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 Hurricane Harvey 
House Agricultural and Livestock committee chair, Tracy King (D-Uvalde) shared with us his thoughts on Hurricane Harvey:

Hurricane Harvey, the most powerful storm to hit the US in over a decade, has already drastically harmed our state's agriculture and agricultural export industries. While the extent of the damage is not yet fully known, my sincere condolence s go out to all that were affected and I look forward to working with our agricultural community to get Texas farmers and ranchers back on their feet. I am confident that our state agencies are doing everything in their power to help mitigate the impact Harvey has and will have.

At the present, it is my understanding that cotton has most directly been impacted. What was expected to be a record year is sadly no longer going to be the case. Additionally some 100,000 acres of rice have been drowned out  and several thousand head of livestock have been displaced. Exports of commodities grown both in Texas and elsewhere have also taken quite a hit as ports were shut down and shipping was interrupted.

Factors such as power outages, downed windmills, destroyed fencing, damaged wastewater  infrastructure, saline damage, and conditions ideal for mosquitoes and other insects all have the potential to cause lasting harm to agricultural operations and industries beyond the damage initially caused by the storm itself. 

Looking forward, once we have a better understanding of the extent of the damage, it is my hope that crop insurance and other assistance programs designed to anticipate loss from natural disasters allows for a swift recovery.

- Tracy King 
Houston Braces for a Mosquito Swarm 

via Texas Monthly 

Houston - As floodwater begins to recede, a familiar menace is set to rise and swarm Houston: mosquitoes.

Local officials are already dealing with health challenges related to Hurricane Harvey, such as complications from exposure to contaminated water or toxic mold. Could the coming surge of mosquitoes bring increased risks of mosquito-borne illnesses? The blood-sucking insects serve as vectors, or carriers, for several viruses capable of causing human disease, including Zika-which grabbed headlines last year for its link to birth defects-and West Nile virus, which has been established in Texas since 2002. The state saw 370 West Nile infections  during 2016, and  mosquitoes and  humans have already tested positive for the virus in 2017. Read more here.
Dow/DuPont Close Historic Merger

via AgPro

Today Dow and DuPont close a merger valued at $130 billion. Final required divestments will take place over the next 18 months, while the larger combined company will split into three separate companies within the next two years.
In the U.S., Dow and DuPont were not required to divest any of their seed businesses, though they did divest some in other countries. That means, for now, brands such as Mycogen, Pioneer and others sold by the companies will be under the same parent organization.  Read more here .

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