Winter 2022
Texas Curriculum Management Program Cooperative
Welcome back, and welcome 2022! It is a new year with new beginnings. We hope everyone had a restful and relaxing break. Let’s hit the ground running and ensure all students across the state are reaching excellence! You can and do make it happen every day, and TEKS Resource System is your Partner!
There are many new opportunities ahead: field testing in February, new STAAR item types and testing interaction for students, further development for science, and so much more. You are such professionals and address every challenge! Thank you for always being ready and able to rise to these challenges. 
In January, information regarding the summer curriculum conference, TEKSCON 2022, will be live on our site. This year’s conference will start on Monday, June 27, 2022, and end Wednesday, June 29, 2022. We will still be in San Antonio, Texas, and planning is underway. You will have opportunities to interact with Educators across the state, start new professional development with outstanding presenters, learn new strategies and embrace your joy of learning and teaching! Please share your talents by applying to present. Let us hear from you!
Thanks, TEKS Resource System users and supporters! See you in June!

Best to you,
Ann Graves
Director, TEKS Resource System
Leading the way to Student Success
June 27-29 | San Antonio, Texas
The TEKS Resource System Curriculum Conference brings together curriculum specialists, educators, administrators, schools districts, and entrepreneurs from across the state. Set along the waters of the River Walk in San Antonio, Texas, TEKSCON is the confluence of innovation, effective practice, and passion for success in K-12 Texas education.

Our team is committed to working hard to bring you the events you love, and we will always strive to fulfill our purpose - LEADING THE WAY TO STUDENT SUCCESS.

TEKS Review and Revision
Implementation Timeline
Implementation Schedule for Upcoming TEKS Revisions:

  • School Year 2021-2022: Revised Pre-K Systems
  • School Year 2022-2023: Revised Health/PE
  • School Year 2024-2025: Revised Science AND Revised K-8 Tech Apps
  • School Year 2025-2026: Revised Social Studies
Socorro ISD and the
TEKS Resource System
Lucia Borrego, Socorro ISD Chief Academic Officer, shares how her district uses the TEKS Resource System. Click the image below to listen to her explanation of how the TEKS Resource System supports Socorro ISD's vision for success!
Thank you, teachers and leaders, for your brilliance and resilience during this challenging time. You are an inspiration and we’re proud to be your partner. Please see our message of appreciation for your hardwork below.
Check out these NEW resources to support planning and instruction!
Items are found in the formative assessment
item bank of the
Assessment Center.
Addressing the gaps in unfinished learning - available for Math, Science, and Social Studies
Available in all content areas under Resources. NEW Documents recently posted for ELAR and SLAR.
Science and Social Studies have flashcards available to help teach content specific vocabulary! They are found in the Resource folder and linked on the IFD.
Don't miss implementing the NEW formative Assessment items for
ELAR/SLAR found in the Assessment Center.
The Cross-Curricular Alignment Documents
will help you teach
smarter not harder! The CCAD Documents can be found under the SUPPORT menu then choose ESC Aligned Resources.
Content Updates
RLA Update
Happy New Year from the Reading Language Arts Team!
We continue to publish the Formative Assessment Items and aim for a completion/upload date by the end of February 2022.
Visit the Assessment Center to find these FAs that are SE/unit-aligned for grades K - English IV. Formative Assessments provide qualitative and quantitative data of student progress towards the unit and course goals. The purpose of the data collected from these assessments is to check for understanding and inform instruction.
As this project wraps up, our new development will focus on adding new Resources to support the Curriculum (e.g., Convention Alignment Tool) and Assessment (e.g., New STAAR item types/passages/revising and editing).
Remember: single-select, multiple-choice, revising and editing items will be added as field test items in grades 3-8 on the STAAR this year. These items are familiar to grades 4 & 7. For teachers in the other grade levels, we’ve got you covered! The TEKS Resource System has always had revising and editing items for ALL grades 2- English IV.
Quick Tip: In the Assessment Center, use the “Search by Standards” feature and select the main Revising (e.g. 3.11C) and/or Editing (e.g. 3.11D) standard for any grade level (2 - Eng. IV) to see all related Formative and Unit Assessments items.

Mathematics and Matemáticas Update
We hope you had a wonderful break with everyone returning healthy and ready to learn! Thank you for being so diligent in working with the students in Texas. You are very appreciated!
Recently, our team updated the STAAR Analysis resources to include all STAAR released items for Spring 2021 for Grades 3-8 (2015-2021) and Algebra I (2016-2021). Presentation of these resources varies for ease of use. (1) A grade level set of all items in TEKS order. (2) A grade-level set organized by individual TEKS. (3) A grade-level set organized by TEKS within each unit. While reviewing these items, we considered if any additional specificity, misconceptions, notes, vocabulary changes, or additions were needed to our curriculum components. We also considered any assessment changes or additions required for our Performance Assessments, Unit Assessment Items, or Formative Items for content or presentation purposes. The good news is that there were no significant changes or additions needed. Additionally, our team updated the STAAR Blueprint and Item Percentages resources to include all STAAR released item percentages for Spring 2021 for Grades 3-8 (2015-2021) and Algebra I (2016-2021). These two resources should be used hand in hand when planning instruction and spiraling concepts. Here are two examples of how to use these documents together. 
If you are not familiar with these resources, please contact your local ESC.
We are continuing the review of TEKS Resource System assessment item banks to determine what items, if any, are needed for each student expectation. When our analysis is complete, we will be looking at hiring assessment writers. We will be developing additional Unit Assessment items and Formative Assessment items throughout the year. If you are interested in writing, please apply for the contract positions under TEKS Resource System: Mathematics at
The TEKS Resource System Mathematics team is here to support you! 
Science Update
Elementary Science, Middle School Science, High School Science including Anatomy & Physiology, Forensic Science, and Aquatic Science Contract opportunities for curriculum writers, curriculum reviewers, and grade band leaders are available on the ESC 13 Careers website.

Science TEKS Review and Revision
The recently adopted High School Science TEKS are effective and are available in Texas Administrative Code, Chapter 112, Subchapter C, with “Adopted 2020” or “Adopted 2021” in the title. Please note that the “effective” date and “implementation” date are not the same.
Specialized Topics in Science is a new course and is scheduled for implementation beginning with the 2022-2023 school year. All other science courses are scheduled for implementation beginning with the 2024-2025 school year. 

The SBOE’s TEKS review process for Kindergarten-Grade 8 concluded in November and December 2021. We will update this newsletter when the finalized text is published.
Social Studies Update
Social Studies TEKS Revisions

The Texas State Board of Education accelerated the review and revision of social studies TEKS by moving the work to this year. TEA is accepting feedback on the TEKS via a survey. Additionally, TEA has released an application to join revision committees. You can find both the survey and the application to join the committees at

New TEKS will come into force for the 2025-26 school year. Revision of the curriculum and assessment items in the TEKS Resource system will commence after the completion of the review. We will need your expertise, so look for opportunities to help after the revisions are completed.
Professional Development Opportunities

The Texas Social Studies Supervisors Association will host their spring conference February 24-25, 2021. The conference is currently scheduled for the Omni Southpark Hotel in Austin. Consider presenting by submitting a proposal by the February 1st deadline. Visit for details.

Additionally, the TEKS Resource System will be hosting our annual conference July 27-29 at the Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio. We want to hear from you and the great work being done educating our kids so consider presenting. Find registration and presentation information at
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