:
  • Attract and retain artists of all ages - whether they be experienced, novice, re-emerging, or student artists.
  • Provide relevant and engaging programming for our membership.
  • Provide consistent, high quality shows for members and non-members.
  • Engage and retain members who are willing to commit to conducting the business of the Guild.
There are many ideas, shows and programs we would like to implement to make our Guild thrive. These include, but are not limited to:
  • Member and National Shows
  • Student Mentorships
  • Student Art Shows
  • Public Workshops
  • Programs and demonstrations for our members
All of these ideas need many hands to be successful, and we desperately need your help.
For years, the Board has dealt with these challenges, but our efforts do not seem to be turning things around. We are at a point of considering all options, including possible dissolution of the Guild.
To continue to operate, the following Board and leadership positions MUST BE FILLED, at a minimum:
  • President
  • Vice President
  • Membership Chair
  • Program Chair
The remaining 4 directors are seeking members who will submit applications for consideration of appointment to these open positions, and who are willing to commit to serving the Guild . The directors will visit with the applicants to determine who is most appropriate to serve in each capacity.
If these positions cannot be filled with capable and committed members by the end of August, the Board of Directors will bringto the membership possible options for dissolving the organization.

If you are seriously considering serving in one of these important leadership positions, please contact Bruce Campbell, Past President, at 405-514-7687 or brucecampbell.ok@gmail.com for more information.