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In the Home Stretch........DI Solder Mask Almost Ready for Market

I just returned from Japan and Europe where I had an opportunity to attend the JPCA Expo in Tokyo and the EIPC Summer Conference in Edinburgh. At both events I had the opportunity to talk to several customers and industry leaders and they all wanted to talk about digital imaging, both DI exposing and inkjet printing. I was able to let them know that Taiyo is working with companies in both types of technologies and we are making great progress along both lines.

In the last issue I discussed that we had just begun evaluating Taiyo America products on current DI exposing equipment and we are just about ready to make modifications to optimize the photospeed on some of our major product lines. I have great news to report, our R&D lab has been hard at work and has accomplished a lot over the past several weeks; they have evaluated our current products and have made modifications to some of our most popular products to significantly reduce the throughput time in the DI exposure machine. I'm convinced you will be thrilled with the results.

Here are some photographs just to show you some of our progress:

Std. PSR-4000 HFX at 500 mJ, 
Gloss 33.7 at 60 degrees
PSR-4000 HFX (DI) at 200 mJ, 
Gloss 34.9 at 60 degrees
Std. PSR-4000 GP01EU at 250 mJ,
Gloss 70.7 at 60 degrees
PSR-4000 GP01EU (DI) at 125 mJ,
Gloss 80.1 at 60 degrees
Std. PSR-4000 CC01SE at 100 mJ,
Gloss 18.2 at 60 degrees
PSR-4000 CC01SE (DI) at 70 mJ,
Gloss 18.1 at 60 degrees
I would expect by our next issue we will be rolling our DI versions out to the market place. So, keep checking in with us to see what the latest is for DI solder mask!
The Cutting Edge of... Organic Substrates

The world of organic flexible substrates is dominated by petroleum based polymers.  For a number of years, developers have been trying to come up with non-petroleum based polymers that can match the flexibility, durability, and inexpensive cost of products such as PET and PEN.  Within the past few years, there have been a couple of companies that have come up with methods to convert carbohydrates, like fructose for example, into the precursor chemicals for a new type of polymer called PEF.   Read more...

   If you have any questions or are interested in what new markets Taiyo America is exploring, 
please feel free to contact me at  joshg@taiyo-america.com or at 775.885.9959, x. 132. 
Scotland: St. Andrews Links; the Home of Golf!

The EIPC summer conference was held June 9 - 10 in Edinburgh, Scotland.  Those who know me would bet money (and win) that I would find my way to St. Andrews to see the Old Course.  

  Falkirk Wheel
Old Course, Number 17
Edinburgh Castle
Donnie Monn
 Business Development &
European Sales Manager
ph: 651.491.4199

Talking with Sunrise PCB

Sunrise PCB in Elk Grove, Illinois in one of the most interesting companies I work with. For a small company they build some of the industry's most sophisticated PCBs and the most amazing thing is that they build them in three days or less. I recently sat down with Ashok Patel the co-owner (and his son Jigar) and talked about his company and why they use Taiyo solder mask products.

For more information about Sunrise Electronics, Inc. go to http://www.sunrisepcb.com/

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June issue of I-Connect007's PCB007 magazine, pg 75

Facility Shot

Established over 25 years ago TAIYO AMERICA, INC. is a subsidiary of TAIYO HOLDINGS CO., LTD., the world's leading manufacturer of specialty inks and solder masks for printed circuit boards. Taiyo offers conductive inks for manufacturing printed electronics, lighting & displays, and other applications.

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