As a Member of the Tennessee Housing Association (THA), you need to fully understand the purpose of your industry's Political Action Committee (PAC), and why we encourage Members to contribute annually.

Housing is a Bi-Partisan Issue.

First, we all need to remember this is a major election year. Not only on the Federal and State side, but also a myriad of local county elections. A healthy PAC is necessary to fully engage in the process and then subsequently to educate those newly elected state legislators and local officials, after elections.

In Tennessee, April 4th was the filing deadline for candidates to qualify for the upcoming 2024 elections.  All 99 House seats will be up for election.


  • In the Senate: 
  • 9 of 13 Republicans up for re-election this year face primary contests.
  • 1 Democrat has a primary opponent.

  • In the House:
  • 16 incumbents drew no opposition in either the primary or general election.
  • 6 members have decided to retire or not run for their seat again. 
  • 17 Republicans have a primary opponent. 
  • 10 Democrats have a primary opponent.   

The Tennessee Housing Association Political Action Committee (THA-PAC) is the only state registered PAC solely dedicated to supporting bipartisan state candidates who understand the importance of factory-built homes as an essential homeownership option. 

The THA-PAC allows Association members from every segment of the industry to pool voluntary, personal, corporate and LLC contributions, to support state candidates for the TN Senate and House of Representatives.

What is a PAC?

A PAC is simply a group of individuals who pool their financial resources to help elect candidates to public office — men and women who share the group’s interests and concerns about public policy issues. Any group of US citizens or nearly any US organization can form a PAC.

What is the motivation behind a PAC?

PACs are a logical extension of our democratic process. PACs are people who recognize there is strength in numbers. Throughout our country’s history, groups of like-minded citizens have joined together to ensure their voices are heard in the political process.


Additionally, PACs are an important source of funds to candidates. Candidates must rely on expensive broadcast media, direct mail efforts, polling and campaign consultants, not to mention the traditional posters, bumper stickers, billboards, and other political paraphernalia. As a result, candidates look to every source for campaign support, including individuals, political parties, their own personal resources, and PACs.

What is the benefit of a PAC?

PACs at the state level play a positive role in strengthening representative government by getting more people involved in the political process. PACs provide people, many who have never done anything more political than vote, a convenient and meaningful way to exercise their citizen rights. The PAC’s objective is to bring association members together for effective political action.

Access to our legislative members

is KEY! Did you know … in Tennessee?


  • Every legislative session 2,000 – 5,000 bills are introduced.
  • Everyday legislators make decisions which impact your industry.
  • A wrong or uniformed decision could cripple or eliminate your livelihood.
  • Every year legislative issues surrounding the factory-built industry become tougher.
  • Having a strong, well-supported Political Action Committee (PAC) is critical in propelling the industry towards its legislative goals.
  • To legislative candidates, a PAC represents numbers, constituents and strength.
  • The THA-PAC provides a unified voice for the factory-built industry, which positions us to meet the challenges of an ever-changing legislative political environment.
  • The ability of THA to impact the outcome of important decisions made by the legislators is strengthened by our success in backing winning candidates who are industry-friendly.
  • Your personal contribution is vital if we are to continue supporting industry-friendly candidates.
  • Every dollar you contribute to the THA-PAC goes directly to targeted candidates.

As the Tennessee advocate for factory-built housing, THA continually works to ensure manufactured and modular housing is a part of our state dialogue, by providing insight to legislators on ways the industry can address the affordable housing shortage.


THA works with a team of lobbyists to ensure Tennessee’s factory-built industry’s priorities are well-known in the halls of the General Assembly.


Through years of active canvassing, THA has secured champions across government so that state rules and regulations support the industry’s efforts to provide quality homes at affordable prices.


Each and every state legislative session is monitored by THA for predatory legislation, while THA also introduces and supports positive legislation which continues to allow consumers the opportunity to make informed choices to meet their housing needs.

As a reminder, always research your legislative candidate of choice,

to ensure they are factory-built housing friendly.  

Homeownership choice is bi-partisan!

A Stronger Voice with the

THA Political Action Committee


Levels of Contribution:


Platinum Club



President’s Club

$1,000 - $1,999


Executive’s Club

$500 - $999


Director’s Club

$133 - $499


132 Club



Friends Club*

$1 - $131*

($1 for every legislator in the General Assembly.)


Mail, E-mail, or Fax

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2024 THA-PAC Campaign. 




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To see a list of our annual contributors and monitor the progress of the campaign, please visit our PAC page on the THA Website HERE.