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May 2024

The latest on innovation and entrepreneurship in Maryland

Happy 26th Birthday, TEDCO!

TEDCO Investments


Lloyd Emokpae, Co-Founder, CEO and Chief Technology Officer

LASARRUS is a company dedicated to advancing device-enabled solutions for remote monitoring of COPD patients. This mission led the company to develop WearME. Learn More

TEDCO Invests in Aloe Therapeutics

Martha Sklavos, Founder and CEO

Aloe Therapeutics is a biotech company working to harness the power of transplant rejection to deliver cancer cures using their locally delivered immunotherapy solution, Allo-Immunotherapy (AIM). Learn More

TEDCO Invests in IPGen

James Brinkley, Founder and CEO

IPGen is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that seeks to streamline and automate aspects of the various IP processes for anyone involved. Learn More

TEDCO Invests in Astek Diagnostics

Mustafa Al-Adhami, CEO

Astek Diagnostics is a biomedical company focused on creating a platform to determine antibiotic sensitivity. Learn More

TEDCO Invests in Keep Company

Adrienne Prentice, CEO & co-founder and Claudia Naim-Burt, Co-founder & COO

Keep Company is a business that partners with employers to stop preventable attrition of parents and caregivers. Learn More

TEDCO Invests in Aquatic Circle LLC

Dung Hoang, CEO

Aquatic Circle LLC is within the Maryland Energy Innovation Accelerator and is focused on developing innovative and nature-based solutions for nutrient recycling, water processing and waste treatments. Learn More

Ecosystem Spotlights

Apply Now for the next cohort with The Institute for Women Entrepreneur Excellence

This TEDCO program is a great opportunity to engage with a community of leaders, learn about the resources available, and grow as a female entrepreneur. Each cohort will take place in a different part of Maryland; the next cohort will be in Baltimore City.

Deadline to apply for next cohort: May 20, 2024

Apply Now

Apply Now: Makerspace Program

Grants awarded up to $100,000 to be used for either: 

  • The establishment of a new Makerspace
  • The expansion of a Makerspace
  • The development of programming for a Makerspace

Deadline to apply: May 15, 2024

Apply Now

TEDCO's Investment Open Forum

Are you an entrepreneur looking for funding opportunities for your business? TEDCO has several investment funds that could be a great fit! Any additional questions can be answered at the virtual Investment Open Forum, hosted by TEDCO’s investment team each month.

Click here to register today.

Connect with TEDCO Mentors

TEDCO’s Rural Business Innovation Initiative (RBII) and Urban Business Innovation Initiative (UBII) offer entrepreneurs the opportunity to work with TEDCO thought leaders and mentors. To learn more about the programs, visit the RBII and UBII webpages and connect with your regional/local mentors today.

TEDCO Announces Federal Lab Leveraging Innovation to Products Pilot Program

TEDCO announces the Federal Lab Leveraging Innovation to Products Pilot Program, a collaborative effort between TEDCO and FITCI to address the challenge of helping businesses approach and navigate federal labs to support the advancement of innovation. Read More

TEDCO Announces Promotions

TEDCO announced the recent promotions of Mindy Lehman as the Chief Government Program Development, Affairs & Policy Officer and Alex Choi as the Executive Director of Government Program Development, Affairs & Research.

Lehman’s new role oversees government program development and implementation of select TEDCO initiatives and programs resulting from legislation. This includes the Equitech Growth Fund and Commission and the Cyber Maryland Program. Read More

TEDCO Talks: TEDCO and BDC CEOs Expand on Baltimore Developments

On this episode, LeMaile-Stovall welcomed Colin Tarbert, CEO and president of the Baltimore Development Corporation (BDC), an organization working to enable economic growth in a manner that is inclusive to all residents. Read More and Watch Now

TEDCO Senior Director of Venture Funds On WEAA

TEDCO’s Katherine Hill Ritchie, Senior Director of Venture Funds, joined “Today with Dr. Kaye on WEAA” to discuss TEDCO’s investment funds. Listen Now

I-95 is highlighting the Executive Director for TEDCO’s MSCRF, Ruchika Nijhara

Since joining the Fund in April 2023, Nijhara has started new strategic initiatives aimed at accelerating the translation of stem cell research into real-world applications. This includes fostering collaborative efforts between the public and private sectors and providing funding to support large-scale manufacturing projects in Maryland for stem cell and regenerative medicine-related companies. Read More

Source: I95 Business

The race to bring Baltimore back to the forefront of needlework

Eight months and hundreds of miles ago, Stube and the Foundation were among 20 organizations awarded grants through the TEDCO Makerspace Program. The initiative covers 11 counties and powers a variety of industries through seed investment, expansion and technological support. For Stube, a 2008 graduate of the University of Baltimore, it was an affirmation of a seemingly insane belief in the city’s textile tradition and potential. Read More

Source: The Daily Record

Western Maryland Startups Receive Spark Award

When Hagerstown, MD hosts its annual Startup Week activities in a few weeks, TEDCO will be front and center as a significant driver behind the best and brightest businesses and entrepreneurial leaders to be featured during the week. Read More

TEDCO's Market Search is a resource to help entrepreneurs address the challenges of conducting market assessments. The goal is to improve the market assessment and opportunity analysis associated with the development of business plans and applications for TEDCO’s funding programs.

Learn More and Register

IPGen’s IP SaaS platform is a free resource available to eligible entrepreneurs and start-up businesses to assist in navigating the patent process. 

IPGen provides guidance and assistance throughout the entire lifecycle of the patent process, including: searching, drafting, and prosecution. 

Learn More and Register

TEDCO is Hiring

Visit tedcomd.com/jobs to view our available positions.


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Ecosystem News

People On the Move: Linda Singh

People On the Move: Martha Sklavos, Aloe Therapeutics

People On the Move: Jason Winder, Sonogen Medical

People on the Move: Lloyd Emokpae, LASARRUS

People on the Move: Nate Young, Dockshare

People on the Move: Xiaonao Liu, NanoBioFAB

Md. medical device company nabs $22.4M in fresh funding, eyes more

SharpRank: Safeguarding Sports Betters and Enhancing Transparency

Sue Carr Invents and Innovates

Clymb’s Ashley Williams Strengthens Kids' Mental Health

How Arion Long’s Health Crisis Sparked her Innovative Startup

What’s the Buzz?! Maryland Life Sciences w⧸ Dr. Stefanie Trop

Gillian Henker Drives Sisu Global Health With Hemafuse

The Equity Brain Trust’s Angel St. Jean Uses Data to Drive DEI

Johns Hopkins epilepsy device spinout names new CEO

Sybal Assessed “Awardable” for Department of Defense work in the CDAO’s Tradewinds Solutions Marketplace

On the Heels of 6X YOY Growth, Keep Company Announces First Chief Technology Officer, Zvi Band, and $1.4M Fundraising Round

Kubanda Cryotherapy’s Bailey Surtees on the Strategic Shift

SeeTrue Founder Kinneret Rand-Yadin Creates Medical Design Innovations

VirgilHR’s Jocelyn King Helps HR Pros Regain Time

Bethesda wellness startup taps well-known tech entrepreneur for leadership post

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