November Newsletter
TEDCO Revamps Its Investment Programs 

TEDCO is happy to announce its new Seed Investment Fund. After careful consideration of feedback received from our recent market stakeholder survey, we've decided to transform our Technology Commercialization Fund (TCF), Cyber Security Investment Fund (CIF) and Life Science Invest,ment Fund (LSIF) into a single Seed Investment Fund.

The new program will make it easier than ever for startup technology companies to seek Seed Funding from TEDCO.
  • No application deadlines!
  • An Executive Summary will initiate the application process
  • More feedback and coaching
  • Shorter Formal Application with simpler requirements.
  • Funds will be delivered in two tranches rather than four.
  • Full Review Process

Maryland Stem Cell Research Commission announced today the launch of Accelerating Cure, a new initiative to support regenerative medicine and cell therapy technologies moving from research to commercialization and finally to clinical trials. 

Accelerating Cure will fund close to $9 million with its five programs to address the different stages the technologies need to go through. The Commission also announced that Dr. Amritha Jaishankar joined the team as the Award Manager for the Maryland Stem Cell Research Fund.
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