TCWU partners with Centennial Lakes Park
to host Fraser Fishing Friends Event and Picnic
TCWU partnered with Centennial Lakes Park to host our Fraser Fishing Friends picnic on September 16th and what a Great Day! We had an awesome club turn out with 10 club volunteer's and 15 fishing friends. This event was really a big deal for our Fraser friends. It was cool to hear how they all were looking forward to fishing. They had a count down and they made sure to remind the Fraser Staff every week for weeks!
Why is this event important and what is it that makes fishing so special?

Fishing is one of a few outdoor activity's that gives back in so many ways. Fishing creates some of our fondest memories, amazing life long friendships, gives us something to brag about, and the best pictures in the photo album are always fishing moments. Fishing connects us to our past, our parents, grand parents and so on. I can't think of anything better than going back and fishing in those favorite fishing holes that were handed down to us. Its so special that we plan for months in advance and count down the days. Its one of the things we all look forward to doing.
Special thanks

To Fraser Staff for everything you do to support this event and more. Most importantly the Fraser residents you support every day. We at TCWU are all honored to be your friends.

And to the Centennial Lakes Park Team on providing an amazing venue. You are amazing community champions, thanks for supporting Inclusion!

Thank you to our TCWU Volunteers: Paul Gerber, Brian Krefting, Ben and Harris Roach, Brad Dybdahl, Dale Meinders, Russell Nelson, Dan and Sarah Camp, Dave Penfield, Luther Overholt
TC Walleyes Unlimited, Inc.
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