Today At Our Fellowship
Thursday, April 11, 2024
This Weekend @ AUUF
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Thursday 4/11/24
6:30 pm Choir Rehearsal

Friday 4/12/24
9:15 am Private Rental
12:00-2:00 pm Freethinkers at AUUF only
5:30-8:30 pm Women's Retreat

Saturday 4/13/24
9-5:00 pm Women's Retreat
8:30-10:30 am AA Slap Happy Group

Sunday 4/14/24

9:00 am The Forum Zoom only

11:00 am Sunday Worship IN- PERSON & on Zoom

12:30 pm Endowment Fund Lunch
1:30 pm Worship Associate Meeting
4:00 pm Anchorage Friends Meeting
Monday 4/15/24
4:00-6:00 pm Private Rental
6:30 pm Fireweed Sangha of Mindful Living- Private Rental Visitors welcome

Tuesday 4/16/24
5:30 pm Jerry's Group
5:30 pm Finance Committee Meeting
6:00 pm Community Connections

Wednesday 4/17/24

Thursday 4/18/24
6:30 pm Board of Directors Meeting
6:30 pm Choir Rehearsal

Half Portion for April
Save the Date! Annual Meeting May 5!
Our AUUF Annual Meeting is on Sunday, May 5, at 10am, with registration and breakfast snacks beginning at 9:30. If you are a member, you should have received your packet in your email last week. If you did not get one or would like a hardcopy, please contact Peggy in the office and she will send one to you. There are also some copies available on the table box in the social room.
The Forum Zoom only
9:00 am April 14, 2024

April at the Forum
Hello, Spring! April brings four new Forum programs. We are continuing to meet in-person on the first and third Sundays of each month.  And, we continue to make the Forum available by Zoom every Sunday for those who can’t make it to the building, but we encourage folks to show up at the Fellowship for the in-person Forums if you can. It’s great to see one another “in 3-D.”  It helps rebuild our sense of community that took a big hit during Covid, and it’s a lot nicer for speakers who take their Sunday mornings to join us in the building to look out and see people in the chairs, however nice it is to know so many of you are with us from the warmth of your Zoom boxes. However you join us, though, we’re happy to be together each Sunday.

Last Sunday, April 7, Daniel Lord and Nava Bastani Sarracino gave us a window onto something most of us knew little about—the Bahá’ís’ Struggle for Gender Equality, Justice, and Religious Freedom in Iran. If you were unable to catch it live, you can hear it—along with recordings of our other Forums—as podcasts (thank you, Ken Winterberger) by using the Podcast Archives button at the bottom of the green box front and center at the top of the AUUF Home Page (

On Sunday, April 14, we will gather on Zoom-only, as we do on the second and fourth Sundays of each month to enjoy a presentation by Max Romey, a watercolor artist, filmmaker, environmentalist, dyslexic, and educator. The title of his talk is “Sketching Our Alaska Environment,” and it should be both entertaining and informative.  

The following Sunday, April 21, we’ll be back in the building in-person at our Fellowship, as well as on Zoom, to hear from APU Professor Dr. Roman Dial about the effects of climate change on our boreal and Arctic ecosystems. He’ll be sharing some interesting findings from studying the advancing treeline and other observations from field work in the Brooks Range. We hope you’ll be able to join us in person, but if not you can still catch it on Zoom. 

As a reminder, childcare is being provided during the in-person Forums
Finally, on the last Sunday of the month, April 28, we’ll celebrate National Poetry Month in our Zoom Forum with readings from a number of poets joining us from near and far.

As always, we encourage you to send your ideas for either programs or specific speakers to the Forum Committee Chair John McKay at, or pass them along to other Forum Committee members: Dennis Arashiro, James Dryden, Heather Flynn, Lynn Hallquist, and Rev. Lise Adams Sherry.
Sunday Worship
Live at AUUF & and on Zoom
11:00 am April 14, 2024

This month, the theme of our Sunday worship is Interdependence. It's fitting because as religious and spiritual people, we recognize the myriad of ways we are connected to and depend on one another. As caring people, what are we called to do with this knowledge?

April 14, 2024, In-person and Zoom
Interconnected, Interdependent
Rev. Lise Adams Sherry; Renee Frost, Worship Associate

One of the main things that defines us as humans, is our connection to others. Yet so often we get caught up in our individuality and independence. This is a false reality however as we need one another to thrive and survive. By helping others we help ourselves. How can we go beyond this thought to action?

April 21, 2024, In-person and Zoom
Multigenerational Earth Day Service
Maribeth Snell, Green Sanctuary Team

We will have a brief gathering of reading and song followed by a series of activities we can do together to ponder the importance of our planet and show we care (planting seeds, writing to legislators, drawing our favorite things about our planet to give to inmates, and more). All ages are encouraged to learn, play and worship together. Electronic cycling will be available.

April 28, 2024, In-person and Zoom
High School Bridging Service
Rev. Lise Adams Sherry; Joyce Laine, Worship Associate

Our congregation accompanies our children in their spiritual and religious exploration from their earliest months until they are ready to explore the world on their own, whether through continuing their education, joining the workforce or taking some time to travel--both through introspection and in the wider world. With our Bridging Ceremony we celebrate our graduating seniors and assure them they are loved and worthy once again.
Rev. Lise Out of Office
Rev. Lise will be out of town April 15-21 to attend a minister's meeting in the Seattle area and to spend some time with friends. If you have a pastoral concern please reach out to Peggy at the office (907.248-3737) and she'll connect you with a Caring Connection member or Rev. Lise. Thank you!
A Message from your Endowment Fund Committee, and Informational Luncheon on April 14

The Endowment Fund Committee will be hosting a light luncheon on April 14 at 12:30 pm in the Social Room for people interested in the latest and greatest information about the AUUF Endowment Fund. An RSVP to Carol Harris at or 907-750-1401 would be appreciated but not required to attend.

What is the AUUF Endowment Fund? As part of a multi-faceted financially mature financial plan, AUUF has created an Endowment Fund. The idea is that one-time gifts are contributed and the total value grows until it reaches the goal of $500K (in fiscal year 2022 value), at which point it can be used up to 4% ($20K in fiscal year 2022 dollars) per year for one-time expenses related to AUUF that are not in the
Annual Budget. The list of possible uses is very long and would be approved by the AUUF Board. Donations can be cash, through a Will, as a beneficiary of insurance/retirement, and can include assets such as stocks. Your individual Financial Advisor would have to advise you for your specifics. Please consider AUUF in your financial planning!
Spring Equinox Women's* Retreat April 12, 5:30 pm-8:30 pm and April 13, 9 am - 5 pm.

Welcome to a nurturing weekend for * people who identify as women at our fellowship. Teens 15 years and up are welcome to attend. We will use ritual, song, drumming, dance, art and play to enrich our experience! Come join the conversation and enjoy reacquainting with old friendships and finding new.  

Some things you might want to bring to this event include:
-- comfortable clothing
-- outdoor gear if you plan to choose a nature walk
-- an item you can place on an altar that evokes your feelings about being a woman/being you, or something that celebrates spring
-- a drum(s) if you have one
--a journal, water bottle, seating pillow for your comfort
-- whatever else you think you might need or want to share.

The cost for those 20-80 years old is a suggested donation of $20-$35. Others are free, but if cost is a concern, please contact Rev. Lise. Registration forms are by the Gratitude Tree at the Fellowship and will be on our website soon. The deadline to turn yours in is April 7. For more questions, contact Katherine Huffman.

Small Group Ministry This Spring

Rev. Lise is offering a shorter "taster" experience of small group ministry in April and May for newer members and friends (oldies are welcome, too). We will meet about four times on either Wednesdays, Thursdays, or Fridays. During this time we will practice deep listening with one another as we discuss topics on our hearts and minds. Small Group MInistry is a way we can make deeper connections (in groups of about six to twelve people) through shared laughter and sorrow as we wrestle with all that is happening in our lives  If you have questions, or would like to participate, please email Rev. Lise ( as soon as possible with your day preference as the group will begin the second week in April.  
Everyone Welcome! Games Night at AUUF April 19

The Connections Team is hosting a Games Night for all ages on Friday, April 19, 7-9 p.m. in the Social Room. A variety of game boards or other social games will be offered, but you’re welcome to bring a favorite if you have one. What a great way to connect with other adults and families in our Fellowship! There’s no charge to participate, but do consider bringing a snack or non-alcoholic beverage to share. For more information contact
Earth Day April 21
10:30 am-2:30 pm Electronic Recycling Day

We are partnering with Total Reclaim of Anchorage to provide drop off containers for recycling at the fellowship. The Collection containers will be on the west side parking lot. The cost to you is $0.25 per pound. This will be on the honor system but we will take any amount you wish to donate.  

 All types of electronics, appliances, cords, phones & computers 
TV monitor and printers will cost you $25 each item.
Light bulbs, fluorescent lights ballasts 
vacuums with bags emptied

Electronics Recycling is our annual Spring Fundraiser event which is planned by the AUUF Green Sanctuary Committee. We are committed to support the mission & values of AUUF.  Our intent is to prevent harmful electronics, batteries and other recyclable waste getting into our landfill.
AUUF Seder
Saturday, April 27, from 6 to 8 p.m.
It’s time for a seder, UU-style

As most of you know, a seder is the ritual meal that Jewish families prepare for the first night of Passover. There is a collective telling of the story of Passover, then a shared meal. We have a tradition of celebrating the holiday with UU twists. Even for religious Jews, the seder is a story of liberation and religious freedom. It is also a time of committing to work for others who still suffer without that freedom. Our seder emphasizes those themes.

Sign up for Hospitality duty at AUUF

Lots of slots open for Sunday morning greeters, zoom ushers and social hour hosts for the month of April at AUUF. Please consider helping so we continue to be a warm and welcoming congregation! We appreciate those who continuously help out. Questions? Contact

Click on the button below to view the signups.
Searching for Finance / Budget / Accounting Skills

The AUUF Nominating Committee has been looking for anyone who has some time to commit in the near or distant future to helping our fellowship with finances. Some volunteers who currently handle this important work have been doing so for a very long time, and some are trying their best with limited skills to help. The Stewardship Committee and Auction Team also need new leadership on the horizon. We hope that the right individual(s) will consider contacting us on Nominating: Cindy Kinard, Denise Martin, Mary Ann Eininger, Katherine Huffman, Don Crandall. Or email You can even let us know to contact you in 6 months or more if that’s a more realistic possibility. Thank you!
AUUF Job Description: Congregational Administrator
Now Accepting Applications!

Do you know someone who is organized and detail-oriented, has great customer service skills, and you think would fit in well with our congregation? We are now accepting applications for the Congregational Administrator position. It is approximately 20 hours per week, mainly in the office during the day, and performs a wide variety of administrative tasks with minimal guidance.

Click on the job description link for full information about the position.
To apply:

1. Read more about us on our website and our national organization’s website,
2. Submit a resume and a cover letter describing why you want to work for AUUF in this position and how you meet the listed qualifications.
3. Email both to Put “Administrator” in the subject line.
Applications will be reviewed upon receipt. The position is open until filled. References will be checked and a background check performed.

See AUUF Job descriptions. now accepting applications, congregational members are eligible to apply.
DRE Job opening
Title: Director of Religious Exploration 

Do you know someone who is welcoming, creative, enjoys children, loves to learn, collaborate and is organized? If you think they'd add positive elements to our congregational culture, please tell them about our Director of Religious Exploration position!  This position is full-time with the ability to work in the office and at home, although working on Sundays and some evenings is required. We've recently increased the salary rate to make the position more competitive and interested parties may apply by following the below steps.

To Apply:

1.  Explore our website,, see full job description, and our national organization’s website,
2.  Submit a cover letter describing why you want to work for Anchorage Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in this position and how you meet the listed qualifications.
3.  Submit a resume.  Email your resume and cover letter to with “DRE Job ” in the subject line

 Applications will be reviewed upon receipt. Position is open until filled. References will be checked and a background check done.
April is Volunteer Recognition Month!
Big thanks to all the volunteers that make AUUF a special place!
April 2024

Serving Alaskans since 1978, Standing Together Against Rape (STAR) is a non-profit organization based in Anchorage. STAR’s mission is to prevent sexual trauma and provide comprehensive, collaborative crisis intervention, advocacy, and support to victims/survivors, their families, and our communities, with the long-term goal of ending sexual violence in Alaska.

STAR’s Prevention & Education team provides age-appropriate, educational workshops in schools, workplaces, and community groups to empower individuals with knowledge and tools to prevent sexual assault. Various topics are covered such as Sexual Assault and Consent, Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention, Healthy Relationships, LGBTQ2+ Competency, Advocacy 101, Internet Safety, Bystander Intervention, Mandated Reporting, and Vicarious Trauma and Wellness. STAR presentations can be tailored to meet the needs of just about any organization.

With the supportive guidance of a STAR Direct Services Advocate, survivors receive emotional support, trauma-informed care, referrals, access to local resources, trauma therapy, and assistance in navigating the legal system. STAR recognizes that each survivor’s needs are unique, and we tailor our services accordingly. All STAR services for Survivors are free of charge, and the STAR Crisis Line is free, confidential, and available 24/7.

In Anchorage: (907) 276-7273 or
Toll-Free Statewide (800) 478-8999

The needs of our clients vary depending on the individual, but we often accept donations of new clothing, underwear, shoes, and winter gear, because these items are often surrendered by the client for evidence collection.

This April, during Sexual Assault Awareness Month, we are encouraging our community to get involved however possible. Your volunteer efforts and donations can make a significant impact in helping survivors and preventing sexual violence. By standing together, we can create a safer and more compassionate world for all.

Learn more about STAR’s programs and services at

Click on the Half-Portion note or Donate/ Pay
at the bottom of the home page.
Enter your donation under
“Half-Portion for Social Action”
Anchorage Unitarian Universalist Fellowship
(907) 248-3737

Minister, Rev. Lise Adams Sherry, (she/ her) 907-248-3737 x2,
Office hours are usually Tu 11-3; W and F 10-2, and by appointment

Congregational Administrator, 907-248-3737 x1 AUUF
Usually Monday - Thursday 10-2, plus additional hours. Please call before coming.

Kelly Spring, (she/ her) Communications Specialist,
Kelly's remote office hours Mon-Fri 9 am -1 pm

Esme Danner (she/her) Music Director
907-248-3737 x4

Dan Norton: AV Coordinator
907-248-3737 x5,

Director of Religious Exploration,
Vacant, Please see our job description on AUUF website for more information. 
Contact the Connections Team for more information on how to get involved at AUUF.