March 28, 2024

Messaging from the Department of Commerce & Insurance

Three Notices - Please Ensure You Read All 3

Notice 1

Beginning April 15th, the Department of Commerce & Insurance (C & I) will begin utilizing a new and improved Installation Verification Report (Inspection Set-Up Report).

While the items inspected will not change, this streamlined document should aid in improving the flow of the inspection reporting process.

THA will link a copy of the new updated version at the bottom of our MH Licensing Page under the section entitled 'Forms' and link below; and will also link a copy of the old Inspection Verification Report so that you may continue to use that report as a checklist to walkdown your home installations before you certify your homes as code compliant.

New Verification Form - PDF
Old Verification Form

Use this form for references purposes only.

Notice 2

In case you missed it!

Be diligent in reporting your completed homes in a timely manner on the State's Weekly Report Form, as is required by state law. The Department of Commerce & Insurance (C & I) issued a Guidance Memorandum to Retailers and Installers on March 4th, and subsequently posted to their website. If you have not read this issued correspondence, please read the linked document below.

Guidance Memorandum

Notice 3

CERTIFIED Employees/ Individuals

(Retailers or Installers)

The Department of Commerce & Insurance (C & I) has developed a form for Certified Employees/ Individuals to complete when obtaining credentials for the first time and when renewing credentials on an annual basis.

This is a short one-page form and will be linked below and available on THA's MH Licensing Page at the bottom, under 'FORMS'. There is a 'Fillable' version available on the THA MH Licensing Page, as well. This is effective immediately and THA will begin to distribute this form through the training network.

Certified Employees/Individuals

As a note, the Offices of the Association will be closed on Friday, March 29th, in observance of Good Friday. We wish you and your families a safe holiday weekend with family and friends, as we all observe this most sacred time.