October 23, 2023 Edition



Hi Eric,

If you're thinking seriously about selling your company, then you've already grabbed your seat and buckled in.

If not, then either you're standing in line or you haven't even bought a ticket yet. It looks scary, you're starting to get a little anxious and maybe a little concerned about what to expect. Most likely you are a first time seller.

Selling a business is often portrayed as a purely financial transaction—a strategic move to secure a substantial payout. But behind the scenes, there lies a tumultuous emotional journey that business owners embark upon when parting ways with their life’s work.

The process of selling a business is not just about numbers and negotiations; it’s a rollercoaster ride of triumphs and tears that can leave even the most seasoned entrepreneurs emotionally drained.

Here is a bit of a head start to help anticipate what will likely be your business selling experience.


Want to know what the emotional rollercoaster looks like in real life. Read this email from our recent Seller.


Imagine a worn out looking husband and wife with bags and dark circles for eyes (not unlike every other seller). Well, more than normal lol. 

What a ride.  

While finding a buyer and coaching us through the process was valuable, so too was the emotional support of it all, Colin sharing his personal experiences, Eric sharing other sellers' experiences. '

Your preparing us for what was to come - that the process would be long, exhausting while running a business, ripe with emotional ups and downs, was an invaluable part of your services. Being forewarned helped us feel "normal" during it all, and less alone. The law firm referral - perfection. 

Your talking us off the ledge when we wanted to bail during a very dark time, brought us to this momentous day. Thank you.

Joe and Sandra

Notes like this from happy Sellers make it all worthwhile for us. Maybe one day we'll get a note from you.

Cheers Eric

Eric Gilboord

CEO, Warren Business Development Center Inc.

Creator, SellYourBusiness4More.com


(M) 416-270-2466

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There Are 2 Key Reasons Owners Come To WarrenBDC

1. Get Ready 

Selling your business is a huge endeavour and many business owners only do it once. Typically SMB owners lack the experience and the team necessary to prepare themselves & the business for sale.

​2. Sell For More

With you and the company ready, the real work begins. We find potential Buyers, qualify them and negotiate a sale. The goal is to sell for more than you thought was possible and faster.

At WarrenBDC, We Do The Hard Stuff FOR YOU

1. Work with our Seller to examine all their selling options.

2. Help our Seller select the most desirable outcome for them.

3. Map out a path to achieve the best outcome.

4. Prepare Teaser & CIM to present to Buyers.

5. Source and qualify Buyers.

6. Manage flow of financials, legal etc. docs with Buyer.

7. Negotiate sale.

8. Work with Buyer and Seller legal and accounting advisors.

9. Conclude sale.

10.Help with all the unexpected surprises.

If these are the services you're looking for, let's talk. I will answer your questions, tell you a few stories of other owners in similar positions to you and ask/answer some questions you may not have considered.

Hope to hear from you soon, Eric

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