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June 2023

The latest on innovation and entrepreneurship in Maryland

TEDCO Announces Investment in NanoBioFAB

NanoBioFAB is a healthcare technology company working to accelerate nanomaterials research and development through cost-effective innovations that can reduce time to market for new sensor products. Through the use of a unique patented technology, NanoBioFAB can provide fast, high throughput 3D nano-printing and screen nanosensors with the capability of detecting gases stemming from skin and breath, while also having the ability to measure pressure, temperature and humidity. Read More

TEDCO Announces Recent Investment in Hopr Corporation

Hopr is a cybersecurity company looking to support businesses by protecting digital operations and data through the use of two software as a service (SaaS) products, the eXtremely Tamper Resistant APIs (XTRA) and the Kerberos for the Cloud (K4C). Designed with the future in mind, these products can offer lower adoption and total ownership costs, faster time-to-value, and more. Read More

TEDCO Announces Investment into Keep Company

Keep Company is a business that partners with employers to stop preventable attrition of parents and caregivers. Through the utilization of data, Keep Company provides actionable insights to employers, allowing them to better understand and care for their employees. Through this process, Keep Company enables a management system that assists in the prevention of employee burnout and attrition risk while also helping narrow the gender and diversity leader gaps. Read More

TEDCO Announces Investment into CarrTech Corp.

CarrTech Corp. is a business that has created a safer, cost-effective, and more efficient way of administering medication. This device FROG®, allows healthcare workers to take a seven-step process down to a single step. Additionally, the all-in-one packaging allows for a reduction of environmental waste and lowers healthcare costs. Read More

TEDCO Announces Investment into Pathotrak

Pathotrak is a business with the mission to create a world with fresher and safer food using cost-efficient innovative technology. This technology will allow the expedition of foodborne pathogen detection, providing companies and producers with faster results, and ultimately shortening what is typically a 22-hour process down to under six hours. This rapid detection process has the potential to decrease food waste, allowing products to be placed on shelves up to an entire day earlier while also reducing the costs of food production—from the costly warehousing and refrigeration processes to the expensive recalls. Read More

TEDCO Announces SSBCI Investment into N5 Sensors

N5 Sensors is a startup company with a mission to keep people safe form environmental hazards. This process is done using a cloud-connected ecosystem of smart sensors that utilize and leverage the endless possibilities of shared data and artificial intelligence. Through this approach, the company has developed a variety of products and solutions, each with the goal of helping individuals stay safe from various environmental hazards. Read More

TEDCO Announces SSBCI Investment into Givhero

Givhero is a mobile-first solution that lets human resources (HR) teams customize, run and measure well-being programs with a social impact, increasing employee engagement and advance CSR, ESG and DEI objectives. Employers tap into the power of purpose by supporting community causes employees care about and rewarding healthy behaviors with donations to those charities. Givhero can help increase well-being engagement and reduce HR Admin time for value-driven organizations. Read More

TEDCO Invests in Routespring

Routespring provides workforce and business travel management for mid-size to large enterprises. It uses a proprietary Large Language Model (LLM) to plan and book travel for industries with real-time travel needs. It counts a major US airline and a private wildfire firefighting organization among its 30+ customers. Read More

TEDCO signs partnership intermediary agreement with the National Cancer Institute Technology Transfer Center

This agreement will codify the relationship between NCI and TEDCO, allowing the two organizations to help promote and foster more opportunities for Maryland’s life sciences community to work together with NCI on cooperative research. Read More

Meet the Maryland innovators behind the state’s best 2023 inventions

What do you get when you combine a networking happy hour for STEM researchers, an engaging expert panel discussion and a host of exciting STEM inventions? The answer is one exciting event: the Maryland Innovation Initiative’s Pop-up at the University of Maryland, College Park (UMD) and Innovate Maryland: Invention of the Year Awards! Read More

Source: Technical.ly

Innovating with Department of Defense Labs

Maryland small businesses are constantly creating innovative solutions to pressing problems. One industry that is particularly invested in finding new technologies and solutions is the Department of Defense (DoD). The DoD is tasked with ensuring the safety and security of the United States, which requires access to cutting-edge technologies and scientific advancements. Read More

TEDCO stays true to its mission of helping startups succeed, says former executive director

Renee Winsky helped to shape TEDCO, the Maryland Technology Development Corporation, in its formative years. As the organization continues their 25th anniversary celebration, Winsky recalls her time at the helm with pride.

“The marvel of TEDCO is it works both with innovators and entrepreneurs. It will make sure what’s being developed has the right business acumen behind it,” Winsky said. Read More

Source: Baltimore Business Journal

Collaboration is the Lifeblood of Effective Innovation Ecosystems

In a world where it seems everyone is talking about innovation, ecosystems, and collaboration (when they aren’t talking about supply chain challenges or inflation), the level of true collaboration can vary greatly—and, as a result, so can outcomes. Disappointing outcomes are often the result of less-than-enthusiastic collaboration efforts by ecosystem members. This lackluster support is often driven by misaligned goals or fear of not receiving credit, leading to competition amongst the members of the ecosystem who need to collaborate for all parties to thrive. Read More

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Meet the Maryland innovators behind the state’s best 2023 inventions

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TEDCO Invests SSBCI Funding into Hememics Biotechnologies

TEDCO Signs Partnership Intermediary Agreement with the National Cancer Institute Technology Transfer Center

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