If you are one of our readers who have a keen interest in the geopolitical events going on in the world today, we wanted to bring to your attention this article by the Anonymous Patriots that was released this weekend. It has been reposted on major alternative media sites and shared on Facebook over 30k times in two days.
For those of you who wish we would just get back to our core mission of the Temple of Wisdom and the unveiling of Sophia, the Divine Feminine Trinity, we sincerely apologize. However, we are all called upon to slay the dragon in these challenging times and your spiritual consciousness is the sharp sword that can do the job. 
The article is lengthy and takes about an hour to read, but people are saying that it is "the most important truth bomb you have ever read."
This is the first part of the story....Part two will take you to Ahriman's lair. 

Click to watch documentary Invisible Empire


Thank you to one of our insightful readers who offered the documentary above, Invisible Empire, as a companion piece to this article. You will find a link on the article itself and above in the video box. 

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