Volume 8, Issue 17

May 5, 2023

THIS SUNDAY: May 7, 2023

Fifth Sunday of Easter


Acts 7:55-60

Stephen was one of the seven original deacons chosen by the apostles to serve tables so that the apostles could be free to serve the word. Stephen does more than distribute food, however. For his preaching of God’s word, he becomes the first martyr of the faith.

Psalm 31:1-5, 15-16

The Psalmist declares there trust in God for a brighter future.

1 Peter 2:2-10

Christ is the cornerstone of God’s saving work and the foundation of our lives. We are God’s chosen, holy people who continuously celebrate and declare the mercy of God we experience through Jesus Christ.

John 14:1-14

On the night of his Last Supper with his disciples, Jesus reassures them that all that is about to happen to him (and to them) is in God's hands, and that Jesus will go on to Heaven to prepare a special place for each of them.

Duty Roster



Joe Adorno (EM)

John Hanaoka (U)

Dee Grigsby (AG)

Mark Cain (DM)


Mario Antonio (EM)

Enrico Levi (LR)

Muriel Jackson (U)

Faith Shiramizu (AG)

Mabel Antonio, Nelson Secretario (HP)

Jan Hashizume, Ron Morinishi (DM)

Live Stream

9:15AM on our home page, YouTube, or Facebook accounts


* EM - Eucharistic Minister; U - Usher; LR - Lay Reader; AG - Altar Guild; G - Greeter; HP - Healing Prayers; DM - Digital Ministry; SS - Sunday School


World Labyrinth Day

Saturday, May 6th


Church Labyrinth

Hank Curtis Concert

Saturday, May 20th



DOK Bible Study


April 26th

May 3rd

May 10th

May 17th


Zoom: See flyer below

Ministry Council Meeting

Sunday, June 4th

11:00AM (after the 9:30AM service)

Memorial Hall and Zoom

Contact Jan Hashizume for zoom login.

Recurring Events

Aloha Hour

Every Sunday after the 9:30AM service

Church Lanai

Thursday Crew

Every Thursday, 8:00AM 


Project Vision Hi`ehi`e Mobile Showers

Every Thursday, 12:00 - 3:00PM

Church Campus

Grab and Go Lunches for Shower Patrons

All Thursdays

Church Campus

Daughters of the King

2nd & 4th Wednesday, 6:00 - 7:00PM


 For those in need of God's healing touch and comfort: : Peace in Ukraine; Bill Brown; Judy Cook; Jelani Blackwood.

Reflections from Bishop Bob

Good Shepherd Sunday

30 April 2023

You can watch or listen to Bishop Bob's sermon by clicking here: Bishop Bob's sermon. The sermon starts at minute 29.25.

Bishop's Weekend at All Saints'!

Two Special Services and Aloha Hours

The Bishop's Weekend was a wonderful success.

Kahu Kawika's Installation

Saturday was a joyful celebration as Kahu Kawika was formally installed as All Saints' Rector after three years as Priest-in-Charge. The three year Priest-in-Charge period gives both the priest and the congregation the opportunity to make sure they are a good fit. I believe Kahu, Muriel, and the congregation are all delighted that Kahu is now our permanent Rector. We are blessed to have him.

Click on the slide show below to get a glimpse of the service and following Aloha Hour.

Baptism and Confirmation

Sunday was another day of celebration as we welcomed to new members into our church `Ohana. Reef Baldovino, son of Morgan and Cami Baldovino and grandson of Mario and Modesta Baldovino, was baptized into the faith. MJ Richardson, a new and dedicated congregation member, was confirmed as member of the Episcopal Church. The congregation gave a rousing welcome to our two new members.

Click on the slideshow below to enjoy the service and Aloha Hour.

World Labyrinth Day

Saturday, May 6th, 1:00PM

Walk as One at 1

On this 15th annual World Labyrinth Day, many will walk a labyrinth at 1:00 p.m. local time to help create a rolling wave of peaceful energy passing from one time zone to the next around the globe.


Walking the Christian Labyrinth

In the medieval ages monks wandered their monasteries’ labyrinth paths in quiet contemplation with God. As a walk-through symbol the labyrinth is a creative space represents the challenges of life.

The process of walking a labyrinth continues to popularity among Christians around the world. Here are some simple steps you can take to walk or pray the labyrinth:

  • Stepping into the labyrinth move towards the center while clearing your mind, opening your heart, and bringing your focus to God’s presence. Let go of Earthly attachments here and contemplate your prayers or questions with God while you meander through the path.

  • Upon reaching the center of the labyrinth you come to a place of peace within, reflect in these moments on your relationship with God and the insight you have just received.

  • When the time arises to return, walk with Jesus out of the path and into the present with a renewed sense of self and purpose to share with the world.

Here are a few reasons why walking a labyrinth can be an essential part of Christian spirituality:

  • The labyrinth is a physical representation of believers’ spiritual journey as they seek a closer relationship with God. Walking the labyrinth can help Christians reflect on their journey of faith and the obstacles they may encounter.

  • Walking a labyrinth is often done meditative or contemplative, encouraging participants to slow down, breathe deeply, and focus their thoughts on God. This can help to quiet the mind and open the heart to receive God’s guidance and direction.

  • Walking the labyrinth can also be a communal experience, allowing individuals to come together and share their faith experiences. It can be a powerful way to connect with others and support one another on the faith journey.

Labyrinth Prayer

Heavenly father,

As I enter this labyrinth, I come before You with a humble heart, seeking Your presence and guidance. May the winding path before me be a reflection of my spiritual journey, with each step bringing me closer to You.

As I walk the labyrinth, I pray that You will guide my feet and lead me along the right path. Help me let go of any burdens or worries that I may be carrying and surrender them to You. Fill me with Your peace and love as I move forward on this journey.

May this labyrinth be a place of spiritual renewal and refreshment for me. May I encounter You in a new and profound way, and may my time here be a reminder of Your constant presence and care.

Thank you, Lord, for the gift of this labyrinth and for the opportunity to draw closer to You through it. May Your blessings be upon me as I walk, and may Your grace sustain me each step of the way.

In Jesus’ name I pray,



Zonta Club Scholarship Applications Available

This is for senior girls attending Kauai High Schools and for women planning to attend KCC . About three of our All Saints’ girls have gotten scholarships.

Applications are now in fillable pdf format. What that means is the applicants can type in their answers instead of hand writing them. Applications are due by May 19, 2023. Here is the link to the scholarship page of the website:


-Marge Akana

DOK Peer-led Bible Study

Beginning Wednesday, April 12th, 6pm 

The Mana'olana chapter of Daughters of the King (All Saints church) invites you to a "Women's Bible Study" for six weeks on Wednesdays at 6pm, beginning on April 12 and concluding on May 17. 

We will use "Loving God with All Your Mind" by Elizabeth George as our Study Guide. 

Loving God with All Your Mind, provides insights and thoughtful questions to help women:

  • Focus on God and Godly principles for life
  • Turn daily struggles over to God
  • Apply God's truths to everyday life
  • Recognize and live God's purpose for their lives
  • Find peace in all circumstances

Our leaders will be Pualani, Pammy and Muriel. Let's all grow together! 

Please contact Faith, Mabel, Jan or Carolyn if you plan to attend. 

Here is the zoom info: 

Zoom link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/8088224267

Meeting ID: 808 822 4267

Save the Date!

Terry-Ann's Bridal Shower

Project Vision

Hi'ehi'e Mobile Hot Showers

Lunch Program and Schedule Updates

Aloha Project Vision shower lunch crew & friends!

Here is our upcoming schedule. Please contact the coordinator (Carolyn) if you'd like to volunteer!

  • May 11 (2nd Thursday): PV (prepare); Carolyn Morinishi, Marian Kubota (distribute)
  • May 18 (3rd Thursday): Kathy Miyake, Mabel Antonio (prepare/distribute)
  • May 25 (4th Thursday): PV (prepare); Sarah Rogers (distribute)
  • June 1 (1st Thursday): Lorna Nishi & Diane Sato (prepare), Kristi Moises & family (distribute)
  • June 8 (2nd Thursday): PV (prepare), Kristi Moises & family (distribute)
  • June 15 (3rd Thursday): Dee Grigsby & Diane Sato (prepare), Kristi Moises & family (distribute)
  • June 22 (4th Thursday): PV (prepare), Kristi Moises & family (distribute)
  • June 29 (5th Thursday): PV (prepare), Kristi Moises & family (distribute)

Our lunch schedule: 

  • All Saints volunteers will make and distribute the lunches on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays
  • Project Vision staff will provide lunches on the 2nd, 4th and 5th Thursdays (All Saints volunteers will distribute/serve the lunches). 

A few more details about our Project Vision lunch program.

  1. Darnell & Farah (Project Vision employees) would like the All Saints volunteers to open up the kitchen and Memorial Hall. They use the freezer to store ice and Memorial Hall for their clothing ministry. If you need the codes, please call Wayne, Carolyn or Ron.
  2. There are two large plastic bins in the kitchen (labeled PROJECT VISION) which contain clamshells, some forks, plates, napkins, tongs and other supplies. 
  3. Almost every week, the food truck "3 Local Girls" generously donates a tray of pancit noodles to be served to the shower clients. If you see the tray of pancit on the table, please get some small clamshell containers, forks, napkins and tongs from the kitchen (in PROJECT VISION boxes). Please divide up the noodles into about 15-20 portions and give these away along with the lunches. Please wash the tongs and put all supplies back in the boxes.
  4. Hale Ho'omalu has moved their dry goods distribution to coincide with our ProjectVision showers. They sit on the picnic tables, so they won't interfere with our lunch distribution.
  5. In the bins is a pink bag with "pet treats" for anyone who shows up with their pet. Thank you to Dee's friend for donating these.
  6. At the end of the shower shift (around 2:30pm) please lock up the kitchen and Memorial Hall, or ask Darnell or Farah to do so.

Any questions, please contact Carolyn. Mahalo nui for all your dedicated service to the community!


Carolyn K Morinishi


Indoor Face Mask Policy Change 

All Saints' Moves to Recommended Indoor Masking

All Saints' is keeping in step with the CDC and County of Kauaʻi guidelines, which now are that indoor mask wearing is strongly recommended by not yet required. As the prominence of the virus wanes, please keep those suffering from its effects in your prayers.

To read news from the Episcopal Diocese of Hawaii, click on the Hawaiian Church Chronicle image.

IN BRIEF . . .

These news briefs were featured in previous issues of "The Epistle".

The Newmans Have Returned to California

A Hui Ho, Dear Friends!

Fr. Ryan, Erin, and Lexie have returned to Orange County after a long delayed visit to Kauai. We were able to enjoy their company on Easter Day and last Sunday. Lexie was able to make some great memories of the island she left as a baby. We all look forward to their next trip to Kauai.

Thanks to Marge Akana for the pictures.

left to right: Nora Takenouchi, David Murray, Erin, Lexie, and Ryan Newman

left to right: Nora Takenouchi, Erin, Lexie, and Ryan Newman, Marge Akana

Who Do You Call?

Contact information for All Saints' Ministries and Outreach 

Please submit your story ideas to the Epistle Staff at news@allsaintskauai.org.


If you would like to serve as an All Saints' usher, please contact Kat at church@allsaintskauai.org.

Medical Equipment Loan Ministry

The Medical Equipment Loan Ministry (MEL) loans out and accepts donations of durable medical equipment including items such as walkers, transfer chairs, shower chairs, and more. If you or anyone you know is in need or would like to donate medical equipment, please call the church (808-822-4267) and they will forward your request to CeCe Caldwell.


Currently Hale Ho`omalu is only accepting monetary donations. Leave them in the red wagon outside the sanctuary


Any of our All Saints' kūpuna who need assistance with grocery shopping can contact Carolyn Morinishi at church@allsaintskauai.org to set up a delivery.


If any ministry has an unmet need, reach out to put it in the All Saints' Virtual Swap Meet and it will be published in the Epistle. Contact news@allsaintskauai.org.


Whenever you have a need for support, please call (650) 691-8104 and leave a voice mail. The system will immediately forward the information to the Pastoral Care Committee who will respond to each request. If you prefer, you may send an electronic pastoral care request via email to pastoralcare@allsaintskauai.org.


Individuals who want to participate in the Prayer Chain Ministry must re-enroll to continue receiving the email communications. To re-enroll, please visit the newly established Pastoral Care web page or contact the Church Office at (808) 822-4267.


Prayer requests will now be submitted online or by contacting the Church Office at (808) 822-4267.


Names can be added to the Prayers of the People petitions by using the Prayer Chain Request form or by contacting the Church Office at (808) 822-4267. Names will remain in the Prayers of the People for a maximum of four Sundays before a name must be resubmitted.

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