The Perfect Passivate for Ultimate Plating Performance!
TECHNICOAT™ ZNBL 360 Ultra zinc passivate offers the ultimate in performance with a significantly lower operating cost versus other competitive processes.

Producing an aesthetically pleasing bright blue finish, the highly corrosion-resistant, trivalent thin film passivate consistently delivers outstanding NSS results.

TECHNICOAT™ ZNBL 360 benefits include:
  • Easy to use conversion coating which does not require the use of high concentration and elevated temperatures to achieve optimum performance.
  • Overall cost of operation is significantly lower than competitive passivates.
  • Produces an aesthetically pleasing, bright blue finish at normal operating concentrations and application temperatures.

Pictured above: TECHNICOAT™ ZNBL 360 Ultra with a TECHNISEAL™ sealant.
Photo courtesy of Dickey Metal Finishing.

What Can I do to Lengthen the Life of my Cleaner Bath?
There are a several factors that will impact the life of your cleaner baths.

The first is the condition of parts being placed into the bath. If they are covered in and dripping with oil and grime, your cleaner is not going to last very long as it will have a lot to clean up. This is easily fixed by lowering the amount of oil used to ship or manufacture the parts.

The second factor that greatly affects cleaner bath life is the quality of the water being used to make up the bath. There are three broad categories of water, and each has different properties that may influence the bath life. The types of water are hard, soft, and purified.

Another element that will affect the life of a cleaner bath is the type of cleaner used. There are many types of oils and compounds used to manufacture parts, and for every oil and buffing compound, there is a surfactant/soap that will clean it. 


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