Fall 2022
Texas Curriculum Management Program Cooperative
From the Director
Wendi Russell
State Director, TCMPC
TEKS Resource System
Hello TEKS Resource System partners, and welcome to an exciting 2022-2023 school year!

I am Wendi Russell, the Director of TCMPC. I am coming to TEKS Resource System from a school environment. Having experience as a classroom teacher, administrator, curriculum director, and superintendent, I know how important it is to have a viable, research-based, aligned curriculum for
students. TEKS Resource is dedicated to helping classroom teachers deliver high-quality instruction to all students across Texas. The curriculum of the TEKS Resource System aligns with state-adopted standards, including content connections, formative and summative assessment items, and support resources that are continually reviewed and updated. I am excited to be part of this exceptional team!

TEKSCON 2022 was a huge success! For those who attended our annual conference in San Antonio, thank you! I hope you will agree that Dr. Joe Sanfelippo was inspiring, humorous, and thought-provoking. As you enter your school buildings this year, lead from where you are! Remember that you control the narrative and can change it at any time. Be intentional, present, and have fun each day! Your feedback is crucial to shaping what TEKSCON looks like in the future; please continue sharing your comments on what worked well and what didn’t so that it gets better every year.

Also, mark your calendars for next year’s conference - July 25 – 27. TEKSCON 2023 will be hosted in beautiful San Antonio on the River Walk. You will NOT want to miss it! Check our website for more details as they are available. Keep an eye on upcoming announcements regarding registration and applications to present your expertise.

Thank you for using TEKS Resource System. Our team wishes you a dynamic and rewarding fall semester.

Wendi Russell
State Director, TCMPC / TEKS Resource System
July 25-27 | San Antonio, Texas
New Site Feature:
New IFD Functionality
Our IFDs have a new look, new functionality, and improved accessibility updates! You will notice a new IFD layout that includes a left-hand navigation menu with collapsible sections, allowing you to quickly move to a specific section of the document. In addition, you may now print each section of an IFD separately (or the entire document as before).  

Have you wanted to add notes, links, resources etc. to each unit IFD? In the new layout, you will notice two new sections labeled Teacher Notes & District Notes. Here, individual teacher information or district-wide content may be added and saved to each IFD. The notes are added to the web view of the IFD, meaning no separate versions of the document need to be created. Additionally, the TCMPC updates to the IFDs will still be preserved.
TEKS Review and Revision
Implementation Timeline
Implementation Schedule for Upcoming TEKS Revisions:

  • School Year 2022-2023: Revised Health/PE
  • School Year 2024-2025: Revised Science AND Revised K-8 Tech Apps
  • School Year 2026-2027: Revised Mathematics
Check Out Our Live Assessment Tool
In the Assessment Access section of System Management, District and Campus Content Administrators can manage users' ability to convert assessments into Checks for Understanding.

A Check for Understanding (CFU) is an online questionnaire for students to enter their responses and provide teachers with aggregate class data to broadly track student comprehension. This feature is intended as a formative method of assessment to help drive instruction and is not meant as a means for collecting grades for individual students. A CFU is created using a regular assessment from the Assessment Center and is shared with students via a web link. CFUs can be administered throughout the course of a unit, used as an "Exit Slip", or given as a unit pre-test to gauge students' prior knowledge.

When access is granted, the Check for Understanding section will appear for all district users on the Assessment Center landing page. Altering the controls within the District Assessment Settings table will automatically update all subsequent campuses, though District Admins may customize each campus (if desired).
Help documents and videos are found in the Support Library!
OR click one of the direct links below AFTER logging in to TEKS Resource System.
Content Updates
RLA Update
Formative Assessments. We have completed our Formative Assessment development and all new items are published! Visit the Assessment Center to find these FAs that are SE/unit-aligned for grades K - English IV. Check formative assessments for their designation (found in item number): “Pre-Assessment (Pre)”, “Quick Check (QC)", and “Application (App)”. Note: Formative Assessments provide qualitative and quantitative data on student progress toward the unit and course goals. The purpose of the data collected from these assessments is to check for understanding and inform instruction.

YAGs, IFDs, TVDs. We have reviewed our Grade 3-E2 ELAR/SLAR YAGs in reference to the latest TEA blueprints and testing dates and determined the need for a YAG revision in Grades 3-5 to ensure all tested standards are taught before the new RLA testing window. This revision allows for more efficient teaching of literary texts and associated SEs in the fall semester as well as more instructional time earlier in the year for nonfiction texts and associated SEs. These “Alternative YAGs” are available as a singular document through a link in the current YAG and are also accessible in the Resources tab. Full dynamic site integration of these YAG edits will take place in all curriculum components in May/June 2023. Also, an additional PA was added to Unit 3 in Grades 6 and 7 to incorporate the 11D SE into the curriculum before the testing window.
Convention Alignment Tool. We are also currently developing a new Convention Alignment Tool to support our curriculum. We anticipate having this new resource published in early Fall 2022.

Unit Assessment Items and STAAR Resources. Forthcoming in the 2022-2023 school year are new assessment features (e.g., new STAAR item types, passages, revising and editing items, ECR and SCR prompts, STAAR Stems,
STAAR Item Analysis, etc.) with a TBD publishing date.
Note: The TEKS Resource System RLA Assessments already include most of these new assessment features in Grades 2-English IV.
RLA Statewide Content Team Members are from left to right Valerie Phipps, Genifer Billeaud, Shannon McCombs, and Angela Schreiber.
Mathematics and Matemáticas Update
Unit Assessment Items for Mathematics: This fall, the Mathematics Team will be writing additional unit assessment items for Grades 3 – Algebra I. These items will be styled like the new STAAR item types but in paper-pencil form in the TEKS Resource System Assessment Center. If you attended TEKSCON 2022, you have already seen examples of how the wording and/or style will be slightly tweaked to be closely styled like these new STAAR item types.

STAAR Analysis/STAAR Blueprint and Item Percentages/STAAR Enhanced Blueprints for Mathematics:
The Mathematics Team will be
updating all the STAAR resources in TEKS Resource System to include the 2022 STAAR items, results, and TEA changes to the STAAR Blueprints. Once all documents have been updated, they can be found in the Resource Section of the STAAR tested grade levels in TEKS Resource System. These STAAR documents are valuable resources to use during the planning process.

On the Horizon: Currently, the Mathematics TEKS Revision process begins in 2022-2023. The TEKS Resource System Mathematics Team will be actively engaged in the revision process and will be
developing new curriculum and assessment components for the implementation of the newly adopted TEKS in 2026-2027. Stay tuned for TEA updates regarding the revision process. (SEE IMAGE BELOW THIS UPDATE).

Mathematics Statewide Content Team Members are from left to right Dusty Burcham, Toni Morrison, Tamera Ramsey, and Marsha Salinas.
Science Update
Curriculum Development for future TEKS. The Science Content Team is currently collaborating with science educators from around the state to develop the curriculum content for future Science TEKS that are scheduled to be implemented in the 2024-2025 school year.

TEA Instructional Materials Update. TEA recently published an update regarding instructional materials. The full update can be found at https://content.govdelivery.com/accounts/TXTEA/bulletins/325693e
The most immediate opportunity for all stakeholders interested in Science Instructional Materials is the ability to provide feedback on the rubrics for K-8 and high school used by Texas Resource Review. The relevant section of the TEA update is quoted below: “Submit comments on the Texas Resource Review K–8 and high school science quality rubrics.
The Texas Resource Review (TRR) provides Texas educators with free access to comprehensive and
user-friendly information about the quality of instructional materials. As a part of this process, the agency will ensure the definition of quality is transparently communicated via
Texas Resource Review rubrics will be used to assess instructional materials. As we collect and review submitted feedback, we will track all changes on a memo of changes and
post it to the Texas Resource Review webpage and will release a second draft of the rubric that incorporates those changes. We hope to have the final rubric posted by mid September. Products will be reviewed using the science rubric in spring 2023 and reports will be available in fall 2023.
Visit the Texas Resource Review webpage for more information or submit a help desk ticket if you
have questions related to the TRR.
Social Studies Update
Curriculum Development for new Personal Financial Literacy and Economics. During the 2021 Texas Legislative Session, the new course of Personal Financial Literacy and Economics was added that students might take to fulfill the half credit of economics required for graduation. So now, either the typical Introduction to the Free Enterprise System or the PFL/Eco counts for that graduation credit. See the new final TEKS recommendations from the workgroup at https://bit.ly/PFLTEKS.
TEKS Revisions. During the August meeting of the State Board of Education, the Board abandoned the process of revising social studies standards. Concerns regarding the social studies course framework and concerns expressed during public testimony led Board members to end the rewrite effort. The Board then adopted measures to do further research on a framework and make small changes to the TEKS to include content from the previous legislative session.
The abrupt shift has led the social studies team to consider new priorities for development since redeveloping the curriculum and assessment based on new standards was expected to take several years. As a result, the social studies team will pivot to expanding the item bank and consider creating new resources.
Write Items for Cash. We are looking to gauge interest among our partners in writing social studies items for the TEKS Resource System. Approved contractors would be paid by the item. Show your interest here: https://bit.ly/TRSItemWriting.

The TEKS Resource System is also expanding the social studies team and has an opening for a social studies curriculum and assessment specialist. Consider applying at https://esc13.net/careers#opportunities.
Social Studies Statewide Content Team Members from left to right are Renee Backmon and Scott Bush.
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