MARCH 23, 2021

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Gold Seal Certification program is evolving 

The Gold Seal Certification program certifies estimators, foremen, owner’s construction managers, project managers, safety practitioners and superintendents working in, or with, Canada’s non-residential construction industry. When you earn your Gold Seal Certified (GSC) or Professional, Gold Seal Certified (P.GSC) credential, you demonstrate excellence through certified experience and nationally recognized validation of your skills, competence, and knowledge. In the spring of 2021, we will be introducing changes to the Gold Seal Certification program framework and mandatory requirements while adding tools that will help applicants on their journey to certification.

Surety Corner: Prompt payment — The bonding industry’s biggest secret

In 2018, the new Construction Lien Act in Ontario was introduced with the intent of modernizing the construction industry.

Prompt payment was included as part of this legislation and came into effect in Ontario in October 2019.

Provinces across Canada are now working on similar legislation with many having already passed their own versions of new construction lien acts that will be coming into effect over the next couple of years and most include some form of prompt payment.

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Construction employment up in February, paring down further on pandemic losses

The Canadian construction industry’s labour market stayed in the green last month, reinforcing a strong gain in January, to come nearly within 50,000 jobs of its pre-pandemic high.

Statistics Canada reported the industry added 6,800 jobs, or 0.5 per cent, to payroll in February. The seasonally adjusted increase brings the total number of workers in the industry to 1.442 million, up from 1.435 million a month earlier..

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Ontario construction fatalities stable in 2020 while critical injuries spike

Statistics on construction deaths and injuries released in late January by the province’s chief prevention officer (CPO) indicate that the highest fatality figures since 2016 were in 2017 (22), 2018 (25) and 2020 (22). In the last five years, the months of March, August, November and December had the highest totals of fatalities, and commercial construction and single-home construction were the most dangerous sub-sectors, registering the highest number of fatalities.

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Stantec commits to carbon neutrality by 2022 and net zero by 2030

Global design firm Stantec has committed to carbon neutrality by 2022 as a first step in achieving net-zero operations by 2030 across its entire footprint. Stantec anticipates achieving carbon neutrality, beginning with reported 2022 emissions, by meeting emission-reduction targets and addressing remaining emissions through the purchase of renewable energy certificates (or the country-level equivalent) and certified carbon offsets. To meet its net-zero commitment, the organization plans to transition offset purchases to options that directly produce renewable energy or reduce carbon. 

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Altus Group joins coalition to support diversity, equity and inclusion

Mike Gordon, CEO Altus Group Limited, joined nearly 2,000 CEOs who have pledged to take action to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the workplace..

Through the initiative, Altus Group, a provider of software, data solutions and advisory services to the global commercial real estate industry, is committing to continue to cultivate a workplace where diverse perspectives and experiences are welcomed and where employees feel encouraged to discuss diversity and inclusion.

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TCA Celebrating Women in #Construction - Members' Spotlight
TCA is still celebrating Women in Construction. If you would like to nominate a woman in your company to help us celebrate, please send an email to Vishawn Thompson with the details.

Click here, to read the special edition of the TCA newsletter highlighting women leaders in the industry nominated by their companies.
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Join the Regional Construction Group Excellence Program!

TCA in partnership with the Hamilton Halton Construction Association run a Safety Group formally known as the Regional Construction Safety Group, funded by the WSIB, which guides employers on how to integrate health and safety into their management systems.

The WSIB's Health & Safety Excellence Program recognizes employers for their efforts in improving their health and safety performance. Click here, to learn more about how TCA can help you join a safety Group.
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